Poems about Afghanistan


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In a cell within his mind,
In a prison made of sand,
With some boots on his feet,
And a rifle in his hand,
Stands a boy we all know, but wouldn't recognize anymore.

So freaked out, so tweaked out,
On his regiment of pills,
Reliving everyday,
How his buddies all got killed.
And god bless America is the last thing on his mind,
And he tries and he cries, but there's just no hope left to find.

Up late, filled with hate,
For his country and himself,
And with a bottle in his hand,
He pulls those pills down from the shelf,
I'm finally gonna do this, he shudders then he drinks.

So he makes his last confessions,
And find's solace in thoughts,
And now the little boy who left home,
Is returning in a box.
Tell everyone I love them,
Is all that the note read,
And they cry and they cry but,
Still their little boy is dead.


Author: Justin
Date: 17/03/2020

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The opium trade flourishes
The Taliban does too

Obama leaves
A few thousand
Forces there

Still there is
Nothing he can do

And a 54 year old grandmother
Defends her village well
With any luck
A bullet from her gun
Will send the Taliban to hell

A tremendous waste of money

Electric plants
That are too expensive
For the Afghans to run

Not enough Pilots

700 million dollars
Of helicopters and planes
Rotting In the sun


Author: Matt
Date: 19/12/2019

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Writing is the truth,

The woman who's got your heart,
Won't let go.

You'll run, but she'll own you,

On everything else, your energy's

But this bitch, she's dirty,
Plays nasty.

"She'll con you into thinking,
She can save you. "

"She'll fuck you 'till sunrise,
Leave you empty. "

"She'll suck your brain,
Leave the pain. "

On the way out, she deposits
A couple something's.

Something for you to maintain
'till the next time around.

But with each go of it, less and less of you

Writers are useless things,
Perfect slaves.

Horrible lovers,
Melodramatic fuckers.


Author: Waverly
Date: 10/08/2019

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Prayer from the Battle of Wanat, Afghanistan

Captain Jesus
Smile on me
The battle is over
I'm finally free
Now I can rest
In the sweet Mother's arms
And dream of emerald meadows
On your father's farm.

R 20 Feb 2013

afghanistan,  battle,  prayer.

Author: r
Date: 26/06/2019

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Camels In Afghanistan

I am looking at pictures of Camels in Afghanistan,
And do but wonder if I can survive for three days under a raging sun
Not until my fluids evaporate quicker than I Incernerate
With the cold nights solidifying the particles i lost while trying to love a Lavishing Maiden,
I daydream of her sometimes as she still gives me hope that one day I will walk on the Sun
But without her, my dream might be achieved by the Camels in Afghanistan

Her boyfriend takes really good care of her, I must be trapped in a dimension filled with demons that keep telling me to ruin their relation.
But then again, I look at the pictures of the Camels in Afghanistan
And see myself as a Camel bottling up the Sun
I may have an ugly face that nobody wants to look at! but I am sure glad I made it this far!
I survived three days in a raging Sun without ever thinking of her!

afghanistan,  camels.

Author: Allan Mzyece
Date: 19/05/2019

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After the guns fell silent
After the wounds have healed

(The opening words from a song)

The wounds in their flesh heal
But the wounds in their minds
Remain for eternity

Why do they do it? Answer the call
Whenever their countries have need
It's not politicians who answer the call
It not politicians who bleed
No, it's the boys and girls from their countries so fair
Who die in the name of liberty
Eight thousand miles away from home
To keep another country free


Author: Joe Cole
Date: 10/03/2019

№ 709903


Karma is a bitch, they say.
We still resist having to learn
That our missteps have negative
Results that will happen in turn.

Afghanistan, in 1919,
Drove out the British. A definite win
For the landlocked nation. Sixty years later--
In '79--the Russians moved in.

We armed extremists to fight the Russians.
Now, how could that strategy not
Be effective in the long run?
No skin off our teeth, we thought.

The Russians left. Our job was over.
Afghanistan was in disarray.
Our lack of support for a country in shambles
Surely helped to pave the way

For the Taliban to take control.
Anti-American sentiment grew.
The country became a haven for terrorists.
It's useless for us to wish it weren't true.

For the past sixteen years American
Soldiers have fought an ongoing war
Against the Taliban and al-Qaeda.
The consequences are hard to ignore.

We're caught up in a vicious circle.
We're stuck in a quagmire--a living hell.
To send more troops to a war we can't win
Is not an easy program to sell.

Have all avenues been considered?
Could the region ever be able
To find a peaceful solution by getting
All parties to come to the table?

We've gotten ourselves in a situation
Where little goes according to plan.
How many more people will die
From fighting in Afghanistan?

(8-24-17) By Bob B


Author: Bob B
Date: 09/01/2019

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Make Afghanistan Peaceful Again

Afghanistan used to be such a prosperous nation before the Soviets invaded it
I'm so sorry it fell to such a disastrous fate
If i could take all the suffering and damage away
I would
I'm sorry for all the Afghanis
I hope to see your country in serenity again
I never wanted it to be this way
From yours, an American.

afghanistan,  peaceful.

Author: Peter Robert Hamilton
Date: 28/04/2018