Poems about Aladdin

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I can't seem to catch my breathe,
You've stole it,
I haven't had it back since the night we spent together,
You're a thief,
You stole it all that night,
Did you sell it on the black market?
Did my love sell fast?
Why can't you just give it back? Or maybe return the favor?
My body aches without you laying next to me each night.
Where are you now?
You remind me of Aladdin, stealing and lying.
But still a prince in my eyes,
I want my life back Aladdin,
Fore I'm not Jasmine,
I'm Aurora.


Author: Hannah Mae -Nickelle Jo
Date: 07/01/2020

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True Aladdin.

He was a man.
A thief.
It was his true nature.

He was the most beautiful
One of them all.
Had no example
To compare.

Skin and eyes
Brown and dark.
Teeth white as snow.
His scent warm and earthly.
And the feeling of his finger tips
On my skin,
Was almost intimidating.

He was a king now
And I was his queen.
We had all we ever dreamt of
But it wasn't enough
For him.

He was caged in the castle
I knew
He longed to steal
To keep moving
It was his nature.

Before long,
Aladdin was gone.
Leaving me without
A heart.

aladdin,  true.

Author: Kaitlyn Ann Wells
Date: 17/06/2019

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Riding Aladdin

Sally Ride Aladdin
Outside so long
Another loan and I grow up
Carl Definable i beam in ios
You got to ride up.
. if thats not you
Cuz... i didnt want to run
Us and nobody...
... beast in the bible
Isn't it crazy about this talkin
So long as I can see that
Sally is on my mind
Is Jesus kind
Kind of Riley saying thank you all
Not just you baby...
That's your mother's latest local policy
So long till i see you at the Sonic
So I know that she's hooked on Tony Montana
Cuz I know I rode it once when I was 15
And then I broke down and cried at 7: 15

aladdin,  riding.

Author: Keith W Fletcher
Date: 01/12/2018

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Never before have I known
Who I've wanted nothing more
Than to hold
Your hand,
And lean by your


Author: Danni
Date: 11/09/2018

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I was born in the "island of thieves",
But moved to "the city of dreams".
I started to learn to believe anything could be,
Then I grew up and realized that the "island of thieves" is nothing but the ones who couldn't believe, who couldn't achieve.
They were thieves because they stole the dreams of another.
The ones who made it to the top, who never stopped.
They borrowed the hopes to one day not be a thieve, but to be a king.


Author: Danaca Terlaje
Date: 03/09/2018

№ 500156


The fairytale was my life.
But the story itself wasn't mine.

Placed in a town
In a time of kings and queens,
Princes and princesses,
I was a commoner.

The palace was my dream
But not for the money,
Obviously for the love.

I saw him everyday,
Stealing food with his adorable monkey sidekick,
Swift and sly,
He was calm and kind.

We greeted from time to time
With the simple eye lock
And a sweet smile.
My heart danced for hours on end
Yet he'd have forgotten me by then.

It didn't matter-
He knew I existed,
That was what was most important to me.

I watched him graciously live
The scary life.
Risks of being caught
But he laughed it all off.

I begged for another word
As I followed him in my only clothes,
Stalking after him but only to get a glimpse
Of the poor prince he meant to me.

I dreamt about him every night
Even if our eyes only spoke-
Even if his eyes only said one word-
Even if that one word was
ВЂњHello. ”

But after days of analysing him,
Figuring him out through everything but words,
I was caught off guard-
Our eyes didn't catch each other anymore.

He forgot I existed.
He didn't acknowledge me.
He didn't smile at the least.

But the closer I got and I could see-
His eyes were blind.
There was someone else.

I saw him wishing for the world,
Wishing for her,
Thinking about her.
Wanting to be with her.
Needing her.

To say I was broken was an understatement.

He changed.
He followed into the palace,
He stayed there for long,
I barely saw him.

He changed from me into them.
He became a prince.
She accepted him-
It was still romantic.

He rode his flying carpet into the night
The same night I saw the stars as his eyes.
He looked at her with his heart,
The same way I hoped he looked into me.
He gave her more than the magic lamp ever could,
The same way I wished on the moon he could give me.
His love was in his heart.
My love was in my soul.

He dressed up for rags
Getting ready to accept riches,
Wishing on a genie,
For her and her heart.
Feelings broken I realised he had fallen in love.
He was Aladdin
He was never mine.

It was clear as the sky;
I wasn't his Jasmine.


Author: Bipolar Hypocrite
Date: 03/07/2018

№ 452979

Aladdin or out.

I look in the mirror and see
Not me
Not me
I see
An artist with a frock on,
Backing up a bit
I see
An artist with a smock on,
Not me.

And they're talking 'bout the Shard!

If a prick looking thing ever
Looked so hard
It's the Shard.

I'm talking Annoyed and
Thinking of beating up Freud
Thinking Schadenfreude,

That's why Lloyds
For sinking wrecks and
Sunken ships.

It's a hell of a mess
When you've got to confess
You've made a hell of a mess,
Reflections of me in a dress,

(frocks is cool,
But they don't fool the mirror)

Pen in hand
Saddique in the driving seat
Beat Boris hands down
To be the
New Mayor
In London town.

Out on the balcony and
The only thing to welcome me
Is pigeon shit and
Two white feathers
And the

Fifteen degrees and she's
In a bikini,
Who let the genie out
Of the lamp?


Author: John Edward Smallshaw
Date: 21/05/2018