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One side By Mr. ALI LIMEM

Why you always falling me
Why can't you go away
And leave me free
Oh i felt in love with you
And you stole my heart and my soul
I wish i never met you
I'm sick of your acting
You make me wanna scream

The angel inside my soul wants to get you
But the devil wants you to disappear
Oh i wish i never met
I forgot how to dream
Just leave me alone
I feel like a clown
You made
People laughing at me
And they think I'm fool
Oh girl I'm not your baby toy
Or your mobile phone
I can forget you so easily
I just need a little while
And I'll be too much better
And all the scares
Will be gone
But you'll never learn
How to love a guy
And you'll be so alone

ali,  side.

Author: Limem ALi
Date: 02/04/2020

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To be Ali is to be a lion of God,

A fighter for peace,

A lover of love,

And a vanguard of truth.

To fight the fight of life as if for your life is...

To be Ali.

So for the sake of truth,



Life and prosperity,



*The Fugees - Rumble In The Jungle

ali,  iam.

Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1193233


The angels surround the
Church in a small U. S. A.
On a sunny and warm
Day to remember a
Boxer and his crown.
Everyone turned out to
Say goodbye to their
Friend and famous
All of them praising
Their hero and their
'God-given' saviour.

The small town of
Louisville, in the
Friendly state of
All parading along
The streets - no one's
In a hurry.
They're all here to pay
Their tributes to a
Man of honour and
Also a campaigner for
Racism, the brilliant
Muhammad Ali.

The church is full of
People - all united in
Their grief.
Then a teary-eyed
Onlooker - pulled out
A silk white handkerchief.
The mourners moan a
Passing of a man who
Was their KING.
And sometimes on
Occasions we would
Hear him start to sing.

Now he starts a new
Journey, a new chapter,
To be forgiven.
Now in Club Paradise -
Also known as Heaven.
He really moved so well,
Like a butterfly, oh, so
He would sting like a
Possessed bee - but very
Nimble on his feet.

God Bless Muhammad Ali,
As he is now laid to rest.
But his passing brings
America together, now
They feel a brand new
May God bless the folk
Of Louisville, of good
Old Kentucky state.
The angels now all sing
Together - and, boy, they
Sure sound great.

The good lord has now
Taken Muhammad - to
His bosom in the sky.
But many mourners do
Bow their heads - silently
They all do cry.
The greatest boxer who
Stung like a bee - is now
At peace and rest.
But he sure floated like
A butterfly - and always
Moved with zest.

The love of the lord is
With you now - as he
Blesses Muhammad Ali.
And they're even sitting
Down in heaven - having
Afternoon tea!
Muhammad smiles at God,
As they both sit down for
God made Muhammad Ali -
Who's punches stung like
A bee!!!


ali,  bless,  god,  muhammad.

Author: Darryl Ashton
Date: 22/03/2020

№ 1188384


She went off, thinking:
This will be it, the ultimate
If I succeed, theyll know for sure im worth it
And at the end of a year and some months, ill know it
And he'll wait

But will he?
Can i prove my worth through the minutes he sits alone
Through the weeks he waits for my letters
And at the end of it say that i am the one
And he waited
And waited

Then Ill know

But she comes back like, This Conversation is Over
More belittled than before, with half the vigor
Forgotten and isolated
Abandoned by herself

Can you believe how disgusting this is...
And they are so dirty there,
My fate is concealed in the the dishsoap wiping away
The grease and disaster

Home is solitude
And multitude
It's the brief moments of alone-ness behind the veil of entrapment

He came and waited, anticipating the kiss
From the moment he saw my shirt to the moment he hit the ground, his thought was

And he waited.


Author: Mick Cadenisou
Date: 18/03/2020

№ 1159041


We met in the SICU at BMC,
A wondrous Islander, its simple to see,

She nurses with ease and comforts the sick,
Skilled in medicine, I laughed at her shtick.

Needs glasses to see and thinks she's a nerd,
Cool is her look, I'd use no other word,

To describe to the world, this sparkling light,
She brightens a room and makes you feel right.

Short of stature, but strong as a tree,
Boosting my patients and helped me to see,

Where essentials for the job could easily be found,
Always a smile on her face, she never frowned.

I got to know her during our 12 hour shift,
She loves to read, so I shared my gift.

I red her a poem and she dug all my rhyme,
The shift was near over, flying was the time.

During my travels, many nurses I've met,
None quite like her, that's a sure bet.

My time at this hospital has come to an end,
Her name is Ali, Godspeed my new friend!

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Author: Paul Morgana
Date: 20/02/2020

№ 1143474

Tribute to Ali

A lifelong craving for childhood innocence
To live in a world that made some sense

A lifelong need for love and affection
To look in a mirror and not hate her reflection

A lifelong love for her doting Dad
To live one day without feeling sad

A lifelong exploration for the freedom to roam
To return every day to a happy home

A lifelong charisma and a loving heart
To be given the chance to be witty and smart

A lifelong wish for a world without sin
To fight a battle she had a chance to win

A lifelong search for saving grace
To face her demons and spit in their face

A lifelong desire for struggles to cease
In death may she rest in peace

ali,  tribute.

Author: Chris Neilson
Date: 06/02/2020

№ 1132402

Mahamaed Ali

Even the greatest
Should follow me
My thoughts innovate
My words crystal clear

And tradition
Combined in a way
Not seen before

And whatever you need to hear
I need to say
I'm reaching from a trap
Knowing what its like to be free

I float like a butterfly

I expect you to know the rest

I am the greatest


Author: Torin Galleshaw
Date: 27/01/2020

№ 1121676

Dear ali

We are blood,
But barely talk.
Years it has been,
Since we've last seen each other;
Spoken to each other.
I've always thought you've resented me,
That you didn't come back because of me,
Something I did,
Something I said.
But now that we talk again,
I see,
That you did not leave
Because of me.

ali,  dear.

Author: Ashley Nicole
Date: 17/01/2020