Poems about alice


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Her parents are rowing.

Alice hides in a door way
Of the semi-dark passage,
Pressing her back against
The door's old wood.

His baritone bark,
Her mother's soprano screech,
Words reaching beyond
Walls hold and depth.

She closes her eyes
Against the dimness
And half light,
To hear more or better.

She has evaded
The nanny's search,
Ignored the siren's voice,
Had hidden and smiled.

The row goes on,
Voices higher,
Her ears catch at sounds
That float her way.

Far off,
She hears the nanny's voice
Grow more desperate
In the morning search.

She misses
Her mother's touch and hold,
Misses the bedtime
Reads and kisses,
The nanny bids her goodnight
And shuts out the light
With neither kiss or hold
Or any caress
As her mother gave.

Silence greets her ears;
The row has ceased.

The semi-dark
Embraces her unkindly,
Her closed eyes bring
No comfort to her mind.

A bang and slam,
The row restarts,
Alice opens her eyes
To the semi-dark,
The vibrating voice
Of her father's bark.

A slither of light appears
From the passageway beyond,
One walks slow
Along the carpet's length,
Footsteps soft
Against the rowing sounds.

The thin maid appears,
Stands gawking,
Hands red and thin
By her narrow sides.

What you doing here?
Alice shrugs.
Come, the maid says,
This is no place
For tender ears to wait.

Alice hesitates,
Then, taking
The proffered hand
Walks along the semi-dark,
The voices
Like the drowned
Upon the sea,
Then off along
The lower regions of the house,
Where sounds don't reach
So wild, for one such as she,
A little child.

alice,  row.

Author: Terry Collett
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1204283

Dear Alice

Dear Alice, my love
You came down from above,
But where are you now?

Do you remember me?
Or our parties with tea?
A raven like a writing desk, but how?

They call it Wonderland
But I'm doing all I can,
By myself it's hard not to cry.

I miss you in the worst way,
And it's more than I can bear to say,
You left me for the sky.

Don't get me wrong,
You don't know how I long
Just to see you make your way.

But I need your strength,
These years have endless length
And there's so much I need to say.

I'm mad with love for you,
Even though each other we hardly knew,
I'd die for your bliss.

So I'll wait for your face,
And for you to stumble upon this place,
My love, my dear Alice.

alice,  dear.

Author: Duplicate Virus
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1197871

Alice in Wonderland

Falling asleep
Dozing off,
Is getting to me,
I tripped and fell
Right down a hole,
Hit my head
Is that a floating pole?!
Getting deeper
Darker still,
I should not have taken that pill.

alice,  wonderland.

Author: Alice
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1195371

Stop following alice

We're all mad here
Because in the rabbit hole
No one gets out*


Author: Vanessa Evans
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1185658

My Alice

With Alice Cooper blasting through the speakers,
I turn to my love and tell her how much I love her,
She smiles and considers it idle talk
We fly through the sky with a pocket of metal around us,
What about love makes a man that's hardened in his ways, soft?
That makes a man who had once lost all hope, full of it?
It's the year 3017
Through my cryo-sleep I never wavered
She used to cry to sleep, bad men doing bad things
Through the pain was the only way she'd sing
I wonder if she could tell how much I favored,
Her, a friend and me, pretend
Until that fateful day
Where it all changed
Where it rearranged
Where love blossomed into a flower
A key that opened doors to happiness
To feelings so immaculate
I'm free without a shadow of a doubt
She looks at me and waves, eyes
ВЂњWhatcha thinkin about? ”


Author: Fond But Not in Love
Date: 15/03/2020

№ 1173705


Fall down, fall down
How far does the rabbit hole go?
Where are you? where are you?
Do you even know?

Too big, then too small
You don't belong
Shrink some, grow some more
Follow that rabbits song

Two steps forward
One step back
Keep marching on
You're on the right track

Don't turn back
You've come so far
Listen to the hatter
We all know who you are

Save our homes
And save our souls
It's up to you now
To defeat the dragons and trolls


Author: Rhiannon Grace
Date: 05/03/2020

№ 1171373

Burn, Alice

I see you swim in the dark
Looking to have a good time
I want to rip out your heart
Because that's what you did to mine

So what if I hate you
And your plastic face
When we eat you
Your/'re rotting human waste

Pick me up
Pick me up
Pick me up and hold me

alice,  burn.

Author: B Rex
Date: 02/03/2020

№ 1160417

Alice,take a smile

When fires flame,
You always have me to blame.
Icebergs would melt
If they could feel what you felt.

Look at all the mess
You have made;
It won't fade, Alice,
It won't fade.

Even the world in wars
Is able to see night with the stars.

You're so childish, Alice.
All those dandies
Have no candies.

Don't be annoying,
Don't go deep.
It's my secret,
Now go to sleep.

alice,  smile.

Author: Sofia
Date: 22/02/2020