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Best Movie in America?

They voted a certain movie to be the best in America
Which is all of them
Quality over quantity?
That applies to you
You're only one but man you make so elated inside when everything else just sucks so bad
I've been praying that this ends like a an embarrassing fad
I can relate to the daughter without her dad
Because I'm by myself on almost everything and it makes me far from glad
Am i the best movie in America?
Most likely not
They just pity me
But somehow i will find solitude
Somewhere i least expect
This is the army of people that won't bother to defect
I have quite a positive effect on people
For being a self-deprecating ineptly minded fool
Do i hate myself?
I'm just being honest about what is wrong with me
The golden brass with some class
But has forgotten the purpose of mass.

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Author: Peter Robert Hamilton
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1203175

This is America

This is America. Our spirits don't speak English. This is the land of the natives we extinguish. This is the nation we take what we want. its the material possessions and money we flaunt. Sending Drones to your country killing your kids, but in America were the drones stupid. watch whats on the TV and buy what they sell, conform to our ways or go to hell.
This is the way that they arranged it. IT DON'T take quantum physics to explain it. give it 5 years and they'll be tapping our dreams with product placement.


Author: Leal Knowone
Date: 31/03/2020

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Welcome to my land-america man

Hot latte, with some chocolate dust sprinkles on top. Man I will be frank, Americans got it to easy, to easy. That's the american way. To many American's now have it to easy, sucking off of government funds away from the one's who really need them. We got a ghetto every 5 or 10 miles. A suburb every few miles, a mansion 1 to every five burbs. We got It easy with groceries, a store we get food from! Dont need to grow food anymore really, everything is manmade poisoned and antibiotic shots in your chicken and beef. We have dudes who wanna buy women, or men that wanna buy men. Even men who wanna buy trannies ( transexuals) or dudes who buy woman who are really men. but what countrys not that way. We got all different creeds breeds all here. Doctor's you can pay 200 bucks for the illegal way to get scripts, prescriptions for the not knower's. We have mad alcoholics here like no tomorrow. And serious heroin and dope addicts, We have jocks, idiots, goths, strippers, musicians, the best actors in the world. Along with the best movies. We have the old western U. S. we have the east coast where oceans you can get from the south to the east to the west. We have hillbillies, rednecks, gangsters, wannabees, liars, thieves, killers, rapists, city boys, country girls, Mercedes Benz, old pickup ford, motorcycle gangs -baddest ever... We have everything here to get you in jail, hell and heaven. We can make you sin. Or make you want to repent. Come to us. Come to the united states of america. Forgot a big thing! The soilders. We got the best marines army navy all soilders in the world here. we have the most weapons of any country in this weird place. We have soilders who lose their lives for things they think their fighting for when really its rich overshadow government money their fighting for. We got huge graves, big tombstombs. Mostly marked with men who died unrespected from world war 1, 2 and possibly three sometime in our sunny future. Welcome to America. Heaven and hell in one slice.

america,  land,  man.

Author: Jake muler
Date: 29/03/2020

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Mr. America

I'm terrified of all things
And I guess it could be worse?
I tell myself, “people are just people
And that they shouldn't make me nervous”
But that isn't really enough.

I need to find some peace
Or contentment of some kind
I'm actually quite simple
When I'm not going through existential crisis
But man, I really freak myself out.

All I know for sure is that I have my individualism
And freewill
And nobody can tell me really what the fuck to do
And that is what fucking matters most
Even if I lose my cool.

All I hope is that I can achieve a few things
And nobody will boss me the fuck around
Because I am my own authority
And I own my mind
Mr. America, you don't own me.

Mr. America,
Instilling the fear inside us all,
You own nothing whatsoever,
My enemy: The State,
I am me...

Do you like that?


Author: AvengingPoet
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1198975

+ America's Son +

America's Son

Dear America,
What have you become,
So busy worried about where you're going,
That you've forgotten where you're from,

I am your begotten son,

And I love you,

I love you,
More than these wonderful words can say,
I love you but I don't know what to do,
Because I fear that you've gone astray,

Like an abusive drunken Trump father,
Or a used up distracted Hilary mother,

You seem so drunkenly enraged by greed,
Engaged in a lustful want that you falsely believe is a need,

Oh say can you see,
By the dawn's early light,
We bomb people we've never even seen before,
Something must be wrong because nothing feels right,

Why am I scared of you,

Maybe it's your violent tendencies,
Maybe it's your egotistical ways,
Maybe it's how you've created all these enemies,
And now these enemies won't just leave us alone and go away,

Oh say,
Can you see,
By the dawn's early light,
You are my parents and I look up to you,
I love to see the Statue of Liberty's guiding light,

But honestly,
At this point I don't know what to do,
I am your son,
And even after all you've put me through I still love you,

But I am absolutely terrified at what you've become,
What we've all become,
And even when I run far away to try and escape,
I realize we are family so no matter how far I run,

I am still an American,
Because I am America's Son,

Back home,
Back to the times of apple pies peace and butterflies,
The drones,
And satellites appeared ominously like shooting stars in the summer skies,

Let's talk about life over home cooked pie,

Like why have we had to capitalize off destruction,
Why do we still have war what is it's real function,
Why destroy when we can construct a constant connection,
A solid foundation with good intentions and clear instructions,

So we can finally heal and move forward as a family that properly functions,

Be a good husband,
Be a good wife,
Be a good person,
Have a good life,

It's not that complicated,
See all us children would forgive all your mistakes,
If only you'd just admit that you made them,

He served two tours in Iraq gave his all and lost his life,
And all he got in return is the grave you gave him,

God please save him,

He was a good kid,
Even though he killed,
He did it because his Uncle Sam told him to,
Please don't place him beneath us in Hell,

Uncle Sam didn't know any better either,
And it seems his parents had raised him quite well,
But Uncle Sam's not his brother's keeper,
I am and I know my brothers well,
And when any of us lose any of our lives,
We only pray we leave with a story to tell,

Because maybe we believe,
That when we leave this life we lead,
At least we leave the world a little bit better,
From sea to shining sea,

At least,
A little bit,

What more do you want me to say,
I love you I am your son,
But I'm scared and that feeling won't go away,

Oh say,
Can you see,
By the dawn's early light,
I write by the light of the bright stars,
And through these words I've earned my stripes,

And honestly America,
As much as I distrust and despise you I still put no one above you,
Even though I'm ashamed of you for invading our privacy like an enema,
I don't even trust you anymore and I used to only trust you,
You're like a blemish on otherwise perfect skin like eczema,
I'm embarrassed of the ways in which you've behaved and all you've put us through,

But I am still your begotten son,

And I still love you...

Oh say can you see,
By the dawn's early light...

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Author: Aaron LA Lux
Date: 28/03/2020

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Questions for America

How many gunshots will it take for you
To dismantle your pride
And take your pistol out of your own mouth,
Lay it on the side,
And call it illegal?

And is it true that, while I let letter boxes
Give me love-bites,
You just throw newspapers into front gardens
And hope the headlines creep in
Under the doors and through the keyholes
Or is that just in Hollywood?

Your diversity is incredible,
Vivacious and arching as a rainbow
Or a spice rack
But isn't is sometimes sad to know
That, by your vastness,
You can stand in Kansas
And never see the sea?

Why do you desperately chase after
Our accents and pedestal the concept
Of Afternoon tea?
As I recall you were less fond
Of us and our tea leaves
Back in Boston, 1773
And while I'm at it
Could you clarify what part of Britain
Your British Accent comes from?

america,  questions.

Author: MereCat
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1196664

Not My America

I live in the spirit
Of the Masters before me.
Harlem's finest
A social and artistic Renaissance
Prophets, poets and preachers
Capturing moments for change

I read the words
I, Too, Dreams, Caged Bird
Where I once had tears
Now all I have is rage
I write death songs
And hate has sunken in

America still isn't America for me.
America still lives in denial
America still silences
America still kills

I want to be free
I want to be free

To look upon my brothers
To look upon my sisters
Black, white or other
Rich, poor or other
Gay, straight or other
I'm indifferent, I only sing for love

So what should I do, this
Is Not My America
America does not love me
My heart is heavy
But nothing will change.


Author: Devin Ortiz
Date: 25/03/2020

№ 1196573

America the "Gulp"

I take a
To wash the day
So very far down
And away from the
Hollow faces
And even paler
That permeate the
Malls, halls
And roads that lead to a
Silent kind of slavery.

I take a
To sink even further unto
Revolution, evolution
And nausea
As I witness
The knife
And once more into the
Our collective back,
Unnoticed, uncaring
And almost wished for.

I take a gulp, I take a gulp, I finish it off.

I grab another, I finish it off,
And another and another and another
So that I may succumb to a
Different kind of sickness.

It's in this “state, ”
No pun intended,
That I can finally see –
An illusion
And my noose is slightly
Than yours.

america,  gulp.

Author: Liam C Calhoun
Date: 25/03/2020