Poems about Angela



For Angela

She told me
She would rather a broken neck
Than another broken heart
I hugged her then
For there was no right answer
Just the silent acceptance of the fact
Life is pain, sometimes too great to handle


Author: Daniel Kenneth
Date: 26/01/2020


Poem for Angela Carter (though it does her no justice)

When the night wrapped you up early
What was left?
Bones, shut eyes,
Your clothes, your flesh

And your words
Still caught in your throat
They missed the last train
Sank the last boat

Never made it to the island
Of crushed wood
The safety of the ink
To be understood

Your bones lie still now
In your designated spot
But your words reached the island
And they will never stop

For whatever world you're in now
It's not the same
As the ones on the paper
As the words in your viens

Oh you've been carried off by swans
Into the dusk
--But I've only just begun
To cling to your words

angela,  carter,  justice,  poem.

Author: Laura Blaise
Date: 05/01/2020



I barely know your name,
I have seen your face,
A sorrowful divinity,

Delicate like the pain in your eyes,
Small, sweet, yet somehow broken,
The tranquil pain says so much.

Your hair drinks in the light,
And your hands hold a smooth
Grief that grows deep and kills,

Eventually you will see a poem
And wonder if you are like that,
If your beauty is calamitous,

If your rose petal smile
Cries with humble tears
When you look at distant stars,

Wether you see white doves
Of dark Ravens,
Or even both in your sleepy heart,

You who hold the adoration
Of the blind man,
In love with shells,

You- beauty of the sorrows-
Have a sweet hole in your heart,
Love complete, body and soul,

I confess your picture is a spectre,
It exhausts my soul
And I open my arms,

Would you run to me?
Would you just half smile
And cry a tear for what will never be?

You have a divine thirst,
And your eyes carry a myriad
Of fluttering whispers,

Words that float to me,
The wrath of your being,
One day to find one another...

The bitter heaviness of your name,
Angela... Angela... Angela,
I whisper to broken air,

Your picture is a feast of beauty,
Yet I cannot hope for more
Than a haunted glare.

I sink myself into mortal grief,
The paralysis of you,
Angela... Angela...

You leap to life
When nothing is possible.


Author: The Dedpoet
Date: 11/11/2019


Ok let's be real here angela

You are more than just a body
It's true
But you're no romantic comedy gold
More than a romper or blazing hips
Of gold gliding up and down on him
In the heart of night to your favorite song

More than a big teddy bear
And all the idyllic presuppositions
You have stacked up in love like sweet
Surrenders and dancing illusions
He has real demons like you
And valentines isn't a week of pink
Passion and consensual kinks

You find it so easy to write
Or take sweaty selfies over
But remember to pick the thorns
Out of each other's skin
In the safety of healing cooperation

angela,  real.

Author: angela
Date: 29/10/2019


247: Angela (Acrostic)

Angel, protect me my friend
Now with thy open wings you tend
Giving the grace of purity of heart
Ever there with truth never far apart
Let me thank thee, for all that you do
Angel that lights up this world, so true

acrostic,  angela.

Author: Chris Smith Dark Poet Soul
Date: 27/08/2019


Oh Angela

Angel sits on her bed talking to her boyfriend, they've dated for two months and he says that's enough.

€Ang think about me, think about us, do it for us”.

Angela is hesitant but her gaze remains fixed at the ceiling lamp, a moth in a trance

Keeps bumping into it making audible clinks

Angela opens her mouth slightly, hesitantly

€Where are you, Baby, I'll come to you right now. ”

€You're gonna do it? ”

€I'm ready, yes. I trust you and Love You with my heart Baby. ”

€That's what I wanna hear, I'll leave the door unlocked. You are the Best. ”

The call ends and the screen on her phone goes dim

It was a breezy evening, Angela decided to dress appropriately

One arm through the sleeve, then the other, then one leg through the pant, then the other

Shoes, socks, watch


Lock the door, hop on the bike, which she learned to ride

At nine years old, the crux of her life, a little later than most

She learned to go fast at ten, to catch up

A left at 11th, and straight down three blocks to Baby's place

Illuminating the whole street at 12: 00

The door was unlocked like he said and she entered like she said

€I'm here, are you ready? ” “Yes, please go ahead. ”

Angela had never done this before but she loved her Baby so much

So, she started with her hands by making a slight incision at the webbing between her thumb and pointer

All it took was a slight tug to peel off an inch of her skin, and then more, and then more and then more

Until her whole left hand was exposed to the elements, to Baby's great delight


She nodded with a slight smile on her face, and began to scrape off the rest of her arm

Muscles and tendons revealed themselves, twitching slightly as if surprised by their own existence

€Get it all off! Stop teasing! I love you, I want more! ”

Baby laughed and Angela made sure to laugh louder as she tore away to reveal her deltoid and her pectorals across her chest

Next her stomach went, then her crotch, her skin making hollow thuds on the floor whenever they fell

She wasn't very neat but after all, this was her first time.

The frenzy of the moment left Ang breathless, so this is True Love she thought, blood and mirth

Baby held her all night long and traced his fingers across each strand of tissue, not afraid

Angela could feel every individual filament in her left arm tense and flex and squelch to supply her livelihood, their livelihood

And she smiled for herself, the greatest sacrifice she could give, and all for Baby

Tearing herself apart made her feel complete!


Author: Nairi Kalpakian
Date: 24/08/2019


St. Angela Merici, pray for us

Let's skip lunch & get this over with
A little dance of a growing flower
One at a time, bland & ignorant
Girls tiptoeing, girls daydreaming
The corridor gives us chills
White, green, white, green
For fear spellbinds, we resist
Will this be enough?

We never broke the walls
We found the door & it was open
W i d e. rather wide, so "off we
Go"? where? where?
The fountain behind the library
* *was beautiful, sister
Sure, it was

angela,  pray,  st.

Author: Pea
Date: 06/05/2019


By Angela Montenagro.

I hope you find something that changes the entire notion of what it means to be human.


Author: Tania Crocker
Date: 25/02/2019