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La dedicacion a angelica elsa( Dedication to elsa Angelica) spanish tongue

This is a tribute to thee
If it wasn't for thyself helping me
I don't knoweth where I'd be!!!
See everyone,
If it wasn't for elsa angelica sharing all mine works
Since I first came here,
I'd be a nobody poet!!!
But out of her angel unearthly ways
She's madeth me a star for the hopeless!!!
She's given us all a light
As tis lately she's been down and feels no worth,
Everyone should write elsa
And showeth her she's a poetic angel of gods work!!!
She wasn't sculpted here by mere creatures
The stars of ourn creator madeth her to be,
She's not any of us!!!
Canst thou see?
Don't thou seeith?
She's been here for all of us,
Especially me...
She's a king's fantasy
And every real man's dream!!!
She may haveth her haters
Yet don't we all!!!
Yet we need to remind her
She's a seraphim we look to for her love...
Though she's struggling much
Why else art we here?
To help one another
As we shalt help her in these evil year's...
Giveth her notice,
Because angels cometh and goeth
She's a friend here to so many
As her affections to us she showeth...
She's an astronaut cherub from her moon
Yet she shalt return soon.
So whilst she's here HP,
Showeth her love
And let her know she's a true queen!!!
And she doesn't feel so beautiful inside
So I make a command to tell her different,
Because she's fulfilled all of ourn happiness
She's the serpahim of poet's wishes.

( this is a thank you elsa) when I first got here you showed all me work to the world)
If it wasn't for you alot of us would be nothing!!!

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Author: brandon nagley
Date: 01/04/2020

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"Charted Love" (collab w/ Elsa Angelica)

The hardest thing I ever had to do,
Is tell you that I love you,
Regretting staying friends,
In reality to never hurt you,
I miss the way you kiss me softly on the cheek,
Not knowing I like you,
It was like this every week,
Safe to say I haven't found the words to say,
Silence says a lot,
But in the end you gotta pay,

Hey its been a while that we've been friends
And I'm shaking at my knees
Cuz I've got some things to say.
Do you know how I use to think
I could never love another human being
But when my heart felt yours
This girl changed really quick.

I noticed the feelings,
I could see it in your eyes,
Want to press my lips against yours,
Don't be surprised,
When I do,
I want you to feel absolute passion,
Kissing you,
Firecrackers in the sky taking action,
Feeling so loved,
With you sitting in the meadows,
The one I'm thinking of,
But not sneaking in windows,

Hey I just want to say,
Don't get me wrong I'm not that kind.
I'm not not easy girl but with you
Its so so easy when it comes to you.
I swear I just want to make crazy love to you.
But if my skin never touches yours,
It is OK Cuz its your touch I really crave.

I put you first,
In the mist of loving females
I need to rule the earth,
To make you queen of the outer relms,
Love u elsa

angelica,  charted,  collab,  elsa,  love.

Author: Arcassin B
Date: 23/02/2020

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Rotten Angelica

She's perfect
She's flawless
She radiates light
She's faultless
She's matchless
She's purified sight
Unmatched beauty
And a conscience so clear
Why would heaven have a place for her here?

Earth is like heaven where she will rot and dwell
*an angel like her is destined for hell.

angelica,  rotten.

Author: EP Mason
Date: 01/09/2019

№ 947796


There have been times where I was at my weakest
And her sweet lies lay plenty among my darkest glass.

Remembering that enough is never enough
And that my only regret is born out of an ache thats far to long.

For I've never thought to utter where I've stumbled and sucked
And when you've been in my arms, where my world wears away.

There has been moments where time has me on my knees
And my horn summons your snowy white bosom heave and my spring ran pure.

There have been times where your closeness set my stones alight;
At sea between my legs to close for my age
Swimming where I watched water droplets running slowly down your virgin skin
And the touch of your hands that blankets my eyes.
And this brings surprise to my bones this April spring.
And I know these moments all day long
That would un calm all that is sweet and angelic,
Your hands, hair, breasts, lips, eyes, tongue
Your womanhood that brought inches into the blood of this man.

There has been times where I've scrawled my words in sand and multiple seasons of love.
And my love pulls where her pale sea shell opens on my long eye.
But never at the unspoken grave for here you are my most secret love.


Author: Peter J
Date: 13/08/2019

№ 945939


Your dragging eyes tells me
That you are an angel
Not only your looks tells me
That but also your love and Kindness

As your name suggest you deserve to be an angel
For everyone there will be a protecting angel
I think your writes are your protecting angel
One of your writes makes me to write about my angel

angel,  angelica,  elsa.

Author: anu
Date: 11/08/2019

№ 893708

My Dear Angelica

My constant love and prayers for my cousin.

My dear Angelica,

Time has a way of passing by, leaving us sad behind,
If we fail to realize that there's so much to be grateful for.
Life can become a burden and in your case a chore,
Setting-in such deep depression that the bed becomes
The grave, no desire to eat, live or play.

I held you in my arms, my dear baby cousin-girl.
The daughter to my mom's only brother.
The only girl amongst four boys, the last born.

Such an endearing child, that brought smiles to my face.
I remember the summer I tried to cut your hair
And mom had to take you to get it fixed.
You looked so cute with your short, straight hair
Hugging all wrapped-up in a blanket, a small, wooden-bench
Pretending it was a baby.

Now life has turned tasteless and you sleep all day
Trying to escape, for things have not gone your way.
Twice rushed to emergency, with a second attempt
To leave it all behind, to erase all from your mind.

Calls for attention, calls for love...
No way for escape, no hope, no more joy.
You've asked me for prayer and indeed I pray
I spend hours talking to you on the phone
I've sent you so many videos, which I inspect before.

To seek earthly treasures, to search for man's love
Such empty pursues have brought you this low.
Seek love incorruptible, seek Him who gives life.
But in your constant pursue to find joys on earth
You've missed the true joy that comes from above.

My constant prayers that you will open the doors
Of your heart to His saving grace.

With love

angelica,  dear.

Author: Luz Hanaii
Date: 25/06/2019

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Elsa Angelica

I agree what her name says,
I disagree with whatever any donkey brays.

She's kindhearted and also so very gorgeous,
She has got an angelic heart.

Elsa you are one of the most beautiful poets I've ever seen,
And you just need to ignore people contradicting it as they are not free from sin.

angelica,  elsa.

Author: Au MEr Atul Kaushal
Date: 23/06/2019

№ 602421

Angelica By: Wolf & Falen

When you need that special friend
One who cares deeply and is real
I think of elsa, a real true godsend
Her heart is deep, and she has sense appeal

Everyone should have a ''Elsa'' in their life.
She makes me laugh louder,
Smile brighter,
And live alittle bit better

Her love is contagious
Her eyes are to die for
The warmth she exhibits
Grown men have cried for

She gives the best advice &
She is always there for others.
Girls can survive without a boyfriend
But, they can't survive without a bestfriend.

She has been my rock
When my world began to roll
Brought me back uphill
Before things took their toll

She was the one who told me to
Ask for a second a chance with ''him''
She was the one who realized
That he wasn't the one
She knew that I deserved better
Than ''him'' before I did

Wise beyond her years
Listens to your fears
Loves unconditionally
Darling elsa. true friend, always, to me

You're an angel,
It's in your last name for crying out loud.: D

Such a sweet angel
And being your friend makes me feel proud*

Thank you Elsa for everything you do.

amp,  angelica,  wolf.

Author: Bunhead17
Date: 03/10/2018