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You asked me if i
Thought it hurt when
Icarus threw himself into the

I didn't have the heart to
Tell you how the story ended
How he woke up in a burn

How he flipped a coin
Heads or tails and when
It came up daedalus was still

You can romanticize it all you
Want but we all know who's
Who in this metaphor and how

It will feel when you incinerate
Me i promise when i wake up
Wherever that is i'll still write you


Author: dean
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1205685

Apollo's Song

The evening bright lights
Scattered upon the floor

Sweeten the warm night
Dancing happily about
The ponds delight reflected

Through our starry eyes
I caress your soft red lips

Fragrant with peony
Sweet kissing breeze adoring
A star lit rustling beauty

Illustrious song
Apollo Serenata

apollo,  song.

Author: Aiden L K Riverstone
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1171067

Hymn To Apollo

God of the golden bow,
And of the golden lyre,
And of the golden hair,
And of the golden fire,
Of the patient year,
Where---where slept thine ire,
When like a blank idiot I put on thy wreath,
Thy laurel, thy glory,
The light of thy story,
Or was I a worm---too low crawling for death?
O Delphic Apollo!

The Thunderer grasp'd and grasp'd,
The Thunderer frown'd and frown'd;
The eagle's feathery mane
For wrath became stiffen'd---the sound
Of breeding thunder
Went drowsily under,
Muttering to be unbound.
O why didst thou pity, and beg for a worm?
Why touch thy soft lute
Till the thunder was mute,
Why was I not crush'd---such a pitiful germ?
O Delphic Apollo!

The Pleiades were up,
Watching the silent air;
The seeds and roots in Earth
Were swelling for summer fare;
The Ocean, its neighbour,
Was at his old labour,
When, who---who did dare
To tie for a moment, thy plant round his brow,
And grin and look proudly,
And blaspheme so loudly,
And live for that honour, to stoop to thee now?
O Delphic Apollo!

apollo,  hymn.

Author: John Keats
Date: 02/03/2020

№ 1166073


A small cairn, built under August moon,
Stood tests of time.
Chess they did play - with wintr'y gusts.
Fence did they - showered in Spring's soft pollen.
Beneath all toils the tiny cenotaph held.
'Till one day observ'd by youth amid campaign
And taken for guidance.


Author: Connor Sean McMurrick Crow
Date: 27/02/2020

№ 1153365

Dear Apollo,

Sing to me the harmonies
Of your resounding truth

Teach me how to live with the light
Of your heliocentric life

Mend my messy human heart with
Your strong yet gentle hands

Show me how to fight like a god
With your bow of silver

Strum me the way you play your golden lyre
On starlit evenings by the sea

Let me kneel before you and worship you
In the ruins of your temple

And every morning
When your trot along the clouds on your chariot
To bring the sun across the sky
Look down and find me,

And know that i will be waiting.

apollo,  dear.

Author: tamia
Date: 15/02/2020

№ 1136442

Apollo Aphrodite

Age Old Invocation
Of the Philosophers Stone
Morning Lady...
That's Right... Mornin'
Dawns Past
Night Already Fallen and Dissolved
An Addiction to Falling
So True
Like the Night You Are
Throwing Yourself off the High Dive
Again and Again,
Backwards Now,
Just for Fun
Astronaut Tossed From the Third Dimension
Oh Yeah... Backwards Now
Makes It Easier
To Dream
Rockets Lift Off Always A Favorite
Where Else would you take a Girl on a Date
Come on PINK PurrL
I can't change Lady
I Was A Born Black Robe with A White Fuselage
Shiny Silvery Starlight Black
Robes Made For Holding Galaxies
Moonbeam Dark
A Fullness Made For Soft Caresses
You sure would Look pretty
Against the Twinkles In my Heaven
Lullabie. Lullabie.

aphrodite,  apollo.

Author: KathleenAMaloney
Date: 31/01/2020

№ 1126207

On Apollo Beach blvd, I saw a man kissing his wife goodbye and thought of you

We made marks on our bodies
Like iron to paper,
We burned with the ashes of sunlight and all the little things
You used to tell me at night,
I remember waking up so often just to hear your siren voice
And when the wind broke, it broke for good.
We were lovers, we were angels, we were nothing more than cracked jars
On coffee tables.
I know that we broke our spines bending over backwards for this one,
I know we hurt our wrists in the process,
I know we didn't make it but I promise you, we can rebuild what we broke.

You left and you flooded my veins,
I saw a hole in your heart, I saw my face in there somewhere
And I said lover, open your doors,
I'll break this down for you.
But it's closing and I can see the gaps healing perfectly,
I will rip the the flesh from my bones to keep you from recovering.
Somewhere I exist, somewhere my name is in your chest.
I saw you stitch it up and over again in the morning,
The water was in your hands.
We came with a shoval to burry our guilt in the dirt and
We leave in shapes of broken glass,
I can fix this.

I hold my vows between my teeth,
Look at them hanging.
I will rewrite them over until I have covered every inch of your skin.
Distance took a part of me and sailed in across the ocean,
I will write these vows to touch what I have not felt.
The water is dripping from your hands,
Look what you've done to our lungs,
You've been screaming at the roadside,
I saw the tar in your blood.

But keep my name inside your throat
And let it sink into your skin,
I will reach inside and grab it when
You are draped in love from him.

I loved you, it was etched into the trees,
I heard your voice inside the smoke
And caught your breath between the breeze.

I burned my fingertips writing this one.

apollo,  beach,  goodbye,  kissing,  man,  thought.

Author: arielle
Date: 22/01/2020

№ 1087641

To apollo, from dionysus

Sometimes i find you at the bottom of wine bottles
Sometimes i see you when i close my eyes
(even behind my eyelids you burn so brightly)

I'd say sorry but you wouldn't hear me
(do you ever? )
So i yell "what's the point? "
And you look at me
At me
And i don't need your pitying pity eyes
Stop looking at me that way
I will never deserve that type of attention

Someday we will stand at the ruins
And you will hold the charred remains in your hands
And you will tell me
"there is nothing in life that isn't
Worth saving. "

I wanted to hold you,
To touch you,
To make everything better;
To tell you i love you
Over and over
Like a broken record
If only you could allow me

'make everything better', i said.
If only i'd had realized -
You burn when you touch the sun.

apollo,  dionysus.

Author: moondust
Date: 18/12/2019