Poems about Aquarius


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Aquarius, why must you make shit hard for yourself? What are you trying to prove by not flushing the fucking toilet? No one cares. You call yourself a rebel, when in truth, you're just a water bearing fool with preposterous ideas of some futuristic utopia that looks a lot like Yu-Gi-Oh! Because of your idiotic rebellion, you seem to smash on about nothing really, declaring the world is in shambles, while scrying your turds for all the answers to humanity. And with such rebellion attitude, the "I don't care, I'll shit in the woods! " Again, no one gives a fuck. If you'd rather shit in the woods and run around naked like a feral child poser, be my guest. Why don't you change your name to Nell why you're at it and forget your native language altogether since your such a rebel. I hate to break it to you Einstein, but it's all been done before.

Advice: What's the point? You're not going to listen. Have fun shitting in the woods and remember, we don't care if you know who we are. Truly. Ur anus is waiting, *chicka chicka chickabee.

aquarius,  february,  january.

Author: Shit Asstrology
Date: 20/03/2020

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Little Aquarius

I wonder if what may be true, is.
Buried inside of me lies a tiny bliss,
My blood courses through your love.


Author: Venus Rose Vibes
Date: 14/03/2020

№ 1004677

Aquarius Confronted

Dear Someone listening in the shadows;

There you've always been,
Indifferent to my fails and faults
Refusing to be seen.
You've watched me spill the water from
My ever-shaking grasp,
Watched it rise above my head
Listened to me gasp.

Poor Little Rich Boy, is that you?
Maybe the Genius next-door, too?
How bout The Man of a Thousand Faces
Or the Lady, laced in laces?
Could it be the Meanies? which Michael whispered about?
Or even Human of the Year? - Ghost of corporate doubt?

To you, listener of the Shadows,
Who you are I'll never know
Both Samson and myself are stuck
In 20 Years of Snow.

aquarius,  confronted.

Author: Eric Pon
Date: 03/10/2019

№ 1001782

Tipsy on Dandelion Wine in the Age of Aquarius

I sprung out of this polka-dotted haze
Rose up into a new exotic phase

A spring of fleurs erupted from my fount
Bulb March of mother May I's
Forget-me-knotted hair
Sashaying Miss American me
Ms. Primrose Promise
Sprouting a court of daffodilian dandies
Defrosting smiles of delight

Tip-toe-Tiny-Tim Tambourine man
Faerie of frivolity
Waves his wand over
My zone 8

I bloom anew

age,  aquarius,  dandelion,  tipsy,  wine.

Author: Cinzia
Date: 01/10/2019

№ 972315

House of Aquarius

Tonight a girl stands on a bridge.
The midsummer breeze dances around her curves.
It begs her to come play.
Her heart beats steady.
Her gaze is motionless.
The changing air steals a whisper.
"we are moving into the house of Aquarius"
Under the bridge a man sleeps.
In a few weeks he'll turn fifty-eight,
But he doesn't know that.
He hasn't had a birthday celebration in years.
He hasn't had anything to celebrate in years.
The bridge is home now.
Above him,
A girl is rediscovering herself.
A girl is rediscovering her fear of heights.
She looks 25 light years above her, at Vega.
In a way, she thinks, she is like this star.
She is about midway through her life expectancy,
But her light died a quarter century ago.
The man sleeps soundly.
A smile is spread across his face.
He is dreaming of his dinner,
A footlong sub.
Extra olives, just the way he likes it.
It was his first meal in several days
But tonight, his stomach is full.
He has come to like the grease on his face.
It shows he has survived many challenges.
The hardships have only made him wiser.
The girl, she minored in astrology.
She was fifth in her graduating class.
Debt lurked deep in her mind.
It polluted her every thought with
Reminders that she was not in control.
Now, she tries to justify her current position.
On the bridge.
Looking out at Lyra, partially hidden by clouds
"nothing I do will matter. "
She reconsiders.
She recalls an anecdote she overheard
On the subway, or somewhere:
"when you're dead, you're dead for a looooong time"
She smiles. kids say the darnedest things.
Tonight she curses her 'lucky stars'.
Nothing the girl does will matter.
Tonight she will become a woman.
Tonight she will give herself to the wind.
The man will find her in the morning.
The man will chuckle to himself.
"they always make it down here,
One way or another"

aquarius,  house.

Author: Lorenzo Soldera
Date: 04/09/2019

№ 960719


Bathed in moonlight
Stirring stars
Silent river beds.


Author: DieingEmbers
Date: 25/08/2019

№ 958806


I still remember
When you asked me
"where have you been all my life? "
And in that moment
I knew
The word swam around my head
It was beating against the inside of my skull
Like the screamo band
Playing on the stage
Of the dirty little bar
Where i accidentally
Tied myself
To you

I had never headbanged
In my life
And i will never again
Because i am nothing to you
Nothing but a summer fling
Nothing but a rebel cause
I don't want to be your rebel cause
I don't want to be the reason
Your mother can't sleep at night
I will never be anything more
Than a war you chose to fight
I woke up with my neck sore
I should have known the first time
I had a dream where you were choking me
I clearly was too blind you see

When was the last time
You had that feeling in your gut?
I asked you why
You always kept your pages shut
But never thought to close mine

It's hard to feel anything
But this hole that you left me
And the thoughts that sting
Even when i don't think of you
Because everything reminds me its true
I thought i was okay
Until i saw your cigarettes in my trash can
I didn't feel insane
Until i found your shirt under my mess
I hadn't cried for two whole hours
Picture that and nothing less
I remembered when that bed was ours
And that was the only place you'd confess

I wonder if things are the same for you
I wonder if you can stand to hear the music you polluted my life with
Can you hear me screaming murder
Behind the melody line?
I can't even stand my own skin
Your hands have been on it
And my mouth
You used to swear it was the only thing that existed

That i am not
Nor will be
The only one
That fell into your flame
And lost at your game


Author: nicole
Date: 23/08/2019

№ 818099


Grey and sodden clouds cry
From my north-western sky
Where I used to fly with satellites
Before I was stuck at traffic lights

I'm pretending that I'm sane
With a bandage around my brain
Pretending that I'm whole
With sutures in my soul

Tight and screaming reins
Hold the prophets in my veins
Aquarius turns again
Again and yet again

By Phil Roberts

aquarius,  turning.

Author: phil roberts
Date: 17/04/2019