Poems about Argentina

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I want Argentina

I want to sit in
Buenos Aires
Drink coffee
Till i am as wired
As the skyline
At midnight

I never sleep anyway

I want to kiss strangers
Like they were my friends
I lost somewhere
But recently found

I need new friends

I want to tango
With a white Patagonia
Clenched in my teeth
While my clenched breasts
Rise and fall
To the beat of the waves
In my water bra

I never had lessons anyway

I want Argentina
Full of faux marble
Dance hall floors,
Scuffed shoes, burned beans
And fish markets full of thorny

I need to feel full


Author: Dara Brown
Date: 12/01/2020

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Voyage to Argentina

The Voyage

The big seagull sat on the bow of my rowing boat
On my way to Argentina and Rosita,
Which I never met she had married guitar player-
Had unfriendly eyes ready to peck my eyes out.
I regretted my heroism.
I wanted to go to Argentina because of its pampas
Beautiful horses and also to be famous for the voyage
I was picked up by a merchant ship
It was actually going the wrong way docked in Antwerp
Free beer for the, would be the hero.
I got a job on an old steamer bound for Argentina.

Buenos Aires,
A City with so many beautiful women it took a long
Before I got my stead looking for the tree of wisdom.
I found it burning in the night
The Gauchos were feeling cold and set fire to the tree.
What matters is the journey which is a fine sentence to cover for absolute failure.

argentina,  voyage.

Author: jan oskar hansensapopt
Date: 16/09/2019

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From Argentina to the USA

Instead of the thrumming of crickets
And the constant lull of the frogs by the lake

Instead of late-night parties on the other side of the wall (didn't they know we were always in bed by 10: 30? )
The drunken laughter of strangers
The foreign tongue that made its way into the dialogue of my dreams

Instead of keeping myself up at night from the terror of
Wondering what poverty-stricken, starved man might break through our poorly-fitted door to violate two helpless girls

My lullaby is the hum of a dishwasher
The creaks in the finely-polished floorboards
The purr of the computer
The cracking of ice as it slides from the dispenser in the fridge
A symphony of first-world luxury and comfort

I am up at 1: 45 in the morning

And i couldn't be happier

argentina,  usa.

Author: Kate Lion
Date: 08/07/2019

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An Argentina Affair

Most of the southern portion
Of Argentina
I stand alone
In Buenos Aires
For the elevation of my love
Entirely free of her stones
A statue shapely face
With granite and crystalline rock
Windy plateaus
Breezing along the Rio Colorado
Memories remain deep
While my heart ponders
I've so much blood in war
To a woman
Lady Eva
Is her name
Rings out in whispers
In my ear so ghostly
Our youth was so boldly
But beautiful
Her departure
Deposit streams of tears
That aches many nights
I screamed out in agony
And found myself in shame
Now, I'm left alone and lost
To a time
Of past history
How can an unsuccessful love
Prison a desire
That is worsen
Than a sharpen sword
A buried faith
I cannot bring back

affair,  argentina.

Author: Diverseman2020
Date: 05/06/2018

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La Paz (The Peace, Argentina)

There are bags under my eyes as heavy as the loads they carry through the streets (I was designed to help them)
It is easier (always) to carry burdens that are not your own
But the more I ask, the more they cling
To those one dollar bills
Fake reputations
The dead men that can't save.
Children play with dead birds in the street
And their parents roll up cigarettes from torn pages of their book of life
(They don't have time to teach their children why the trees sing sometimes)
People walk with their ribcage wide open
(Unashamed of their heartlessness;
Unashamed of the slammed doors in our faces)
Sometimes I see the stars and ask myself how many times the moon had to sneeze in order for them to spatter across the sky like that
(People are moved by fear
But I am moved by lifting my legs)
I think I've forgotten who designed it all in the first place.

argentina,  la,  paz,  peace.

Author: Kate Lion
Date: 20/03/2018

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Alone In Argentina (Terradactyl Bait)

Climbing down
The glacial chute,
I expected Terradactyls
At any moment
Looking for supper
& I prayed for deliverance.
Surely, I'd be easy pickings,
For I was no match
With my blue ankle
And sticks and stones.

argentina,  bait.

Author: Jonny Angel
Date: 04/03/2018