Poems about Ariel


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I was driving down I-85 when all of a sudden I got stunned by a view over a bridge and nearly slammed into a feline leaning against the railing, lost in the view. Lordy, my engine shut down real quick. Neither of us were damaged, but rather impacted. I said my goodbye with an apology tagged along and whent on my way home. Every day i drive that strip, seeing the view, passing by my old friend. Never again did we collide. Every time i passed by, my engine stalled. I wanted so badly to honk, swerve, pull over and talk, anything.
Yet i kept on driving.


Author: josh wilbanks
Date: 26/03/2020

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Let's tell a story as simple as can be,
Of a dim little girl longing to be free.

From the grasp of her dad and chains of the sea,
She meets someone who can help her for a teenie tiny fee.

The price was her voice which she willingly gave,
Now she's off into the sunset giving her daddy a wave.

If only so simple only it's not,
Now it's other girls he eyes so Ursala she sought.

Another tiny fee to chain him to her,
She nods her head not waiting for the price ready and sure.

Stupid little girl should have waited as the water goes cold,
Ursala smiles as Ariel gives up her soul.

Something not even daddy can get even with his power of the sea,
She sits on her throne feeling numb and empty.

No capacity of love she becomes cruel,
Stupid little prince follows like a fool.

Something changes deep in her heart,
An evil seed everyones had from the very start.

Blacking out and hanging the love of her life,
Now she becomes the used-to-be wife.

Arms bound to her chest in her room she stares at the sea,
Giggling away her last shred of sanity.

Lifes not a fairytale with happily ever after,
Just another page in a stupid boring chapter.


Author: Jinx
Date: 10/02/2020

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Once I met this guy,
In a hot night summer.
We both in the beach.
Sitting side by side.
We just known each other for like,
Maybe 10 minutes.
But, he trust me enough to tell his whole life.

He dreams about that star.
He named that star, 'Ariel'
He says, Ariel only appears on a summer.
And every summer, he spends his night to talk to Ariel.
He says, Ariel is his guardian angel,
Ariel brings luck and love.
Ariel brings him to Elena.

He dreams about Elena.
A sexy brunette he met on Summer 2008.
He says, Elena really brighten up his day.
She's his first love,
They spend their summer love in this beautiful beach.
They only 18 and stupid. they don't know much.
Then she left.
She left without a words.
And it really broke his heart.

But he's survived.
Ariel listen to him in a quiet.
Ariel may not give any advice or motivation to him,
Ariel maybe billion miles away from him,
"but, Ariel always there... "

He says,
"who need chicks if I already have Ariel? "

"you know, I can dance all night with Ariel.
I can laugh, I can sing, or I can cry with Ariel. "
, he says.

He says,
Every time he look at the sky,
Every time Ariel wink at him,
He feels like everything is okay.
Everything is complete.

He fall in love with Ariel.
*He fall in love with a star.


Author: Philia
Date: 04/02/2020

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Sits across
From myself

Looking plump
And balding

We're talking
Of Tolstoy

He creates
The largest
Informs me

His large eyes
On his class
Of real ale

Now and then
Looking at
A table
Quite near us
Where young girls
Talk and laugh

Their laughter
In the warm
Summer air

I prefer
Marcel Proust
I tell him

Watching how
His eyes scan
The young girls

Less manly
Says to me
Don't like Proust
No substance
Just gossip
From parties
He went to
You know he
Was a queer

Yes I know

Wrote in bed

Yes I know

He gazes
At the girls
Taking in
Their laughter
Their bodies
Their brightness

All his thoughts
Of Tolstoy
Put aside

I sip beer
What Tolstoy
Would say here
Seeing this
This canvas

Dissolved in
Human lust
Words silent

Write again
War and Peace
In English
Now I trust.

amp,  ariel.

Author: Terry Collett
Date: 21/01/2020

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I gave up my voice
To make you happy
Maybe if I'm silent
I can pretend nothing's wrong

"You're such a fish out of water"
You say
"No one else would want you"
I believe

I used to love singing
Until you told me my voice was flat
I keep my mouth closed these days
"Silence is fine, " I tell myself

I used to take walks on the beach
When I was young
That's where we met

I haven't been to the beach in a while
Now, for some reason,
The smell of the salt air
Makes my stomach turn
And the sound of the waves
Makes me flinch

It's fine, though.
Everything's fine.


Author: Jenni
Date: 08/01/2020

№ 1095450

Awaken, Ariel

So familiar the sparks of inspiration about to bloom
Horripilation and several empty soup cans tip me off

My time has come to be prolific,
Under the wise tutelage of my angelic spektor

Accompanied by the wailing hormones of pre-pubescent boys trying to sing into microphones

Teacher please, spare a verb? Where the ivy used to crawl up fragile arms sanguine for all intents and purposes

Dear teacher, nothing electronic works in my room anymore
Dear teacher, your students are all whores
Dear teacher, I retain your lessons as lacerations upside my skull
Sweet teacher, reposing just across the hall and sideways a spell
In a coffin of criticisms and carbon monoxide fumes

The love of a generation, a single blue rose, and a jar full of tea 30 years old.

ariel,  awaken.

Author: Bayn
Date: 25/12/2019

№ 1087057

How Did Ariel Know?

If a mermaid falls in love...
Where does she get weak,
Is that electric connection dangerous,
And if her breath isn't taken away...
What is?



Author: Nik Krutilla
Date: 17/12/2019

№ 1048689


Ariel has apple red hair
But shes not poisonous no in this kingdom she's fair,
Oh 'Daddy's princess' I swear,
She'll make your heart smile
With the way that she cares...

She sings to the Moon...
Her voice will make you swoon,
Oh tick tock (! )
12 more hours til the sun comes back up...
And everybody knows that happy ever after does come...
Eventually to everyone

I'm gonna dance as if I don't have two left feet
I'm gonna take a chance on whatever life may throw at me
Let's step outside, and lie against the rocks, kiss me slow...
If you're the one I leave my home for,
I guess that makes me your Ariel


Author: Cathyy
Date: 12/11/2019