Poems about athens


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Athens, GA

Mailed her off in a letter
To somewhere over the horizon
Never gonna talk about love
Signed, sealed, delivered

On the way to three 16
Crested over a highway hill
Saw the entire town in a fog
Sky, fields, and river

Raced her down empty ten
At 7: 56 am
Took Exit 1 and parted ways
Signed, sealed, delivered

athens,  ga.

Author: Sean Fitzpatrick
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1166329

Athens, Part Five

On my last day in Columbus, which
Didn't feel
Like my last day in Columbus
We sat on the stairs outside your apartment
Overlooking the courtyard
As you chain-smoked cigarettes doing everything
Very quickly. Saying
We're on the verge of it, I could be Kerouac and you
Could be Ginsberg or Cassady, and all of this could be our
Dharma bums.

What an uncommon and unmistakable howl that was, Joe.
The clouds moved towards us so quickly, but
Until we focused on the stars, more fixed in the sky
Those clouds didn't seem to be moving at all.
It was something about the courtyard you said.
It's all very prosical, you said.
I nodded because it didn't make sense.
You put out your last cigarette for the night and I
Walked away from you sitting there
In the rearview of my life.

(Sal Paradise never saw Dean Moriarty again.
Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady were lifelong friends. )


Author: Jimmy King
Date: 27/02/2020

№ 1085844


A primary flaw of Democracy is the error of assuming popular opinion is in accordance with objectivity.

That's not to disrespect Democracy,
But to illustrate that People are fickle.
Think for yourself, but consider others.


Author: Anubis the Philosomancer
Date: 16/12/2019

№ 937747

Taming in the School of Athens

I have tamed him,
And though we advance
At different paces,
We learn from the places
We both have been
In the different places
Of our life.
We are tamed to see
Both sides of a knife,
And he has tamed me to
Never be blamed for
Strife caused by the
Soft side of the knife.
We've been tamed to aim
For both sides of life.

athens,  school,  taming.

Author: Peyton Leigh Stille
Date: 04/08/2019

№ 845865

To athens

Seven more nights
Of overflowing sunsets,

Soon the sleepless nights
Will be gone.

Empty bottles
And burnt our cigarettes
Are the reminder
That nothing lasts forever.

Words can not describe
How much i'll miss
The comfort of your laugh.

On this morning
My lungs are filled with the
Sweet smell
Of gasoline
And tears
As I watch you leave.

These times have changed,
And nothing
Will be the same


Author: Arabella
Date: 12/05/2019

№ 759818


I thought if i bought an owl
And brought it to Athens,
In return i would find
Prosperity and compassion.
Yet in all my years
I could not predict,
Let alone imagine,
Knowledge and wisdom
Would have gone out of fashion.

© Matthew Harlovic


Author: Matthew Harlovic
Date: 23/02/2019

№ 597966


As if we were just old friends;
You'd ask,
How are you baby?

And I would reply:
It won't stop raining.

You'd want to know
If time ever mends?

And I'd tell you:
That time alone,
Brought Babylon
To her knees.

Then you'd ask if maybe,
I missed the fever
That came with the North wind?

And although I've missed it greatly,
I'll answer plainly,
That I no longer care
For such silly sins.


Author: Georgina Ann
Date: 29/09/2018

№ 443754

Corinna, from Athens, to Tanagra

Tanagra! think not I forget
Thy beautifully-storey'd streets;
Be sure my memory bathes yet
In clear Thermodon, and yet greets
The blythe and liberal shepherd boy,
Whose sunny bosom swells with joy
When we accept his matted rushes
Upheaved with sylvan fruit; away he bounds, and blushes.

I promise to bring back with me
What thou with transport wilt receive,
The only proper gift for thee,
Of which no mortal shall bereave
In later times thy mouldering walls,
Until the last old turret falls;
A crown, a crown from Athens won!
A crown no god can wear, beside Latona's son.

There may be cities who refuse
To their own child the honours due,
And look ungently on the Muse;
But ever shall those cities rue
The dry, unyielding, niggard breast,
Offering no nourishment, no rest,
To that young head which soon shall rise
Disdainfully, in might and glory, to the skies.

Sweetly where cavern'd Dirce flows
Do white-arm'd maidens chaunt my lay,
Flapping the while with laurel-rose
The honey-gathering tribes away;
And sweetly, sweetly, Attick tongues
Lisp your Corinna's early songs;
To her with feet more graceful come
The verses that have dwelt in kindred breasts at home.

O let thy children lean aslant
Against the tender mother's knee,
And gaze into her face, and want
To know what magic there can be
In words that urge some eyes to dance,
While others as in holy trance
Look up to heaven; be such my praise!
Why linger? I must haste, or lose the Delphick bays.


Author: Walter Savage Landor
Date: 13/05/2018