Poems about Aurora


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Aurora Borealis

Wrested out of mind
I lose something of myself
When my eyes open

The flesh I inhabit
The universe I touch
They're all made of dreams
Embodied possibilities
Organic machinery
Built by light herself
That feverish dreamer
Even dreamt herself
She sees perfection when her eyes close
She makes it so

Void summoned to form by the dreamer's dream
Dancers through darkness
These mere spirits, luminous yet empty,
Forget where they've been,
Carried upon the subtle wind to this very moment

Wrested out of mind
I lose something of myself
When my eyes open

The flesh I inhabit
The universe I touch
They're all made of dreams
Unearthly dreams

aurora,  borealis.

Author: dan d
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1166937

The Aurora

Flowing; not a flicker,
Just pure, flowing light.
Smooth; coming in thicker,
All rife with tranquil might.

Bright, filling up the sky
With tidal waves of glow,
Its dance in thickest night
Awash with graceful flow.

Burning, like a fire,
Pulsing blue and green.
Expanding its empire,
Yet most remains unseen.

Its high tide slowly cedes, at last,
And doesn't stain the sky
As star-strewn night time fields
Enter in the moon's bright eye.


Author: Sean Hopps
Date: 27/02/2020

№ 1151481



During that merciful and whimsical age,
When we are yet unaware of our mortality

Literally tasting the world and sampling the exquisite variety,
Caring and reaching deep enough to inspire reciprocation

While still able to consciously and humbly receive as the heart was truly created to receive
... without any notion or idea of constraint

And of course, we hadn't learned to be hard yet... for that type of growth requires time and feeling

... the type of passionately burning emotion that has the power to destroy and rebuild

Wielded unmasterfully, by an apprentice to this world.


Author: Curing
Date: 13/02/2020

№ 1145510


The goddess of dawn strikes
Again, challenging her limits
When she has no need to.

Colored northern winds
Conspire at the equinox — behold
This sight of abstract beauty, though
What can be seen can't always be
Touched; furthermore, my hands
Don't belong in the space above.

But I'll make light
Of this darkness.

Scouring the inexplicable view, I know
That in the next minute, I'd question
Her unbelievable existence and wonder
About the things I'd give
To learn more about that sky.


Author: tarma-de
Date: 08/02/2020

№ 1143786

Aurora Vandals

Consigned to the mirth of flame
And a thousand shoes; we waltz into grinding beauty
Delirious and unsaved. we yearn for all graves
That open from the inside... that we may embark upon
Untold follies and haul our stones to our stars
To smelt a new god that refuses to answer.
But the question is a worm
In His Truth.


Author: Third Eye Candy
Date: 07/02/2020

№ 1134324

Aurora and I

Hair golden as wheat that sparkles in the sun.
It falls down her back and curls
Perfectly in all the right places.
It flows an spreads out
As she dances with bare feet
Then falls neatly back in its spot when she stops and stares.
Her piercing green eyes
(can we pretend they're green? )
Cut through the soul and make you think you've met her before.
In a dream
Or a fantasy
Or a memory.
Her lips, red as a rose, lightly pursed
Right before she smiles.
Then they come together once more as she gets serious.
Like two rose petals.
Her gentle touch and light movements.
The way her eyes flutter when she sleeps.

The only time you'll see me vulnerable.

She becomes I and I become she and,
As my dress turns from ink to blue and back again,
Walk again through the castle then fall asleep with me.


Author: Mauri Pollard
Date: 29/01/2020

№ 1114025

~ Aurora Borealis

~ Aurora Borealis

Under the arch of a starry sky
With a temperature well below zero
I touched your soul with my warm hands
Like an round aura, you reflected the universe
Of our love...

A labyrinth of roads that lead
In stardust, your thoughts whirl as
Small particles, and with pure reflection
My Aurora Borealis you're so beautiful, robust
And longing...

I take you into my warm cabin
Where we drink hot chocolate
The icicles are in your unshaven beard
I find you charming with your red hands
I'll warm you up...

The cold wind makes cracking our wooden hut
And along the windows shrilled the sound
In contrast with our warm fireplace
The crackling of the wood is divine
I look at you...

My Aurora Borealis, you are so handsome
With your thick winter coat still on,
As purple and green sparks reach our
Living room, where your dark hair glistens
I kiss you...

It will never be really dark
In days of love, where light shines
And see your reflection sparkle
Where I could rest by your presence
I am with you...

~ Elisa Laura

© 2012 E. L.

aurora,  borealis.

Author: Elisa Laura
Date: 11/01/2020

№ 1111293

The Aurora Nova Misson: Oct 19th 2201

The Aurora Nova Misson:
Oct 19th 2201

Zero hour 8am... Aurora solar system... 4 planets sustaining life...

We see their sun... The state of its supernova has already begun. We have to act fast! And toward the sun we went... To calm the anger inside of it... To prevent supernova... To save the 4 planets that sustain life... As we get there we see the levels of pressure start to drop... The sun is calming on its own it seems! But something else is doing the job for us... Something that got there first... It was then we saw it... It had wings made of blue light... It was a creature of my childhood fairytales... A dragon! He would dive into the sun fixing whatever was wrong with it... But he wasn't alone... Thousands of others came out of the sun leaving it recharged with solar energy... They then gathered together... Their wings shined like the sun itself and they blazed off into the stars... Seems they also heard the cry for help... The S. O. S among the stars... They just got here faster than we did...

aurora,  nova,  oct.

Author: Solaces
Date: 08/01/2020