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Avatar For My Dreams

I was a painter
You were already a work of art
But I didn't see you
I used you like a blank canvas
Creating a flawless version
Of you in my mind that just didn't exist
Shading over the raw
Emotion that truly poured from your
Bright, imperfect eyes
Fitting your hands
Too seamlessly into mine
For every stroke,
I gave a meaning
For every line,
A brand new feeling
And for every mistake,
I gave a pretty little reason
I tried to keep you hung on my wall
I thought I could give you my all
But you left anyway
Maybe I could've fallen
In love with you as you were
But the painting I
Distorted was all of you I could recall
It has grown to replace my
Memory of the original piece
So, I have wept
Night after night
Over a fictional love
I conjured up
In my mind's eye
And attached to your frame
Oh I'm so sorry
I made you the avatar
For my dreams

avatar,  dreams.

Author: Morgan
Date: 18/03/2020

№ 1152118

An avatar from a gene pool aged millions of years !

Encoding in my genes,
Whispers in D. N. A strands,
My ancestors of millions of years,
**whose avatar am i, wonder!

aged,  avatar,  gene,  millions,  pool,  years.

Author: K Balachandran
Date: 14/02/2020

№ 971565

Pale Avatar

Little albino avatar
I cannot tell
If your picture
Is a fiction
White skin
Raven black hair
Dark eyes
Darker lips
Hoops ready and razor sharp
To cut any man's heart
If you are death
Than I am
Your ever humble
Corpse servant

avatar,  pale.

Author: Graff1980
Date: 03/09/2019

№ 958422


I do. I get it now. All I dislike in you, I have too and all I love of you is in me. The place where I stand is all I have dreamed. Bits and pieces of nightmares to bring flares to awaken me. In pain, in joy, in suffering to bring this perfect me to this reality. My journey isn't yours but you've played a part. Everyone I have ever met I have learned from and they have taken from me. For so long I felt I was missing, broken, and confused until the right mirror reflected my flame that had be suppressed and oh so tame. With this enlightening I was exhausted. For ever lifted and connected feeling my cord through my chest reaching through the stars.


Author: Quinchet
Date: 22/08/2019

№ 854715


~Who are you in that faceless place

Filled with letters and sentences

Without skin and bones to define

The scars among words I find

As we become acquaintances

In the joy and pain we embrace.

~Now transformed by what's found

In between the lines I explored

Searching for love and kindness,

I discovered in my blindness

That I'm not alone anymore

When to your heart I am bound.

~H. O


Author: Hector
Date: 20/05/2019

№ 850055

Her Avatar

My heart yearns
And tugs
Everytime I see your face,
Tiny aftershocks which only get worse
When I refuse to
I wish they wouldn't.


Author: Esaa Tas
Date: 16/05/2019

№ 702098


Hidden behind the silence
Of brushstrokes whispering
Shivers in darkness
Silent shallow screams

There's an unrest in your silence
In every word you breathe
A vein of darker wisdom
You've gathered empirically

Echoes in the nether
Fester in your pen
As shadow images await
To plague your poems again...

avatar,  dark.

Author: Traveler
Date: 02/01/2019

№ 613619


Damnit, I feel so strange
Well shit, it's taking over
It's all your fault
My fingers on keys, my mind in the gutter
Let's see what comes out

Under my bed, deep in my head
Your inspiriation, my muse
I'm feeling quite peculiar
But I'm feeling kinda good
Wanna RP? My avatar's a slut
She'd make a whore blush


Author: Mokomboso
Date: 14/10/2018