Poems about Barcelona


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The busy streets flowing like water.
The friendly smiles walk past.
All of it works in unison.
Stores, heat, clockwork.
The whole city itself works like a bee hive.
I wish i could live there forever.


Author: Heli Colmenares
Date: 21/03/2020

№ 1072724

Dear Lover Barcelona,

Baby, as ancient as you are
Your naivety worries me,
Or is it my own? Thinking I
Could ever have you again.
Oh but how I wish, pray, on knees
Again to set eyes upon glory
Of man named Antonio Guadi,
His Sagrada De Familia.
Is he finished with you yet?
Will he ever be? Would I want it so?
Artisans carving sanctity to sky,
What have you chisseled in my absense? Is God's work ever done?
Do, continue on forever, give me
Chance to return.

Ah to bask on shore of San Sebastian,
With pollished rellics of former
Architecture found in his beaten grains.
I long to melt there once more, in awe of
Noon on Mediterranian Sea. My eyes
Taking witness to painted Catalonian
Women, topless, with holy devotion
Dipping faithful fingers into your
Waters, and signing the cross before
Dipping into blueness. Good Catholic
Girls they are. And handsome Gods about,
Oiling each other and bearing wittness
As well. The ice cream boy, is he
Grown now? Does he walk by open
Mouthed still, where we left such
Imprint in the sand for all to see?

When? If, I arrive again, will we walk
Las Ramblas, stare at human
Statues, dance with gypsies, drink
Absinthe and be taken by spell of
Green Fairy? Will we then not care
That pretty pick-pockets rob us
Blind? Oh, for the hallucinatory
Love of it all! Hold me in your fortress
Walls forever, should I ever, return.

My Barcelona Baby, take me back.

PJ Poesy

P. s. I never left you.

barcelona,  dear,  lover.

Author: PJ Poesy
Date: 04/12/2019

№ 1042909

The Square in Barcelona

This square nicely hidden
Five blocks away
From the rolling sea in Barcelona
Is busy with such quiet motion.

Many people on their way
To places with such anticipation
Or maybe from somewhere
With renewed hope
Or without any at all.

Some just sitting on a park bench resting
Perhaps just preparing themslves
For the hours to come
What secrets do those hours hold?

Right now is over
In just an instant.

This will be the only time
We all meet here in this square
Tomorrow will be an absolute different place
For each and every one of us.

Never again will we all be here

We've all changed
Maybe ever so slightly
But changed just the same
For having seen each other
Here in this square.

barcelona,  square.

Author: David Divine Brooks
Date: 07/11/2019

№ 1024694


Long gone is the time
To love and to be loved
Walking up the tiring steps
Of conversing with shadows
That randomly pop up
In the busy streets of our mind
Polluted by the loud honking noise
Of the stalled dreams
Giant disappointments
From the past
Do not let the hope
Get through
Let's walk back to the park
Of familiar faces
Lie on the ancient carpet
Of friendly whispers
And pray together
With our feet in the air


Author: Reza Mahani
Date: 21/10/2019

№ 1017763

Barcelona, July 1909

Bloody castanets -
Floors sprinkled with shrapnel
Under the dancer's skirt -
A broken guitar
Holding a flaccid hand
In it's hollow mouth -
Scattered sheets of unedited poems
Stained with spattered flecks of brain -
Broken bottles
In puddles of Chartreuse and Campari
Congealing onto corpses
Slouching at the bar -
Jackboots kicking the viscera from their path -
Searching for a poet's mortal coil
So it can be shuffled
Into the pyre of ideologues and deviants
Protecting the oppression of this fleeting order.

barcelona,  july.

Author: Albert DeGuerre Perdu
Date: 15/10/2019

№ 1007784


Darling, let us blossom our hearts in foreign lands,
Dance amongst the streets of Barcelona, love,
Locking our lips with a Polaroid in hand,
And share a champagne in Spanish skies above.
Let us embrace a nice buzz and blurry haze,
Drinking sangria on a beach in beautiful weather,
Forever passionate, young, and crazed,
Shall we my dear, redefine happiness together.


Author: Jay M Wong
Date: 06/10/2019

№ 944012

The girl from Barcelona

English wasn't her first language
And all I wanted to do
Was to pleasure her
Was to make her moan 'yes' in her mothertongue
Was to take her out of these ugly words that weren't her own
And she whispers
Si, si...

I close my eyes on the train
And I can hear it escape her
Like steam from an engine
Humming and hot

I go to bed at night
And see her arcing back
Bending like a sapling
In wind that fights you

In mid conversation
I can feel her body near me
The ghost of her scent fly by me
The soft of her hand brush mine
The sweetest delusions always present

And I can feel myself falling apart inside
Decaying from the pleasure
Petals falling off a rose that won't stop opening

I notice the tips of my fingers and toes
The nape of my neck
Every inch of me is hungry for you
For the landscape of your body
Every dip and valley
Hill and landslide
Every tectonic plate
Buckling in your shoulders
Every sunrise in your eyes
Every shift of wind on your thighs
And the rivers that run down your arms
And every volcano in your smile

Si, si...

Did I ever tell you I almost failed Spanish in high school?

Si, si...

Did I ever tell you how every time we slept
I pretended it was our last?

Just in case it was

Si, si...

Did I ever tell you that the first time you kissed me
It hurt
You kissed me so hard
I thought my lips would bleed and
That's when I knew that
This would hurt
In the most beautiful way possible

*Si, si...

barcelona,  girl.

Author: Algernon
Date: 09/08/2019

№ 943154


The boulevard knows I don't care
My hair's messed up sometimes
These cobble stones remind me
That roughness has its charm

I turn a corner, find myself
In a whole new street of dreams
The fountain whispers to the wind
That nothing stays the same

As I wander unknown alleys
Each junction poses questions
Every showcase I walk by
Displays what life could be

Each passerby's a promise
A sample story to be lived
The hilltop view reveals all
Of the possible paths to take

Strolling squares and avenues
I am searching to get lost
To find what I could never find
Where shortcuts are the norm

The cathedral proves to be the x
On my worn-out treasure map
The stained glass lays a mosaic
Of nuances on my heart

The arches paint perspective
Into my constricted reference
Their majesty lifts up my head
Compels an upward glance

The wideness resonates a truth
That shakes me to my core
The carillon sings an anthem
That accompanies new strides


Author: AW
Date: 09/08/2019