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Even the Crippled Bull

The crippled bull has yet to live Another Day
It proudly ambles on Year to Year
Its discordant song

Is an iron sword that clefts, rips apart The Age
Four hundred and thirty-two thousand
Times over and over
Gutting the

Detested coward and honored brave alike
¬АШTis the stench of war and of hot oil
Quickly seeping o'er the

With the armies aflame and howling for battle
Crimson red bloodlust and scarlet wrath
¬АШTis the jewels that adorn
The tyrant's

Crown, gleaming and fiery with authority
¬АШTis the wedding bed of the wretch'd whore,
Defil'd, soil'd, forsook
No man can

Deny the captivating, luxurious tune
O mighty bull, your song may last from
Age to age, and you may
Hobble on

Your single leg

And roaring victory
And dominion o'er the nations
But even you must fall down, bow, and come to rest


The feet of

A humble


bull,  crippled.

Author: Nathan Kwon
Date: 28/03/2020

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Just a bunch of bull

Although your friendly demeanor
Helps mask your vexatious vibe,
What's hidden under your trench coat
I can effortlessly describe.

Your ignorance is beautiful
Complimenting your facetiousness,
Which gets people to laugh,
Following you like a princess.

The amiable attitude masks
An ugly judgmental jowl
Which tends to spark
A camouflaged scowl

Your playful features are
No more than soft and cushy wool.
The transparent grin you flaunt about
Is just a bunch of bull.

Now grapple my ideas
Don't throw them out if sight.
Just listen when I say
"You're stupid and I'm right"

bull,  bunch.

Author: Snakano
Date: 09/03/2020

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A pass in which the matador keeps his feet and legs absolutely still while slowly swinging the open cape away from the charging bull

What is a poem but a maze of powerful words
That only the poet can truly understand
What is a poet but a man
A pencil in his hand
With every word he engraves upon her skin
He is pulled further
And further in
Lost he is no more
Left at the mercy of her soul
Forever adrift in his words
Her words

absolutely,  bull,  cape,  charging,  feet,  keeps.

Author: Cassian
Date: 21/02/2020

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Red Bull

I never liked energy drinks
But you did
So now i'll have a Red Bull

The only taste of you i have left

bull,  red.

Author: Waves
Date: 20/02/2020

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Apologia to avoid an online world squaw bull!

Please allow arability of friendship
And hoop fully this acquiescence
Can render an accord shared
Via exchanging calumet peace pipe

Initially invoked qua
Piercing, gouging, digging... from hooked aquilinity
Upon awareness miss applying the squaw aridity
Mine swallowing capacity as pins pricking

A voodoo likeness doll (of me),
Though this claim could steeped
In utter contrived artificiality
Fusing flagrant faulty aromaticity
Asininity admitting absent attentiveness

As ska walking a fine line
Betwixt asexuality behooves
Rectification allowing solution Wiccan agree

Upon linking assimilability, assignability, assiduity
Implicating with asperity whore err roan
Nee huss rubble word choice prompting asperity
Inducing me to cast the first stone

Of apology, and self awareness
Totally tubularly offer thyself as human sacrifice
Redeeming conceding unalterable venal tone
Role of squawking chief fowl ling at the end zone

Regarding, where associatively properly went
Assumability, anonymity of the internet vent
Ting modality adopting immunity,
Viz virtual community tent

Revival meeting adumbrating atypicality, attainability
Avoidance of audiological atrocity, sans atonality sent
To ear rate, the autoimmunity authority,
Authenticity, austerity, audacity, co rent

Ting availability, automaticity, accessibility
Asper automobility to scale tenement, pent
House, or pre faux ying bing avascularity,
Avidity, avuncularity avers automatically tall lent

Aim to amble along xy feigning tubby
With minimal audibility clark kent
Information superhighway

Axiality grid via galavanting gent
Can be activated swimmingly
With less overt axe said dent.

avoid,  bull,  online.

Author: matthew scott harris
Date: 19/02/2020

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A bull trapped in a china shop

Skin-to-skin, you press yourself against me and I want to pull you in; if you bite to break the epidermis and allow my cells to permiss, you could taste me, all sugared rust and stardust; disguised slow corrosive, toxic explosive. You're the tick-tick to my boom-boom; a Romeo and Juliet revamped for the new ages, with candy (kandi? ) and coke lines instead of bloodstains on the pages.

I don't love you in the slightest, no, at least not in the way you crave; that much is apparent in the way you behave. We're both two lost souls, sinking in a fish bowl, year-after-year. What have we found? Nothing sound. Resplendence in decadence, now we've become hedonistic heathens and have been pushed from the doorstep of heaven. A fall from grace and how do we get out of this place when we're both complacent with our undemanding mediocrity, but with mismatched minds yearning at near-terminal velocity? We have a conundrum and an unchecked addiction to contradictions. You want inside, but between the demons and the decay, there's no room to create a nest unless at best, a foundation of brittle bones could make you a fitting home, like nestling in an organic wicker basket made nightmarish and sicker with ash, decay, and liquor-filled fights, fists thrown and eyes that in the revealing light of the morn' still reflect the previous night's darkness.

bull,  china,  shop,  trapped.

Author: cassiopeia miel
Date: 12/01/2020

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The curious activity of men/women

Makes me wonder precisely when

Both will learn how to conjoin

With rabbits, geese, bull and lion.

Talking incessantly like birds,

Roaring like lions. However absurd!

Snapping like crocodiles

Or habitually waiting in human files,

Torturing like cats

Water-boarding rats,

Rolling like logs

Snarling like dogs.

Snorting like pigs

Gobbling up figs

In everyone an animal lurks

Whether saints or jerks!

bull,  geese,  lion,  rabbits.

Author: Stanley Wilkin
Date: 28/12/2019

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The divination.
A broomвАХ
Becomes a wager.

The penury
Begets the rags.
How much you need?

Sweep the
Courtyard. Tonight,
Moon sleeps here.

I have come,
A long way to
Meet my lost friend.

bull,  eye.

Author: Satsih Verma
Date: 10/12/2019