Poems about Daniel



Probably Diamonds (for Daniel)

The cries were lynched from wall to wall
Dangling like pastel vowels
And painted planets,
So the air smelled of colgate and snot.
Aw Dan, what a night that was!
You cried for your dog -
I wept for the bow in my laces
Which I knew I couldn't tie without Mother -
But then the morning came with a friendly knock,
And in a few more nights, we were brothers.

I've totted it up, you know
And I've watched you wake up over a thousand times,
I've filmed you crash your car,
I've stolen your chips,
I've punched your kidneys
And pressed my eyelids to your lips.

What a long way we've come
From those two boys left alone.
I wonder what they'd have thought if they'd been shown a video
Of you and me in 2014,
Rushing a hug over beer?
I almost wished we'd known back then
So that we wouldn't have been so frightened.

I wish we'd known how much we'd laugh,
How we'd utilise Latin,
How we'd sell those diamonds
Blagging, without a clue-!

I wish every boy had you
To see them through.

daniel,  diamonds.

Author: A Mareship
Date: 20/03/2020


Response for Daniel


IT can make you feel alone.
I feel alone
I dont want to feel alone.
So I will call you and make sure youre okay buddy
Im not okay
But we dont have to be alone, and we can be okay.
Lets go fishing and remember why we appreciate the sunny days

daniel,  response.

Author: Kevin Eli
Date: 16/03/2020



When I was much younger and far more outgoing, I lived in a city that, at the time, seemed quite large to me. The buildings climbed three stories to cast the paved streets into shadows, and businesses seemed to be booming on every winding road. Although my city was full of action and excitement, it was stale. My city was exciting, yes- to middle aged men in crisp suits and women who brought customers into their stores with the simple pleasure of freshly baked bread. For me, a young boy in a family of executives and doctors, my city was an extension of the people I shared a home with. It was plain. It was predictable. It was made by those who came before us and we were just taking it all in for free.


Author: Kally
Date: 13/03/2020



You were my summer love

Kisses in the bus loop
And sweaty palms in July

You were hope,
You were safe,
You were home

You were burdened by my transgressions

You were love,
You were love,
You were love

And when you slipped through the cracks
Of my cruel, violent hands
You were lost


Author: madeline may
Date: 07/03/2020


Kill your darlings. My friend. (The intimate affair of Dane Dehaan and Daniel Radcliffe)

Kill your darlings
Kill your friends
Intimate scrapes of flesh and gems
But fear and anguish with every bite
Sensual it may be, but it's an erotic fight.
Animistic emotions, cannibalistic intentions, supreme lust and artistic reactions.
So, please.
Kill me darling.
Kill your friends.
I will love you (even though it's not true) till the end.

affair,  daniel,  darlings,  friend,  intimate.

Author: jdotingham
Date: 29/02/2020



(Dedicated to SoulSurvivor)

'Twas in early days of time,
In a very far away clime,
When there lived a man, Daniel,
Whom many thought he'd never be we'll;

When by flint-hearted men's wish
Was doomed to languish
In a peculiar lion's den,
Him alone without his men.

But, by faith's sake, Daniel didst vow
To the wicked he'd never bow;
But instead in perpetuum serve
He who dwells yonder skies above.

He thus lifted up his poor head,
And through the sullen night prayed.
Hark! He who reigns above ancient skies,
Vividly heard his son's far cries;

He (God) thus shook his head,
And in a voice soft but cold said:
"Nay, nay, thou shalt wilt not to the wrath
Of neither men nor any beast's mouth. "

At this, in a blink of an eye
Winged seraphs descended from the sky,
Galloping upon snowy snowy stallions,
Came and zipped all mouths of the lions.

This grieved Satan in violent fires of Hell,
Thus louder than a thousand bells didst yell
Unto his lions to wreck strife
Upon Daniel's meaner life.

Alas! Not a single lion opened her mouth
Despite their eyes exuded mist of wrath.
'Tis then it dawned unto Satan he'd lost,
Hence grew sad as leaves 'neath the frost.

When the dawn Sun was nigh, "Darius",
Who all night prayed by light of Sirius,
In a helter-skelter dash dashed to the den
To see what had happened to Daniel then.

"Daniel, Daniel, Daniel
Could thou still be well? "
Sheepishly, king Darius softly cried.
"Oh yes I am, my Lord. " Daniel replied.

When Daniel's voice pierced Dariu's ear,
'Twas joy as joy could be to hear
That in a jiffy dungeon's doors flung free,
And the entire realm buzzed with glee.

Darius thus ordered blowing of trumpets
That quaked all mortal men and Puppets
Whilst everyone to Daniel's mighty king,
Sweet songs euphoniously didst sing.

May God protect ye like Daniel,
Whom many thought he'd never be well
When angels of death coveted his breath,
But gleefully strolled out of jaws of death.

Kikodinho Alexandros,
Jumeira, Dubai.
20th July 2017

Written on hearing some heart-rending news from a friend (SoulSurvivor) that her lovely Dad's health is not good.
I don't know which prayer I can pray
But all I can say:
"May the Almighty predominant, omnipotent, Omniscient, Benevolent Lord beyond compare cast heavenly protection unto him like he didst unto Daniel. "

daniel,  tale.

Author: Kikodinho Edward Alexandros
Date: 05/01/2020


Blackout in brian's house, by evil daniel pederson

A blackout caused by evil daniel pederson

You see brian allan was sitting there doing his art and suddenly daniel pederson's spirit forced the power

To go out just in brian's apartment so he can tie brian up to his bed, and brian was trying for a way to

Get free, but daniel had a hold on brian allan, and said, you are still a yeah mate yeah kid brian, and i will make sure

You are tied to the bed, and then i will leave and have them turn on your power again

Brian was wriggling and turning saying, help me, let me out of this cage, untie me, please let me go

My power has been turned off, so daniel pederson can get the better of me, then daniel tried his best to keep

Brian's dad and family from saving me, please let me go, brian said, but the gag was tightly on brian's mouth

And daniel told cameron goon, your not a cool kid, anymore sure mate, and then he said, don't be a cool kid, cameron

Brian is suffering through mental illness, and i am the cause, cameron said, heh heh heh, please keep his power off

And daniel said, i am dead, you know that is not how it works, i turn off brian's power, i tie him up, and suddenly his power

Comes back on, and he feels kidnapped and you cameron do what you used to try to do, because brian allan is looking at

His daddy's next life, brian was screaming, HELP HELP, let me be like pat and chris, and daniel said, neh, you are trapped by

Me, cause you are too woosey to write this out of you, and brian screamed, TURN MY POWER BACK ON YA CUNT, TURN MY POWER

BACK ON, AND UNTIE ME, you evil little cunt, and brian remains struggling on the bed and daniel forces cameron to lift his feet

Up off the floor, like bobby bullpitt did to ted bullpitt on kings wood country, saying, brian allan isn't like us anymore, he doesn't work

And brian allan tries to say through his gag, i work, and if daniel turns the power back on, i can work on that, and daniel said, you have

To work on this, because you aren't like us, brian, you ain't a man, brian your too shy to be a fucken man, and as daniel said that brian

Was struggling on his bed, saying, i have been kidnapped by daniel pederson, turn on the fucken lights, so i can have power, i have no torch

So daniel has me right where he wants me, as brian said that, daniel said yeah, i do, and i will make sure you suffer for every crime you do

Or any crime you have done, every time you enter a shop, and you haven't enough money, daniel will put in the corner of your mind, to steal it,

Because, brian allan isn't a cool kid, and i want you to know, every kid you see on youtuibe being kidnapped is my spirit, even if it has adult spirit

You see daniel pederson said, he ain't stupid, he isn't going to let my dad win the battle, but brian allan was screaming HELP HELP UNTIE ME FROM

THIS EVIL SPIRIT NAMED DANIEL PEDERSON, and daniel said, you are with me now, brian allan, i turned off your power, to make it look like i have

You with me forever and ever amen, and once i have what i want, i will turn your power back on, and untie you, but as long as you never get employed or

Always suffer with a lousy canberra bus service and as long as kids in canberra do as i say, brian allan will be a kid forever, never to be an adult, your only mates

Will be the scruffy old scott and retarded old paul, and i want patrick and cameron to try and go, get fucked brainy get fucked man get fucked brainy get fucked man

In your head till you die, brian allan, you will suffer forever and ever, and my voice will say, keep teasing brian pat, sure mate, brian was worried that he was losing his

Cool kid credits, and daniel said, yeah, you have lost your pat and chris credits, and forget about being like your parents brian, i made your dad die, so we can place

The words your father isn't around anymore in your head, brian allan, if you didn't want this, why were you laughing at cameron, no you will suffer, and daniel is having fun

Putting in patrick's voice, him saying ‘i am not ya daddy brian', no, none of them can save you from me, brian allan kid, but you are not a kid, ya see, you laughed at

Cameron being tied up, i will make cameron laugh at you, you will suffer brian allan, brian was wriggling about on his bed saying let me go, i am like os, and daniel said

You are losing your os credits, you are not like your family anymore, you are still like your old fri———ends, budddeeeeee, brian yelled out, HELP, SAVE ME FROM THIS


Hear the words, your daddy, ain't around anymore, brian yelled out, let me go, free me, but daniel pederson said ok, you can go, but, i have the power to turn off your power

Brian cronus greame thorne patrick dunbar allan, you will never be the man from albert waldron, you see you were hearing these voices from the days of albert waldron, all the

Men saying, yay, here is big bad brian, but i turned off your family man, so you can commit a crime, because you, brian allan is a victim of kidnappers, from a kidnapper like the evil spirit

Daniel pederson, heh heh heh, you will never defeat my spirit, heh heh heh heh

blackout,  brian,  daniel,  evil,  house.

Author: johnny georgy brown
Date: 17/12/2019


Daniel johnston

True love will find you in the end.
Theres nothing left to mend.
Youll live your broken life.
And youll find your broken wife.
And youll buy a house to fix.
And adopt a broken mouse to fix.


Author: mike
Date: 23/11/2019