Poems about David



September ( a Collaboration with David Hewitt)

September morning and the blush pink of a child's eyelid
With soft Wedgewood blue
And a silvery white.
Feathery treetops shiver in the light breeze
And there is a delicious chill in the air.
Contrails break apart in slow motion
Resting on the daybreak's skyline.

A blackbird hops across the dewy grass
To take his morning slice of stale bread.
Rose petals crimped and heavy wait
Patiently to be dried in the pastel sun.

There is no sadness as the summer slips by;
Just memories of freshly mown grass
On parish fields, of light, of warmth,
Of sea and country walks
Sweetening, like apples
In a sand box.

Author: Mary Pear
Date: 07/04/2020



Focused and determined

David haven't you seen the day break

Haven't you heard the birds sing?

Haven't you seen the children passing by?

Do you smell the air?

Do you Feel the trees?

Your 10 feet tall

I figured you would've seen

Don't you want to see me?

Look at me while I swing on your arms like a jungle tree

Feel the nights breeze

Take me in to the sky

Fly me around for a little while

Show me what life is really like

Forget everything and move on for once in your very big life

Pick all of the leaves out of the trees

What do you see?

A naked tree?

A angel without its wings?

Look at the birds and how they sing

Look at the children

Look at me

Everything is beautiful

And always will be


Author: Olivia Rose
Date: 31/03/2020


One Skirt Army (for David Kato)

I remember the morning Tuesday was invented—
How gleeful we sang across the streets—
Forgetting that the day after tomorrow would be Thor's day
And that one we didn't own, too.

I remember the bathroom stalls, the sins of Leviticus
We survived
Comforting our confusion with the indulgence that God too
Love man, kind.

Let the purgatory full of half good men sing about their sins
With pride and laugh at the moons and stars for being without limbs
And tongues to protest their innocence and Idontgiveadamnisms;

For I remember being fed the tenets of heterosexual history in elementary school
Yet wondering why queer gods are the ones named after the planets.

army,  david,  skirt.

Author: Ugo
Date: 20/03/2020


€My Siren, my Muse, Holdfast” by R. Craig David-part 4 of the 2018 romance series

I miss your lips' bliss on my lips.
I miss your hips pressed to my hips.
Like guiding hands sliding ships,
Our curves tighter together... ocean waves flowing.
We slip into one another, both of us knowing,
It will never be about where we came from,
The cost,
The loss,
The impowering a now past superstitious albatross,
But whether in fair or in dark, stormy weather,
Together where we're going.
A purpose-driven direction in life
Beyond measure,
By our hearts' design,
Beating, hidden,
In our chests like buried treasure.
Yourwarm, bold soul rolls over my controls.
I miss you the instant you're beyond an inch of distance.
I miss your face,
I miss your waist,
I miss the space you incase around me.
I miss the towering, profound grace you use to shower and ground me.
It rapidly rises to the top of my head, but doesn't drown me.
Sleeping silently in that dark, soft space engulfed by warm embrace,
My chased heart silenced by all that you are and surround me.
Quivering, shivering, your sultry curves swerving and curling in the dark.
Which each new embark,
A spark of soul fire between us,
Clinging beyond the confines of “never apart, never the days, until our hearts depart, never shall they part ways. ”
Our eyes locked on my eyes,
Your thighs to mine,
In this soft, slow, passionate moment,
I know truth again,
My love to thine.

ByR. Craig David copyright 2017

craig,  david,  muse,  romance,  series,  siren.

Author: RCraig David
Date: 14/03/2020


For David, Rest In Peace

David? Whatthefuck, back in the day we used to kick it,
Today I wake to the news that you paid the ultimate ticket.
The world is wicked, and killing is shameful.
To know there'll never be just justice is painful.
Thinking back to some of the memories we had,
I laugh with the moments cuz they really made me glad to know you.
Still I've always known you to be a good person,
I know how occasions can lead to bad situations.
We all have a temper,
Now it'sbest to remember that we should just cool down.
Otherwise there'll be other times where we find others are gone now.
I'm taking this time to reflect, because you getting shot is something i'd never expect.
You texted me months ago, and I saw you last week.
The questions of life is now something we're all to seek.
David, hopefully at least some will learn based on what was done,
And learn that f*cking with guns really aint that fun.
Much love to the heaven above for you or whatever place there may be.
You're gone but not gone, for in our hearts will always be Dahveeeeed!
Rest peacefully: /

david,  peace,  rest.

Author: ThoughT
Date: 12/03/2020


She Carries My Heart In Her Pocket By: David Messmer

The Girl my life revolves around.
I cant get her out of my head.
My heart's on fire at the thought of her.
Yet she carries my heart in her pocket.
I love her more than me, but
She keeps me out of sight, out of mind.
Even so,
She carries my heart in her pocket,
And I'd like to leave it there.
(Sometimes, I wonder if she remembers I'm here... )

carries,  david,  heart,  pocket.

Author: David Messmer
Date: 09/03/2020


Blues for David

Walking the walk
With one foot
In the grave
Keeping your
Head held high
Your end of days
We all pray
That your Spirit flies
When you are laid to rest
Not all of you dies
You live on
In the mind of others
We all hold you in Heart
We are your sisters and brothers

blues,  david.

Author: Kenneth Irving MacPherson
Date: 06/03/2020


David Bowie

The stars intervened and gave us a hero
An alien from Mars
A rebel of the norm
He introduced modern love
He taught us to dance
He was the man that changed the world
He was an oddity to our planet
Ashes to ashes
The man fell from Earth
Leaving behind golden years to remember

bowie,  david.

Author: Robert Corbeil
Date: 26/02/2020