Poems about Denmark

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I'm always lost in these riptide battles of moral attrition,
They're ripping at the sinews,
At oxygen,

What a colorful faucet to pour into our broken pieces at waterfall pace-
And yet,
We harvest buried wells like vengeful widows-
We eat our own by closing our eyes and we let it erupt only in the lightest of shadows.

Waning the barren night with cracked palms and open cabinets,
Lighting matches to the sky-

Finding light towards the meaning of ink on blind skin,
The fading crests of falling waves,
And the lining of hearts too terrified to belt the hymns of the broken days.

With cracking fingertips,
We will clasp the fleeting shore
With euphonious oceans of foliage in our periphery.


Author: ahmo
Date: 08/01/2020

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Are the Leaves Changing Color in Denmark?

Tell me,
Dear friend,
Are the leaves changing color in Denmark?

Does the moon guide you home at night?
Does the sun wake you up with gentle kisses?

I would walk a mile
And a thousand more
To hear you tell me everything will be okay,
To hear you tell me
That I will make it.
That it only gets better.
Because that's what I need right now.

Are the leaves falling of the trees in Denmark?
Are the children getting paid to rake them up?
Are the mothers loving their children?
Are the fathers keeping them safe?
Can you hear me calling?
Over the mountains
And the across the ocean
My voice will be heard.
And you shall be the one to hear it.

Tell me,
Dearest friend,
Is it raining in Denmark?
It won't stop here.

changing,  color,  denmark,  leaves.

Author: Jeremy Duff
Date: 10/08/2019

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Denmark Street.

Met a man on Denmark Street,
Thought of him throughout the week.
Said that he had plans to go away.
He wept as I walked out of sight,
I cried for him all that night.
I wonder if he made it to today.

I met a girl on Old Mold Road,
She said her mum was going bald.
Didn't know what she was going to find.
Saw her again one day ago,
Her eyes were lacking that lively glow.
I wonder if she left her life behind.

In the cold of the snow,
Or the biting chill of many winters that you've known,
Think of all the people left out in the world all on their own,
Maybe they want nothing or all they want is just a home.
Maybe all they want is just a home.

Met a girl on windy lanes,
She tried to shelter from the rain,
But her coat was wet and soaking through.
I watched as she got on a train,
Her smile didn't shine the same.
I wonder if she's moved to somewhere new.

Think back now to how you are,
Have you really come that far?
Is anything that much of your own?
Some people will travel miles,
To be let down but still give smiles,
In a hope that they're not left just skin and bones.

denmark,  street.

Author: Cath Williams
Date: 09/02/2019

№ 557114

Hamlet Prince of Denmark

To be or not to be
Kill the man who stole the throne from me
A father murdered by a brother's hand
Fooled my mother with a wedding band

Sitting meek with no one to trust
Fell in love with a maiden's lust
Cut my throat and hope to die
Instead of living in a house of lies

Passions flare as emotions rage
They tie me up and throw me in a cage
Off to England I'd hate to go
For here in Denmark we await a show.

Be bold and bloody my actions sing
To avenge my father, defiance I'll bring
Perhaps a play will be the thing
To catch the conscience of the king

To hold my mother in my arms
Her heart I wish to always keep warm
But wretched vile serpent you slay
And sneak into the bed, with white venom you lay

Crazy does my mind still climb
Upon ladders which intertwine
For an answer my soul to seek
This utter madness makes my body weak.

But at least my death be not in vain
When mine uncle sit with sword, blood slain
Poison me at my throne I'll lay dead
Hamlet, The Prince of Denmark, King once again.

denmark,  hamlet,  prince.

Author: jmc
Date: 23/08/2018

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In Denmark
We toured
The beer factory
Dalya and I

And there were Aussies with us
And it was their paradise
And they were swapping
Bottles of mineral drinks

For cans and bottles of beer
With those who
Were not beer drinkers
And Dalya swapped

Her beer with them
And said
Can't drink beer
Gives me the shits

But I kept mine
And sipped and drank
Until the freebies were gone
And we left

And toured Copenhagen together
Taking in the shops
And cafes and bars
And later back at base camp

We had hot-dogs
And drinks
At the camp bar
And she said

That Yank girl
Is away until tomorrow
Gone off with some guy
She met in Hamburg

(poor guy)
So if you want to
You can come
Share my tent tonight

I ate my hot-dog
And sipped my beer
And had a smoke
And said

Sure be nice
And so we walked
From the bar to her tent
Up on a hill

A short distance away
And so we did
Sex and sleep
And ended our day.


Author: Terry Collett
Date: 07/06/2018

№ 331109


Oft times I dwell on Denmark,
Lilacs, Roses wild,
Long stretch golden beaches
Sea for miles and miles.

Pure in fading sunlight
Rainbows laying down
Colors everywhere.
Paint peel upturned rowboat,
Dried out by the sun,
Sits tight it's place upon the sand,
Someone left it there.

Shafts of Gold and Orange,
Glorious in their cast
Alight the magical fir trees,
Sturdy, built to last,
To stand against the winds
That often prowl the sand,
Echoing the Viking Gods
Whispering through the land.

They tell of ancient stories
Their legends and the Sea,
I hear them calling,
Calling out to me.


Author: Clodagh
Date: 30/01/2018

№ 188190

Denmark's Darkness

I have seen many faces in my day,
Not one I have forgot,
Only to catch her in May,
She came all the way from Denmark to stay.

Shy as I was, down by what once was,
Denmark's girl was there to kept my secrets.
Sarah swept me away, angelic beauty.
She cares not of societies troubling regrets.

I think she doesn't mind my company,
Random conversation shines the day,
Wearing darkness, black for days.
Black like my dreams, bring me to my knees.

Not effected by our decaying world,
Neglected like always.
We share the darkness,
Black as her dress, she lingers in my dreams always.

darkness,  denmark.

Author: Brad French
Date: 23/09/2017