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Diana – A New Beginning

Diana – A New Beginning

It was the summer of my 13th year
Could not wait to start high school
But wanted to make this summer last
Time going slow bet yet so darn fast

Finished my chores for the day
Up with the early sun pitching hay
Checking fences for ways to escape
Fixing with nails and wire and tape

Passed a mirror with my reflection
The thin hair under my nose turning dark
Kind of cool this mustachio upon inspection
Dreaming of Diana how she lit a spark

On the final day of 8th grade goodbyes
In the classroom empty she gave me surprise
She said I'll miss you and kissed my cheek
Could feel my manhood trying to peek

Down the gravel road I wandered
Throwing rocks at nothing at all
Through the pasture to the swimming hole
Thought of fishing but forgot my pole

Gazing at the waters ripples
A babbling blackbird gave me start
As it fluttered past my wandering mind
Feeling the jumping of my heart

Then there she was in jean cut offs
A checkered shirt tied at her waist
Her hair pulled into a ponytail
I stuttered madly in my haste

Hello Di Di Diana fell off my lips
She smiled saying she was hoping I was here
About that kiss I left you with
I've thought about you ever since

I could feel the sweat start to burn
As she leaned towards me with soft lips
A kiss of wonder made my knees wobble
While my heart was taking skips

We kissed and kissed and I felt her warmth
She pulled my hand to her firm breast
While her own hand found my swelling
Feeling the tide about to crest

Her shorts came loose oh so slowly
She had brought a blanket for us to lay
I felt the wetness of her land of honey
Inside her is where I want to stay

My nervous thrusts brought about explosions
Her legs wrapped around me tight
She looked into my eyes and smiled
She asked do you think we could spend the night

I never wanted this day to end
We laughed held hands and slowly walked
She was my first and my best friend
The sun was setting we talked and talked

High school passed and on to college
We still dated for all those years
I smile now knowing we plan to marry
My love for her brings joyful tears

Gomer LePoet...


Author: David Nelson
Date: 05/03/2020

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Prais'd Be Diana's Fair And Harmless Light

Prais'd be Diana's fair and harmless light;
Prais'd be the dews wherewith she moists the ground;
Prais'd be her beams, the glory of the night;
Prais'd be her power by which all powers abound.

Prais'd be her nymphs with whom she decks the woods,
Prais'd be her knights in whom true honour lives;
Prais'd be that force by which she moves the floods;
Let that Diana shine which all these gives.

In heaven queen she is among the spheres;
In aye she mistress-like makes all things pure;
Eternity in her oft change she bears;
She beauty is; by her the fair endure.

Time wears her not: she doth his chariot guide;
Mortality below her orb is plac'd;
By her the virtue of the stars down slide;
In her is virtue's perfect image cast.

A knowledge pure it is her worth to know:
With Circes let them dwell that think not so.

diana,  fair,  harmless,  light.

Author: Sir Walter Raleigh
Date: 05/03/2020

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Ode To Diana

'Let's flee the slip' Diana said
I long to leave this dreary bed
My mooring lines strain me to tears
By keeping me a prisoner here

I looked at her and she at me
Her frame was tugging to get free
And without second thought or crew
We headed toward the cobalt blue

When out the channel we'd decide
A dangerous sail or leisure ride
But either way a smile would come
Soft heartbeat or adrenaline

Once channel marker we had passed
Her voice exclaimed, 'At last! At last! '
And all and both our deepest needs
Were quenched as she increased her speed

And on this day we were alone
One flesh and blood, one glass that shone
And finally upon the sea
Where I was her and she was me

We entered our combined abode
Too deep to anchor or for rode
And dared Neptune who we had fought
To show us what he's really got

And suddenly before we knew
The ocean pot began to brew
But in our combined voice yelled back
'Go on! Attack, Attack, Attack! '

Foolish? No, we knew our strengths
From years of trials on outer banks
And as a child defies his mother
We charged up waves and went down others

And mast was sword and bow was shield
And she and I, we would not yield
Till Neptune sank into a tune
Of sad defeat behind the moon

The battle won we said Amen
But saddened to go back again
For it was only on the sea
Where she was I and I was she

Written by Sara Fielder © Dec 2011

diana,  ode.

Author: Sara Fielder
Date: 28/02/2020

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Happy 25th Birthday Diana

My dearest, today you are twenty and five
And my, how lucky we are to be alive
Right now, a junction of playful health and slightly wise
Loving you keeps me in constant joy and surprise
Together we, two intertwined trees being one another's rains
Our life a midrib of a leaf yet to grow and spread its veins
With each tear, embrace, and tender kiss
I hope you will always remember this
As long as the nettles remain on the evergreen pine
I am your Nick and you are my Dine

birthday,  diana,  happy.

Author: Arlo Miller
Date: 10/01/2020

№ 1102032

The Angel Diana

Mothers are angels
Earning their wings one feather at a time.
Realized most at their passing,
Any imperfect memories mended by forgiveness.

When Diana's time had come,
Those many years ago,
The pain of loss had grown less
With her angelic incarnation.

I now see Diana through acts of kindness
In mothers everywhere.
It's not by accident that women 'glow'
When bearing an unborn child.

Diana my angelic mother
Never perished from the earth.
As with those before her,
Diana's soul was spread amongst
Mothers of the world.

Copyright © 2015 Mark Cleavenger
All Rights Reserved

angel,  diana.

Author: mark cleavenger
Date: 31/12/2019

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Its like a well
Inside of me
That i want to
Draw from you.


Author: mike
Date: 09/12/2019

№ 1057768

Diana, Age 5

I stared at Diana
Eyes a hue of blue
Skin white and shiny
Hair a sheen of unnatural yellow

My hand shook whenever I had to move her
Fearful of spoiling her purity
With my grubby fingers

So Diana stood alone in the corner
Bidding me goodbye
As I set out for school each morning.

One month later
She was stolen
By the housemaid

Today, I imagine Diana
Standing proud in the
Middle of the mud floor
Bringing regality
Into an impure world.

age,  diana.

Author: Nuha Fariha
Date: 21/11/2019

№ 1030019

For Diana

Waiting in the tepid blue of a March morning.
The peace of a park punctuated by gentle gravel stepping by
And the soft sounds of accents, languages and chatters.
In the middle of London, ever creaking and crashing through.

This home, the palace of your graceful nature,
People gathering to catch a glimpse of your self.
Recollections of someone who we felt a part of.
How we miss your beauty and wish you were still around.

What will your dresses reveal?
Memories, moods, history.
Pearls of serenity, velvet cloth,
Simplicity with purpose that grew in to a strength of being.

Being someone - a Princess but a person whose charm met serenity.
Compassion, emphatic love for all others.
Lady, we long for your spirit's semblance and rest on a hope that our lives can draw close, dreaming of a better world.


Author: rpeter
Date: 26/10/2019