Poems about Dionysus


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Embracing Dionysus

"Every inordinate cup is
Unblessed and the ingredient is a devil. "

The sun has set and the switch between
Lives is applicable.
We are all dead tonight. Frozen
In a hidden world far away from
Innocence and frowning faces.
Far past the sun and far past
Plastic cups and lost inhibitions,
Lost in a torrent of ecstasy:
We transform into beasts.

Beyond this and so much more
Beyond undeserving smiles and lustful pursuits
Beyond "no regrets" and spilt drinks
And hollow laughter and moonlit faces
And spins and joy and misery and
And this, and so much more.
I will never grow old... I will never grow old.
*And let me the canakin clink

'Pandora left all but hope,
I watched the world unfold from out in a cage,
It was quite beautiful until I lived a life there.

The world I see is not the world I live.
Dare I to choose a life sanctity?
To repudiate the winelife and sit in silence, pure?
I will find pain in both worlds.
Might as well have fun in our misery. '

dionysus,  embracing.

Author: Kyle Dedalus
Date: 06/02/2020

№ 1134995

Dionysus of the Barricade

He is smirking lips

Wine-scented breath

Warm kisses stolen in an alley

Inky curls

Painter's hands clutching a



He is the Dionysus

Of the barricade

Paint-stained fingertips


Smeared on the face of his



He is rain on a summer's


The iron tang of


Absinthe puddled in a corner

And hope.

barricade,  dionysus.

Author: e goforth
Date: 30/01/2020

№ 1091344

Dionysus is afoot

Ђ¦......... emotional cataclysms of creative energies occur volatilized by their liberation displaying inherent aesthetic propensities of a great mysticism...... this is a very strange night.... I believe Dionysus is afoot..................

afoot,  dionysus.

Author: Edgar Whitman Wilde
Date: 21/12/2019

№ 1087641

To apollo, from dionysus

Sometimes i find you at the bottom of wine bottles
Sometimes i see you when i close my eyes
(even behind my eyelids you burn so brightly)

I'd say sorry but you wouldn't hear me
(do you ever? )
So i yell "what's the point? "
And you look at me
At me
And i don't need your pitying pity eyes
Stop looking at me that way
I will never deserve that type of attention

Someday we will stand at the ruins
And you will hold the charred remains in your hands
And you will tell me
"there is nothing in life that isn't
Worth saving. "

I wanted to hold you,
To touch you,
To make everything better;
To tell you i love you
Over and over
Like a broken record
If only you could allow me

'make everything better', i said.
If only i'd had realized -
You burn when you touch the sun.

apollo,  dionysus.

Author: moondust
Date: 18/12/2019

№ 1085452


I placed a cigarette
­ where his lips once
Met mine

I watched it wither and wander into the world
Wondered if it would reach my lips and I'd feel them burn
But the filter always separated us, there wasn't enough time
So I light another cigarette and wish his lips were on mine.


Author: Roar
Date: 16/12/2019

№ 993053

Dionysus (10 words)

Distilled dreams drift dazedly.
Drumming dares defiantly!
Defeating deafened demons


Author: Athina Mitchell
Date: 23/09/2019

№ 992295

Mercury and Dionysus in unison

"I've had
A good bit of wine,
Two beers,
Three shots of Vodka
And I'm slightly drunk, as well,
So, if I fuck with you,
Know it's not personal;
It's just convenient. "

dionysus,  mercury,  unison.

Author: Anubis the Philosomancer
Date: 22/09/2019

№ 962936

I Refer to my Neighborhood as the Belly of Dionysus

Cups runneth over
And over
& over
From absinthe to zinfandel.

Men & women parade the streets
With whimsical abandoned
Swaying bodies
Like they just got laid--
Or are about to.

Cocaine bathrooms roar
While marijuana balconies cackle--
Even the folks staying in
Have their music turned up
So nobody can hear them fucking.

Barefoot indulgence
And tropical dresses flowing
In the midnight air--
Even the cops don't care,
This is business.
Every whoop and hollar
Is a dollar in their pocket.

Each vehicle blaires
A different song
Chaos to the ears
Becomes rhythm
For the body-
Shots don't need to be in glasses,
Grinding is the traditional greeting.

The young come for the atmosphere,
The older for the work release...
Everyone is reckless on the weekend,
All the bars runneth over
And over
& over.

A ritualistic hedonism
Leads to a collective sleep
That slowly, slowly
Overtakes us all
As we slowly fade,
For a few hours until

Cups runneth over again
And over
& over
From absinthe to zinfandel.

belly,  dionysus,  neighborhood,  refer.

Author: Brycical
Date: 27/08/2019