Poems about Dracula


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When Dracula went to the blood bank

When Dracula went to the blood bank,
He thoroughly flustered the staff,
For rather than make a donation,
He drew out a pint and a half.

bank,  blood,  dracula.

Author: Iraira Cedillo
Date: 26/01/2020

№ 1118021

Count Dracula

Count Dracula lives in my attic and he has a casket for a bed.
He has bitten all of my family members and they're undead.
I've told many people but they don't believe my texts.
All of my family members are vampires and I'm next.

Dracula prowls during the night and returns before sunrise.
My family prowls with him but people think I'm telling lies.
I've kept the vampires away so far by locking my door and wearing garlic.
They haven't bitten me yet because they fear that I will make them sick.

I fear that sooner or later, I will be turned into a vampire.
I've looked online but I can't find a monster killer to hire.
I'm sick of hiding like a coward, I've had all that I can take.
I found a knife and I just got done carving a wooden stake.

Dracula is pounding very hard, he's trying to break down my door.
He has succeeded but I stabbed him through the heart and he just hit the floor.
Because Dracula was the original vampire, my family has died as well.
I feel so calm and relaxed because my life will no longer be a living hell.

count,  dracula.

Author: Randy Johnson
Date: 14/01/2020

№ 1102744

Black Dracula

They Say the Grim Reaper collects death, but he harvests the soul to a better place, if theres anything left to save and harvest...
The body will carry on, but that motivation, the man behind the machine can die long before the body does.

I am whats considered a black Dracula, a man with out a purpose to suck the dark lifeless soul out of a body, the part thats left before I drain all hope for a future.

My job is to make the people around me, friends, family, associates alike happy and comfortable in the way life is, while slowly putting down there hopes and dreams.

The sun is not my enemy, nor a wooden spike, but a hard life lesson on pain amd broken heart. Im not pale to the sunlight, I blend right in, I walk among you, showing you everything is beautiful in this world, so a hope of an afterlife, paradise of the heavens, is lost to the cavities of your mind.

My broken heart drives me to this madness, numb is my body, but fresh and limber is the pain of a broken heart that still lingers.

My monster inside has consumed me, but I write this as a warning for all to read, to save yourself one last chance at happiness.

Love her unconditionally.

Respect her for every little strain of her life she can produce.

Her beauty only matters on the inside for it is ageless.

Cheating on the one you love never goes away with time.

Her eyes will haunt your dreams, your memories, and your life, till the black Dracula consumes you too.

Be good to her always, fights, loss, and loving moment's, she is yours to take care of forever.

Lastly... You only get on life to live with a great loving woman, dont spoil or settle for less because you cant handle her beautiful flaws that set her apart from everyone else.

black,  dracula.

Author: kyle Shirley
Date: 31/12/2019

№ 929993


Smell of girls' fresh blood
From the fangs digging her neck,
That one vampire's thing


Author: schadenfreude
Date: 28/07/2019

№ 712131


It's like,
Now that I'm high I haven't the slightest.
I'm trying to write but the font feeling tired.
Word to the wise, I'm outa this mind.
Time to shine like the whole week whined.
Nocturnal like the sun been broke.
Look, It's all I know.


Author: unnamed
Date: 11/01/2019

№ 691226

Dracula's Redemption

Resuscitate our dead memories only just to die again;
Waking from a deep slumber, Staring out the window pane;
Counting hours, how long can I endure the need to restrain? ;
Nothing have changed I should just get back to sleep again.

The sun rises slowly as it burns my pale tainted skin;
It just felt so good just to feel pain! For so long I've been so keen;
I grew weak in my dreams when I'm asleep, the thoughts of you makes me sick!
It's not that you vexes me, It's because of what I did to you that worries me;

Never before I have felt so sensitive within this lifeless body...
Lived only by drinking blood! To be confined in this coffin just to feel lonely!
And then you came... The one I thought who restrained the beast in me;
The one who gave warmth not burning me, calmed my soulless fury.

But we must all know that the nature has its way of breaking;
Something that is beautiful, Something profound! A new beginning...
And so it came to that point where I fed on her! left her dying!
Perhaps it was all meant to be for a while just to forget the craving...

I'm a killer, a monster! An abomination to this world!
But I can't take my life... Believe me I tried!
I bathed under the sun turn to ashes and died!
Only to know that when darkness falls I'll be revived...

I must make a choice... It fancies me just having this thoughts right now;
What could I possibly do? If the beast within is the one who contains me and how?
It seems like a personal attraction just to add some satisfaction as I reach for the kill;
A little drama, show some masked humanity, make them live a little just to quench the thrill!

I have glared, I have grinned, I have laughed and I have seduced...
As I get closer for my teeth to sink in, let loose, let the hunger reduced;
But after the feed do I feel remorse? For hours I thought I did...
It's been like that through all the years... Feels redundant indeed.

So how far will this story goes? For centuries I have pondered in circles.
I have been there the evolution, the changes, the life as it cycles.
And again... Here and now as I stand where once I become capable staring at the sun;
I will forget the unforgettable, sail away! Far away from this land...

Remember my story as it will never end;
I'm finding a way now to break free from this curse;
To be one with my prey walk free no more blood to quench thirst;
So long and goodbye from me Dracula...
Serenity is what I seek... A redemption of what they speak.

dracula,  redemption.

Author: Alucard Sepet Dalv
Date: 23/12/2018

№ 630305

Dracula's Redemption: Part II A New Reflection

And so here I am again sharing my journey;
I am now living among men in this sleepless city
267 years since I sailed away and ventured land to land;
Living deep within the woods among the wolves I made a bond...

Draining the blood of an animal to quench my thirst while the wolves feast after;
I got used to living feeding only on livestocks so no more men may suffer
The wrath of my beastly instinct that feared by many for centuries;
I am the creeping darkness, heartless, cold and vile it's all written in their stories...

I remained calm and humble satisfied with loneliness in exchange of their safety;
As I contemplate my chosen fate, breaking this madness for a kill! Am I even worthy?
A question I never wanted to ask myself again... Never before I felt blessed neither cursed;
All I know is that I have chosen to be someone not something carrying a coffin in a hearse.

The date, 24th of December 2013... It is winter here now, where I finally found a place to belong;
Never before I felt accepted, loved and it feels warm inside that I can truly say I found a home
They are even inviting me into their so called Christmas where Jesus were born sacrificing himself to save us;
Hearing his deed made me realized and even were strived to pursue changes from what I once was...

This is where my journey brought me so far in seek of redemption...
So long for now my dear friend, a diary of my new so called reflection,
Sometimes hiding behind a mask is what we all need to blend in reality;
While the darkest side of you restrained inside forever remains a mystery...

dracula,  ii,  redemption,  reflection.

Author: Alucard Sepet Dalv
Date: 29/10/2018

№ 618329


Dracula scared and sucked
Many victims into his game
Ancient stories- re -vamped
Black and white movies-
Holly- Holly wood
White witches and blood -suckers
How the world fell in love-
With masters of Horror and gore


Author: nivek
Date: 18/10/2018