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Bored sod / Loci and Dubai's hyper-erect projectile thingy-majig

I am the one who makes up my owm axi,
Rather than be man, in talk of repast,
And fake, and metaphor, and the need for
Sleuth... ordeals and godly stature, but only with
Orff's carmina burana, we are to dine?!
Oh jew, oh arab... why whiff that stink so far
North? familial affairs? concerns? psychiatrists?!
How about an ode to dates
To break the month of ramadam?!
No, you tell me, at, what, point,
Am, i, to, understand, you,
Before, i, stop, selling, you,
Apples, at, the greengrocers?
You gonna fake it and turn all turk
On me? i kinda hope you did,
The time i mentioned henry viii's wives
In a rhyme: charles the first goit the chop,
Charles the second managed a harem
But primarily a poet,
Charlie wanker the third?
Probably a plush stuffed bunny...
So i tell this homeless person my rhyme...
Fuck! she runs off screaming...
Next time i talk to homeless people
I'm brining a monopoly fake of a house
To surround and let the hounds loose on them...
But it's kinda nice... living in a society
That still believes in monarchy...
I get to talk silly rhymes, just about names,
Wives of henry buffon and...
That brothel disease: syphilis and sisyphus!
And that rhyme about 'enry... the 'andy man...
The one that could put up a shelf...
Yeah, that rhyming Olaf...
Could get a homeless woman... running...
To fear rhyme...
Just when Otto was in power in germany,
And there was no vogue concerning baptising
Babies with that failed name...
You know women, premonitions about
The zodiac and shit... magic...
Crying about the stone cold heart
Of men in labs...
Yep, that story, it's boring,
It's history, tried and tested, proofs in pi...
And take to making up
Then again, the turks are prettily civil,
They can allow housewives,
And those housewife soaps... i. e.
Operas... i. e. melodrama that doesn't happen
In real life... the turks can stomach that...
Ask an arab to provide the same when women
Age... he starts a vanity project akin to
A pyramid that is the dubai glass-glacier...
I know, and many other people
Know where the Everest mountain belongs...
Should that glass monstrosity belong where it's
Currently placed? i'm looking at it and going all
Loci to say the most perfect joke...
Ask the people that built it, the Bangladeshi...
Why ask a fucking Paki?
They're bothered by Hindu...
I will add: -stan -stan, never mind Stanley
And why pole is never bothersome
You valentine crisp day-care centre worth of emotion...
I don't get bothered whether you smack your
Head against a pole, polejump, and polish
A wooden table... paki... get along with it...
English says don't when it says do not...
Paki is acronym, ever heard of those?
- do i look like a queen Sheeba prediction
Of copper skinned waiting for vitamin D
Like i might wait for a suntan?!
Yeah, i probably do...
But can you grow mushrooms on the tip of everest
From a horse's turd, giving there's so little atmosphere?
Can fungi grow in zero oxygen environments?
Next, i'll say: i feel like growing one on my toe...
And be called an athlete...
Hail Olympus! ooh... hail 'eno... z...
Harp and snore... the anti clues given to both
Apparently life was so very different back then,
Thankfully my nostalgia only goes as far back
As the 1990s (nineteen nine tee offs)...
Before zeitgeist piracy and when your bought music.
I just find it funny how people get offended
By someone's spelling accuracy,
It's like people want people to become dyslexic...
No one seems offended when a triangle isn't
Drawn... fucker! draw a triangle!
A bit like: write something that doesn't require
I always believed in people and literacy,
Evidently people these days don't believe in either...
And yes, the Japanese really did write better cartoons
Than the Mc Disney brigade...
They acutally invoked sex in their cartoons...
You know, once you learn english
You learn alice, the "wonderland" and the inherent
Joke that the english language can't rub off,
Namely paedohpilia...
Sex aware once able to take sex-invoking selfies
And posting them online?
You've been giving the status of a global
Sprechen, and it's the internet, so apparently it's not real,
Apparently the matrix metaphor can last for
30 more years...
Of course the internet isn't real,
What with internet banking, hacking, politics,
The death of 20th century concept of window shopping...
The internet isn't real... what with
Online dating... brothel services...
I too wished i wasn't the lab rat... evidently
The lab came before i realised i was a rat in it...
They tell you it isn't real,
They tell you all that bollocks...
And sure, i buy it...
It's just one thing,
They tell you the internet isn't real
When they accepted that the phonebook was real...
And yet they do their banking, on, the internet...
What is and what isn't real... kinda happened...
And is already pointless to talk about.

bored,  dubai,  hyper,  projectile,  sod.

Author: MateuЕЎ Conrad
Date: 19/08/2019

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Ode To Dubai

Dubai has reared herself a throne,
In a strange city lying alone,
Far down within the Middle East,
Where the rich and humble consume and feast,
Their shrines and palaces and towers,
Resemble nothing that is ours,
Around, by dunes and winds forgot,
Resignedly beneath the desert sky,
The melancholy waters lie.

dubai,  ode.

Author: Didi
Date: 10/08/2019

№ 809361

Buhay Dubai

Higit isang taon na rin ang nakalipas
Nang lisanin ang bansang Pilipinas
Upang subukan ang buhay
Sa lugar na kung tawagin ay Dubai

Naalala ang galak ng pagpunta dito
Nang sa kalaunay puro na reklamo
Paano naman kasi ang mga Arabo
Minsan lang maligo sa isang linggo

Dagdag pa ng klima na sobrang init
Pawis mo'y abot hanggang singit
At kung taglamig naman ay pumasok
Gusto mo na lng mamaluktot sa isang sulok

Pagkain na amoy pa lang aayaw ka na
Kahit gutom mawawalan ka rin ng gana
Babae nila'y nakasuot ng itim na bestida
Pati lalake rin ay nagsusuot ng palda

Pero kahit ganun ang katulad nila
Gusto ko ang kanilang pananampalataya
Sa diyos na tinatawag nilang Allah
May oras talaga pag nagdarasal sila

Akala ng marami buhay dito ay maganda
Di lng nila alam kami'y nangungulila
Sa pagmamahal na ipinabaon
Ng mahal na makikita lng pagkatapos ng ilang taon

Tila ang bilis ng mga pangyayari
May mabuting resulta kaya sa bandang huli
Lahat ng sakit, pagod at pighati
Mapagsilbihan lang ang mga ibang lahi

Kung lahat ng ito'y isang panaginip
Ayoko na talagang maidlip
Hay... buhay Dubai nga naman
Sana nga may patutunguhan...

buhay,  dubai.

Author: Engineer Mikay
Date: 09/04/2019

№ 714854


Dubai, the shiny city among dunes built by
Migrant workers and their blood. Yes, this unparalleled luxury,
Hotel staff smile like bright buttons, or else. Your discontent may cost them their job, suicide among migrant workers go unreported; so guests can sleep easily in gilded beds.
Dubai will sink in the sand when economic forces move elsewhere
And this hubris on the parched soil will be a historical interlude.
The wind in the night will murmur of untold suffering and
The soul of the dispossessed shall whisper words for no one's ears
And shall be goats bleat before sacrificed on the altar of time
Without end; for this is the universal law, those you enslaved will
Arise and possess you.


Author: jan oskar hansensapopt
Date: 14/01/2019

№ 663570

Kitsch Plastic Paradise (Dubai, 31/12/2015)

Another day and up goes
Another indoor ski slope
Another indoor hunting range
And another underwater golf club
All built on the backs of Blistered Men
In the blistering sun
Who hydrate on warm water by day
And wash in dirty water by night
As towers cut holes in the sky
Through which the heavens rain down
Their radioactive rays.

At dusk, the Imam Pimp
Who wears on all ten fingers
Rings bearing ten different precious stones
Waves his winking hand
At the Cocaine Cop
Who smiles back showing his teeth
Cunningly freckled with golden flakes
While a voice from the nearest mosque hangs over them
And says something
About morality.

In the middle of the desert
In the highest room
Of the tallest hotel
Sits The Perfumed Prince
Enjoying his favourite meal -
Lobster with pieces of fillet steak
Clutched in the pincers
And both eyes gouged out
And the sockets fitted with white truffles.
The waiter holds his breath before returning with the bill
And the Prince tips one of The Blistered Men
With a rare shellfish
Which he does not know how to eat
Without getting poisoned.
After his meal, The Perfumed Prince
Relieves himself in a solid gold toilet
Which makes his urine look like fresh water
Whilst his pet falcon innocently crunches the carcass of a baby rat
In the other room.

On New Year's Eve
As the baking sun had set
And sweated out into a stinking humid haze
The sixty-three storey Downtown hotel caught ablaze
Because - reports say -
The owner tried to squeeze into it
A sixth star.
The Imam Pimp of Many Rings
Suggested postponing the scheduled firework display next door
And charging people to watch the fire.
The Gold-Flaked Cocaine Cop
Argued this was impractical
And insisted the show go on
As it would omit the sound of people screaming
Something about priorities.

The fire was contained
And the firework show a success.
The Perfumed Prince flew in the next day
And resolved that the burning hotel was structurally flawed
And should have been
"If we're going to have an inferno, "
He said,
"It had better be the best inferno this world has ever seen. "
And so he set The Blistered Men to work
On wobbly scaffolding
In the blistering sun.

The women have been blocked out of this story
Much like they are in the streets

But in other news
Somebody, somewhere
Has just resolved
To eat less red meat.

dubai,  paradise,  plastic.

Author: Nassif Younes
Date: 28/11/2018

№ 648924

Beaches Of Dubai

Another day goes by on the beaches of Dubai,
And I'm sitting here drinking my tea.

No explosions or death,
Erosion not theft.
Just enjoying my days on the beaches of Dubai.

Planes over head,
My head filling with dread,
As the bombs begin to drop from the sky.

Now we all need to say,
Goodbye to the beaches of Dubai.

Bombed for our oil,
Exterminated for our pride.
We now say goodbye to Dubai.

Big American men,
Dressed in gold suits and ties.
They will always deny.

Their seeing off the land tonight,
Can't wait to get their prize,
That big old slice of oil flavored pie.

And they will never learn to share.

Now we all need to say,
Goodbye to the beaches of Dubai.

beaches,  dubai.

Author: Wuji
Date: 15/11/2018

№ 636489

Goodbye Dubai, not coming back...

The Eastern wind blows and comes at such a slant,
That you can never, get out of the way, it is tantamount
Both parties were in the wrong, standing in the way.

Dubai the insurance state
Fifty fifty blame
What a game
Shame over
Terrorize the tourists,
Workers, from domestics (imported)
For every hotel in sight
To oil patch imports,
Oh the money,
As if it is worth the risk!

Good bye Dubai
Good bye, rape is not a male right,
The victim is a victim shamed already
By the act do not add to their plight
By dividing the blame,
Your wealth enables bad
Behavior with a religious fervor,
Common sense,
Common decency,
Tells me to believe her.

Good bye Dubai, as pretty and
A delight to the eyes, you want the world
To see, I forgive you for your injustice
To an innocent like she.


coming,  dubai,  goodbye.

Author: Clem C
Date: 03/11/2018

№ 611376

My Dubai

Seize it.
The laughter.
The smell.
The sand storms.
The heat.
The city.
Over-flooded with happiness.
And the regret.
That now its all gone.


Author: Azurra Grace
Date: 12/10/2018