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Welcome To Egypt

Welcome To Egypt

You want to know what a military dictator ship is?

Checkpoints at every crossing,
Police disrespecting the citizens,
Guns gripped tightly in the hands of teenagers,
Bleached white suits with fake brass stars.

Welcome to Egypt.

You want to know what becomes of fallen empires?

Dusty streets of broken dreams and failed endeavors,
Uptight men in loose jellabiyas hawking Chinese made junk,
Descendants of kings catering to the whims of ignorant tourist,
And a once pristine river now so dirty it's dangerous to swim in.

Welcome to Egypt.

You want to know what irony is?

Here denial is a double entendre,
It's a river and a state of mind,
Where the people can't see they are biting,
The very hand that feeds them.

Welcome to Egypt.

You want to know what it's really like here?

Well I was just harassed today,
Accused by the police of trying to pray,
Because in Egypt it is illegal to pray or even meditate,
I had to threaten to call the US Embassy before I was allowed to go on my way.

Welcome to Egypt.

You want to know what the real atrocity is?

The States gives this country over a billion dollars a year,
But the people that really need the money don't see a single pound,
The money is used to further oppress the people,
And anyone that tries to stand up for their rights is beaten down.

Welcome to Egypt.

You want to know what happened to democracy?

The Muslim Brotherhood won the election,
Then the military staged a coup,
Kicked out the democratically elected government,
And assassinated anyone that dared to speak the truth.

Welcome to Egypt.

You want to know what the real Egypt is about?

Come witness the horror for yourself,
Mothers dying in doorways children eternally crying,
Horses beaten to death in 106Лљ heat,
Then left for dead no burial for the dying.

Welcome to Egypt.

You want to know what equality is here?

What equality woman have to cover everything up,
Wearing all black in a torturing heat,
And if I man tries to hold a woman's hand,
Then they both get rounded up by the Moral Police.

Welcome to Egypt.

You want to know how bad it really is?

People die every day on boats trying to escape,
Desperately attempting to flee this god forsaken country,
What a travesty and shame it all is,
How poor this country's become that was once so wealthy.

Welcome to Egypt.

You want to know the truth?

The oppression is so bad in Egypt,
That anyone that says anything about that,
Can disappear courtesy of the secret police,
Seriously it happened to my dear friends dad.

Welcome to Egypt.

You want to know what?

Luckily I am not Egyptian,
So I can escape this country that's become a prison,
Leaving in a few hours and to anyone that's considering a visit,
I'm leaving behind this welcome warning here that I've written.

Welcome to Egypt.

В€† Aaron La Lux ∆

The Holy Trilogy Vol. 1 available worldwide 11/11/16


Author: Aaron LA Lux
Date: 03/04/2020

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The swan at loch lomond / harem eunuchs of ancient egypt

The rule of thumb is: you really can't go mad twice, no matter how much you try, it happens only once, and soon enough you regain a footing, on a plateau of lucidity.

And it happened to me, i thought we had a verbal
Contract, a sort of understanding,
Some locket of trust -
As i charmed a swan out of *loch lomond
To her giggling pleasure,
And charmed her with a bedroom filled
With candles,
I should have known that with my third
Persistent impotence she was trouble -
By the fourth she turned into melting butter...
I can and will be an asshole,
I gather that, but there's only so much
Mea culpa crap i'll mantra into my life,
We had a deal, she even suggested to be on
Anti-contraceptive pills, because she hated
The rubber inside of her:
Talk about a reality check in the alternative
Universe of kinky latex sex,
Where the whole body is attired in a catwoman
Never mind...
And when she called me hysterical
About hearing voice saying: i think i'm pregnant,
I told her: you know what you have to
Do? what? get an abortion...
I'm still punching myself in the face from
Time to time about that,
But i only said in shock what anyone would
Say in shock, then again,
Being a man: i have no chance at redemption...
By my own honest shame even golgotha is
A fucking turd mountain of insignificance...
I retracted my position on the "enforcement"
Weeks later,
But but then she was already on track
In her insidious ways... wooing another worthy
I'm not painting a picture of a saint,
Just another schmuck who stumbled upon a great
Who was promised contraceptive
Precautions, who didn't mind the rubbers as much
As "circumcising" himself during intercourse
By pulling his foreskin back, ending up with
A purple pheasant head...
Point being, then the attempted murder:
A complete fail,
Yes, i understand,
Abortion, bad, murder: acceptable if
The person is alive...
I get the cosmic joke,
I deserved the attempted murder,
Like i deserved the wooing of a girl of 19
With a swan and loch lomond sunset -
And her scheming plans to "settle down" -
Like fuck she settled down, last time i visited her
She was already married,
And at a party, with the slashes arm down
The route of veins, talking to some other guy brag:
Oh, i fucked, great fuck...
Am i worried about being a suburban
Cenobite these days?
No... not really...
Only mostly, in that i am looking
At the greatest mistake that ever came my way
In life: a woman...
And i did have the antithesis of atheism
Happen to me, a psychosis -
Or what's called:
Having an awakening with regard to a soul...
A second breath, a thought with a body,
The feeling of a grand puppeteer and the inversion
Of unconsciousness, onto an otherwise
Formerly body of perfected obedience...
It still bothers me,
For all i know the kid has been born,
She's a russian national,
She's a madwoman,
If ever the kid would have me talk
About his mother and his surrogate father
He'd blink once, turn pale & subsequently die...
I "hear" this buzzing in me left ear
That i attribute to: why aren't you paying alimony?!
I'm supposed to pay alimony,
For what, for a lie?!
Oh right, man up, man this, man that,
I have enough bullshit that states:
There's no chance of pregnancy if you
Planned it... well thank fuck i didn't...
The "passing on of genes* argument,
That english existential blackmail argument
Is about done, which is what all english philosophy
Is these days: blackmailing...
Genes are there, the little fucker wasn't
Aborted, someone tried to kill me,
I'm still here, the argument's over...
There's a balance attained...
And yes, that sentiment by bukowski is spot on:
Some people never go mad,
What horrible lives they must lead...
And don't they? opinionated ass cracks unable
To summon piss-pant into the bedroom
Having courted a swan beside the shore
Of a scottish lake...
To later find that she cheats on her husband
And i'm not the husband...
Yes, i did suggest her having an abortion,
But she didn't exactly suggest:
Let me move to london with you...
She sure as fuck managed to follow a rich boy
From st. petersburg to edinburgh,
No! i'm done with this mea culpa crap!
I'm done with english existentialism being
Nothing more than bribery!
I'm tired! tired tired tired!
O. k. fair enough, i can settle on
A status quo, but i can't settle on a friend of mine
Acting out the judge, the jury & the executioner
Part, i apologised for the suggestion
Of abortion, i wanted to make amends,
To retract my original position,
But was i given a chance? no...
Did she keep up with her infidelities? yes...
Did i keep my status as a suburban cenobite?
Sorta... broke it with a prostitute after
Getting bored with my hand...
Oh, what great horror, when one of them
Exclaimed after a string of onomatopoeia
"nursery" rhymes of orgasm:
That's been the second time;
What the fuck does it take these days,
A slaughterhouse akin to auschwitz to compare
To the moderately good, but sincerely un-evil man?
Guess i'll have to showcase evil
In some perverse way to get the proper
Badge of "honour" around here...
For striving down the middle is about
As recognisable as fucking a pig, donning
A facemask of a goat singing:
Jingle bells, jingle testicles,
Banging all the way;
Might as well call it the moment sex became
You know why the pharaohs had eunuchs
To guard their harems?
You do know, right? no dildos back in those
Can't keep a harem without entertainment,
The eunuchs were the fuck-lords of the harems,
They were the modern prozzies!
The pharaoh fucked these women to ejaculate
And have heirs, but he needed eunuch to
"protect" the harems for entertainment purposes...
Fuck... the eunuch "guards" did more fucking
Than the pharaohs; thus said:
You can compliment the size of king solomon's
Admire it...
But back when viagra was not available,
You really can expect me to believe in solomon's
Phallic stamina... the size of the harem
I can imagine, the stamina of the kind? nope,
Esp. since there was no viagra to turn that
Limp donkey of a phallus into a galloping
Steed, revising 1000+ bored "housewives".

ancient,  egypt,  harem,  loch,  swan.

Author: MateuЕЎ Conrad
Date: 02/04/2020

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Pray For Egypt

You can't tear us apart.
We're made of solid steel.
We live in a country where
It's golden sands turned to
Pomegranate red from all
The blood that falls. But in
The end we'll rise up and
Stand tall because we will
Win this war. ISIS will burn
To dust and ash while our
Army men enter the gates
Of heaven holding up our
Egyptian flag with pride
And laughs*

egypt,  pray.

Author: Carolin
Date: 06/03/2020

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Joseph had a dream, "take the mother and the child and escape into Egypt"

Its the constant slaying of the innocents
Herod's fear one might rise a king.
Barrel bombed and chlorine gassed.
The Mother and baby escaped into Egypt
Refugees of The New Testament
Forever the living out of the template
Of love, and the evil visited on the children.

child,  dream,  egypt,  escape,  joseph,  mother.

Author: nivek
Date: 14/02/2020

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"don't complain of poverty - hear, Egypt?"


Don't complain of poverty -
Hear, Egypt?
Don't dare talk of poverty -
To me!

Have a change of attitude -
Hear, Egypt?
Change your disposition
Towards me!

And towards my sisters
In your cages -
Palaces, apartments, houses, huts;
And towards my sisters -
With a bit more freedom -
How you view them
Just a
Piece of fuck.

Mutilated wombs of this land's mothers;
Mutilated feelings of cowed daughters;
Mutilated, young and old,
For eons;
Caged, inflated, broken, violated, --


Don't you dare -
Hint of poverty -
To me.

(c)kRu, 09. 09. -17. 09. 2010

complain,  don,  egypt,  hear,  poverty,  t.

Author: Julia kRu
Date: 01/01/2020

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Egypt Burning

Knowing Alexandria would burn,
I would save her library.
I wouldn't warn of the incoming invasion,
For that could change too much.
But swiftly, before the war began
And the fire broke out,
I would take as many scrolls as I could,
And hide them, safe nearby.
All the knowledge, history, maps
How would our view of history change?

burning,  egypt.

Author: BrittneyBrannum
Date: 18/09/2019

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Of egypt

I meddled in egypt a third time,
And all i said was...
A. you ancestors will say the same thing
I said, but unlike me
Your ancestors will say it unto you, directly;
B. never meddle in the affairs of female
Genitalia of poetics of the burning bush / pubes;
C. you were given judaism, christianity,
Islam... instead you settled for mongol;
D. begin to believe
That riyadh is further east than expected,
As is the warsaw pact closer to the west
Than the right blink of the eye of john paul ii,
Signed the he of whom read the book above all other books,
Who wrote against the book poetry,
Who wept, who liberated the eye from the mind
And endeared it with a heart,
Of the slave kept captive in solemnity
For the once thought of encryption of the eunuchs,
Of those who read but dared not speak,
Who thus was made the claimant of the title:
The bridge over the waters of Bosporus... that kindled
The turkmen with the ottoman and the mamluk sheiks.
Indeed what pretty cauliflower for a daffodil in hymn...
But lessened beauty if one should come untamed and hooded
In footstep of being recognised -
Then the merchant's (muhammad's) price would be less
Than that of an antique dealer.


Author: MateuЕЎ Conrad
Date: 30/05/2019

№ 836968

Love in Egypt

It happened everywhere
But in Egypt.
Pain inflicted him all around
And built a temple made of huge mountain stones around his heart.
It was hard for him to stay alive.
The distant past accompanied him like a suit case.
He made sacrifices
And still got losses in return.
He was wealthy in beauty,
Tasteful and big in body.
Ladies would be mummified
Around his hot and delicious presence.
But then, they would want
Nothing more than to have him in their beds.
He enjoyed the attention as every male would
But, then at times he would think of it as a curse in disguise
Till he met this creature in Egypt.
She wasnt particularly attractive
But she represented something very rare;
Something very peaceful and flowery.
He mentally encased her in his body.
She was no commoner in intelligence and grace.
At last!
He can be complete.

egypt,  love.

Author: Okoye Chude Maryanne
Date: 04/05/2019