Poems about Eve


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Missing You On New Years Eve

Oh my God I miss you!
I guess it's a bit strange,
To miss some one you
Never really had in your life.
A phantom, a wisp of smoke,
From a fire burning miles away,
On which you have never
Warmed your hands or heart.
At least not in 50 long years.

But this is my dilemma,
My emotional burden to carry,
My moment to moment distraction,
The quandary of my boundless joy,
And the struggle of my internal frustration.

And yet I do, in every sense miss you.

eve,  missing,  years.

Author: Stephen E Yocum
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1207526

Adam and Eve (The Tree of Consequences)

God knew.
Go knew their weakness.
God knew, their curiosity would peak.
When he advised them to avoid the tree of good and evil.

We all been there.
When challenge to not do what others states not too?
Some of the best wisdom gets tossed to aside.

Just like Adam and Eve and the tree of consequences.
Wherever there's knowledge?
There's will be some seeking it.

For if they have avoided this.
We wouldn't be going through this mess.
But to be innocent, means to be gullible to anything.

We taught in life wrong from right.
God knew from the start these two wouldn't adhere to his advice.

adam,  consequences,  eve,  tree.

Author: jeffrey conyers
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1205852

Eve's Drenching Beams (Sestina)

At the outset of a variable weather day
Sunlight spangles danced in the skies above
Was such a brilliance of radiant beams
As mid afternoon drew closer a change did arrive
In the grey smudged clouds rolled
Replacing the bright morn's festival

Whereupon came a moistening festival
Raindrops fell for the rest of the day
Down the damp quenching rolled
The billows unloading from high above
Which farmers were gladdened to see arrive
Their worried brows begat more calming beams

Fields lush in verdant vibrant green beams
The wetting so joyous of a happy festival
Dutiful was the timely drink's arrive
A difference made within a single day
Welcome were the heavy showers gifted above
Pasture lands looking minted and gold rolled

The reverse clime's dices had been rolled
Water storages filled with streaming beams
Such a gracious endowment up above
Unto landholders giving a grand festival
Altering the complexion of the day
Providence surrendered on needed arrive

A goodly amount of thirst saving did arrive
On the dark masses prospect being rolled
There was an improved outlook to the day
Ever men of acreage seek hopeful beams
So they can enjoy a precipitation festival
Wishing upon the receipt in clouds above

In their thoughts what is happening above
When will the heaven's bestowments arrive
Always championing the dowsing's festival
Then for them soils ideally bank rolled
On conditions being sated so nicely of beams
Will the soaking occur on this day

Festival glee awaited in the atmosphere above
Day did dawn with a dazzling sun's arrive
Rolled by the promise of eve's drenching beams

beams,  drenching,  eve,  sestina.

Author: Elizabeth Squires
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1204794


Rainbow village episode 11

It was the day before Australia day eve, and Dean, Lyle. Yvonne. Simon and Georgina were sitting at Simon's and Yvonne's villa watching the womens singles on the television, and when the Auatralians won, it got Georgina talking about a special crush she had on Pat Cash, and how she tried to make that happen, the others weren't really interested in her story, but knowing Georgina, she told it anyway, well it started at her work at Fantasy Lane in Fyshwick in Canberra, and who would walk through the door, but Pat Cash, and Georgina, was trying not to think it, she tried to figure out why a hunk like Pat Cash would come into a sex boutique, and then it her Georgina square in the head, yes Pat Cash wanted sex, and even if Georgina's job was just answer phones and make bookings, this time, she wanted a hunk like Pat Cash all to herself, and told Pat Cash that the prostitutes that come here are a little ugly, and you need a real babe, so meet me after my shift and I guarantee I will show you a good time for free, Pat Cash said that he will prefer to pay for one of the ladies, but Georgina told him, a hunk like you shouldn't be paying for sex, you want the real thing, Patrick and as planned Georgina showed Pat Cash how to have a good time, there was dinner, dancing, and even a late night coffee at a all night coffee shop and then after that Pat Cash asked me back to his house, and, man I was honoured, not just to go to his house, but also have sex in a famous Aussie tennis players bed, this is the most exciting night in my life.
Lyle stopped the story and told Dean that who does be think will win the men's singles final and Dean said, who cares for now, I like Georgina's story, let's think about tennis later, and Georgina said, yes it was fun having intercourse with someone famous, and I tell you that if I do anything g as exciting like this again, wake me up, but I will also tell you Patrick was a great man to sex it up with, and we really rocked the bed, up and down, round and round, all over the place, and then Pat Cash suddenly got up and told me that I better leave now, mainly because his family will be home soon and they won't understand I am filling in a fantasy of yours, and as much as that hurt me, I still left, because I had bloody good sex anyway, and I went home to my family, with a big smile on my face, my family were unaware of why I was so happy, but they didn't suspect anything, so my saucy relationship with Pat Cash was safely under wraps for a while, and yes every night sleeping in the bed with my husband was disturbing because a man like Pat Cash broke the rules for me. The next time I went to Fantasy Lane, the girls had told my secret to the boss and I was sacked on the spot, and I robbed Mary, of everything she owned, and I nearly went to gaol, but I didn't, and despite of losing my job at Fantasy Lane, it didn't worry me, cause I had sex with Pat Cash, but there was one problem, and that was that was the last time I saw him socially, but I always watched him play tournaments, and I blew kisses to him, his wife wasn't happy, but who cares because, I love Pat Cash and yes, dudes, I hope that Australia wins the doubles final, because my son will be there and he is a bit horny over Casey, and yes, he night take a leaf from my book, cool go for it, son
The end

australia,  day,  eve,  rainbow,  village.

Author: johnny georgy brown
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1201231

All Hallow's Eve

A night so black

With clouds above

Wind was blowing

Rain drops falling

Monsters fairies

And super hero's

Running to and fro

House to house

Trick or treat

They would yell


In the shadow's


Here and there

The worst kind

Waiting to scare

A monster

Dark and mean

Hunting children

So beware

1 2 3 4

Now one less

Then before

In the bushes

She was dragged

Hands were bound

Mouth was gagged

Throat was cut


Monsters fairies

And super hero's

Running to and fro

House to house

Trick or treat

1 2 3

Now one less

Then before

eve,  hallow.

Author: JT-TJ
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1196653

Did Adam And Eve Have Belly Buttons?

Did Adam and Eve
Have belly buttons?
Oh, Did Adam and Eve
Have belly buttons?
Did Adam and Eve
Have belly buttons?
Well, I'd like to know, my Lord

Did Abraham cry,
When Issac walked the mountain?
Oh, did Abraham cry,
When Issac walked the mountain?
Did Abraham cry,
When Issac walked the mountain?
Well, I would have cried for sure

Do I have a soul,
That can be restored?
Oh, do I have a soul,
That can be restored?
Do I have a soul,
That can be restored?
Say that I do, my Lord

Well, say that I do, my Lord
Oh, say that I do, oh my Lord

adam,  belly,  buttons,  eve.

Author: Oldcote
Date: 25/03/2020

№ 1194015

Summer of Eve

Roll me up, like a one dollar bill,
Smoke me up baby; I'll give you the thrill.
Taste my lips candy, they'll make you alive,
Just close your eyes, and turn your fall to a dive.

Take a poke love; it'll revitalize your skin,
Don't forget, they love the Holocaust thin.
Forget the world Eve; they'll love you when you're dead,
Take my word darling, and stay here instead.

eve,  summer.

Author: Samantha Vaughn
Date: 23/03/2020

№ 1193916

Christmas Eve

A Glass of Baileys
Topped with Winter Icicles
Warms a chilly day

christmas,  eve.

Author: Haiku Donna
Date: 23/03/2020