Poems about Garnet

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Garnet Forgotten

The forgotten gem among the precious
Your love is too dark for a child
Also precious
Yet pure like a diamond
Diamonds are so common

Garnet, you are rich
Richer than most in quality
Perhaps a banker or lawyer would remember you
But no, sapphires are rich
Richer than dull gold, not rich enough I say

You reach new depths, Garry
Like an ocean trench filled with the remains of the unknown's lunch
Not as deep as the amethyst, apparently
That is spiritually charged and better for the soul
Your violence is a stain, but I say it is a warning

Garnish, you lack value
Topaz is the quality they seek
The eye of the sun, so bright
Too bright
The eye of Jupiter is too much, I say enough

Oh Garnet
Forget Ruby, your sister
Forget Emerald, your opposite
Forget Opal, all in one, the God of the gems
You are Alfred the Great, so great, yet forgotten

forgotten,  garnet.

Author: Rowena Chandler
Date: 01/10/2018

№ 359403


The rich crimson blood that pours from your veins,
Like garnet;
Sweet tints of ruby and rose.


Author: Г–zcan Mermaid
Date: 25/02/2018

№ 346619

The Garnet Star

Look up, behold the garnet star
High up in starry heavens far
Bright amber jewel that shines pristine
What ancient secrets have you seen
Over a distant desert void
Its crumbling castles, long destroyed
And ghostly armies passing by
Naught could escape your piercing eye
Bold crimson star, we're far apart
But your deep gaze enchants my heart
So radiate your mystery
That through the night, calls out to me
And please impart, I do appeal
Your mystic secrets to reveal.

garnet,  star.

Author: Night Flyer
Date: 13/02/2018

№ 236496


Erect of echoes, the virile resonance quaking lust -
Throbbing caverns shudder to climax inciting vestal musk
Entranced of nocturnal bedevilment - barefaced in galactic greens,
Spores ethereal yet concealed to the Queen

Sumptuous omphalos; her ecstatic womb engulfing the bloom,
Carnal reckonings devoid of Mosaic release as panting creatures swoon
Vigorous pollination morphing the nectarean sheath
Roused stamen shrivel in an animus induced retreat

Again we'll rise to salute our idol
In burning continuance:
Fertility extolled
With pleasure recompensed.


Author: Connor Smith
Date: 06/11/2017