Poems about Gemini


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In vivo continuum (ultra gemini dance of the siamese)

I'm not into an endeavour of helping people; my categorical imperative? it's derived from alexander dumas: as athos said - the best advice? is to not give advice at all.

Solipsism is a kinder word for autism,
Because autism is an observably
Adamant medical noun,
Call it a condition if you like,
Whereas solipsism is unobserved,
Perhaps even unobservable,
Since in humanistic terms,
Philosophy is a strand of medicine,
Esp. in times of mental / physical
Medicine understands autism,
Just as philosophy understands
Pop culture only has narcissism,
And what history was,
Once upon a time, a chronology,
Which is now, a dam,
A thick custard, honing in & of,
Events, that hardly confiscate
An allowance of time,
Time, the last remaining hoarder of
Artefacts, has been emptied,
The death of history happens
Within the vicinity of *a day...
It's precisely what has been written
That translates into all quirks
Of the un written stalemate of
"expected" history...
Beyond the in vivo / in vitro
Parody... there's a third,
And it's self-evident history,
Namely? history delves on dead matters,
As journalism over-emphasizes
Affairs of the living...
Ergo? in vivo / in vitro / es mort...
Why? the gravestone lives
On, no matter the birth of,
The death of, or an epitaph...
Es mort in vivo continuum...
Philosophy says: solipsism,
Medicine (one tier above biology) says:
I still think philosophy is
Medicine in humanistic terms,
As it is kinder in choice of words,
Imagine a doctor telling a parent
That: your child is a solipsist.
The parent: a what?
Doctor: ok ok, an autist,
A gifted retard,
Someone who can be observed,
But can't observe,
Someone without a "self"
Tier of consciousness.
I still prefer using certain philosophical
Terms, primarily because they're
And ought to be,
To concern myself even further,
I find philosophy as a typo of
The appreciative escalation of
In humanism philosophy
Is a sort of strand of medicine,
Which psychology / psychiatry isn't,
And never will be:
Nonetheless, written in english,
It always remains a pompous effort
To study, practice or regurgitate...
That's english for you,
A very unforgiving, but more
Importantly, a very pompous language,
The bellybutton language bound
To & orientated around greenwich.
But at least we can arrive
At a concentration of defunct thesaurus
I'm pretty sure that
Autism is not the third removed cousin
Of solipsism, even if the thesaurus
Is invoked...
The former is obviously harsh,
The latter? slightly mystique prone...
As the differentiation suggests:
There's consciousness,
Then there's the unit -
Then there are tier of consciousness
Where the unit becomes aware
Of itself, later morphed if not "lost"
Into automaton modality...
I. e. "lost", due to its effectiveness
And economic propensity;
"the unit": without any, curiosity,
Or side-tracking endeavour -
Which is all the more natural
Whether observed, or within a spectacle
Of scattered of examples: repeated.
Akin to religion, medicine has reached
An obelus crucible (a schism) -
Notably due to the dichotomy of
Physical medicine,
And metaphysical medicine -
I. e. mental health vs. physical health...
That somehow the latter doesn't translate
Into the former,
That the mental illness of depression,
Doesn't translate into the physical illness
Of lethargy...
I can't see how
There's a "clinical" depression,
Without seeing how there is:
Clinical lethargy;
Maybe i'm wrong in attempting
A dualistic fusion of clinical similitudes,
But sometimes certain confiscations
Of the perfect health, entwine in an
Ultra gemini dance of the siamese.

continuum,  dance,  gemini,  siamese,  ultra,  vivo.

Author: MateuЕЎ Conrad
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1202459


When two tormented souls fall in love
They destroy one another
Both wanting to help
But unable to fix the things
That they couldn't even fix in themselves


Author: Jade Ivy
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1181223

Gemini curse

Gemini' bore too easily
As marked by moon, and stars
Seeking thrills and ecstasy's
Getting near and yet, so far

Bounding down the road and path
Excited, no way to be held down
Juvenile thought and wisdom's math
It's either drink, or drown

Excess' a common malady
Emotions, logic, constantly conflict
It's rapt attention, or abject apathy
Something, no one can predict

Duality a common curse
Shinning, as it is dark
No better or no worse
A difference twixt walking, or running through the park

curse,  gemini.

Author: Temporal Fugue
Date: 11/03/2020

№ 1170237


Some days,
I sit in my recliner
Drowning in Cutty Sark,
(The irony of a ship on its label is not lost on me)
Mourning the suffering of my brothers and sisters.
I cry in frustration at my inability to help them.
Other days,
I become annoyed at the sight of a beggar.
"No I don't have any money. Leave me the hell alone. "

It's a cold world,
So I seek her warm embrace.
Tomorrow, I try my hardest to push her away.
Why must I be so fickle?

A part of me wishes to save the world,
But I'd like to see it burn as well.
I don't know who I am,
Or what I am

So I write,
In an attempt to find myself
In these words.
But Now I'm more lost than ever.
I took a wrong turn at the island that is
My sobriety.
I have to find my ship
To sail into Dawn...
Or dusk.


Author: Michael Angelo
Date: 01/03/2020

№ 1158790

She's A True Inked Gemini

I got lost in her tattoos.
Do you see me there,
Right next to the vicious tiger,
Just down from the crescent moon,
Around the corner from her butterfly.
And if you can't read her runes,
That's alright,
She's an inked Gemini,
Born in June,
Full of fire,
Not a liar.

gemini,  inked,  true.

Author: Jonny Angel
Date: 20/02/2020

№ 1152187


Composed of the opposition,
I am too afraid of the meanings
Within the reasoning and
Extremities of polar ends.

Steadfast vs. capricious
Sincere vs. contrived
Sadism vs. masochism
Expansive vs. nonexistent

(circle one)

Frankly, between my want to know every
Cloud-breaking peak and sunless crevice of my animal, me,
On this circular search for a emotional enlightenment,

I am exhausted, from the in-between.


Author: glass can
Date: 14/02/2020

№ 1148361


I've got the luck.
The luck to find you.
Be with you and become star struck.
You're this mystery of constellations.
Tropical Zodiac of which I attract.
May and June is when you were born.
But who you are inside, you seem so torn.
If I stick around long enough I get to see all the sides to you.
Too many to count. I've stuck around too long.
We always start off great.
Amazing chatter and interest.
Attraction like fire burning late.
The days are getting shorter.
My time more precious.
Its you I want to spend it with.
I just have one question.
Are you a Gemini? Don't answer I know this one.
We've been intense tonight.
You looked into my eyes.
And the world just felt right.
We kissed and passion you were over-run.
We just had sex and I was the best you'd ever done.
We just told each other we were in love. Feelings too intense to keep to our selves.
You suddenly went cold and disappeared. Like a beautiful dream irrecoverable in the morning.
As surreal as you came you left.
You've hurt me more times than I could take.
You've left me feeling like, with my life there's nothing more I can make.
You're a Gemini.


Author: Jack Thompson
Date: 11/02/2020

№ 1133128


You are nothing but a taste in my mouth
A reflection of myself
Mirrored versions of me, me, me
Mirrored split personality
Mysterious I, Gemini,
Keep talking to myself
Through the shining in your eyes,
Amber, it's no surprise
We are drawn to each other,
Child twin brother,
Floating through space
We are kids, chameleons
Fickle in our ways
We can't be blamed
It's our nature
To see I in You,
And You in I.


Author: Lindsey Durbin
Date: 28/01/2020