Poems about Georgia


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As He Left Georgia

The devil goes doorknocking:

"hello, sir! would you like to sign up fo-... "

I shut the door in his face. which, by some freak accident or other, is red red red.

I made a mistake.
The devil breaks in.
I sharply intake.
Then cornered by sin.

There's a flame in his eyes
And there's ice in his veins
There's no message to reap
But a soul to reclaim.

*"what the hell?! " i shout, i cry.
"you're quite right, though 'Devil' will do".

"oh my god! " i whisper, i sigh.
"he can't help, friend. i killed him too. "

georgia,  left.

Author: Jack P
Date: 18/03/2020

№ 1186231

Georgia nights

"The Last time i saw you in the condition
You are in... " "I felt the sigh from
The back of the room. "
Hard and lasting.
Georgia stood up and clapped his hands.
He laughed and then fell back into his easy chair.
Smiling as he drifted off into a dream.

georgia,  nights.

Author: SSeagraves
Date: 16/03/2020

№ 1157962

As I trade Georgia for Parwan

When I'm gone tie a yellow ribbon round your heart
Weave it tenderly as your fingers through my hair
Wrap it round round round tightly keep me close
Keep me in your skin keep me in your bones

georgia,  trade.

Author: Ashley Garza
Date: 19/02/2020

№ 1154452

A Big-Chain-No-Nonsense Supermarket In Georgia

It's so hot outside,
I feel oppressed by my own mother,
But it's cool in here,
So I have to shuffle,
The tile floors,
Without melting like a candle.

I am burning though,
Red-hot with questions,
Desires about America.

Everybody's rushing,
Did you notice that?

Suburban moms are rushing,
Cashiers are rushing,
The butcher is rushing,
Everybody's in a hurry but me.

Is there something wrong with me,

Do I need a pill from your glorious scientists?

Or a fixed-rate mortgage with $500 down?

Would that cure me of my woes,

If I started punching the clock of the Fortune 500,
Will you grant me enlightenment?

Maybe I should get in line,
And wear a tie.

I like ones with frogs.

I am so confused, America.

What is there to rush to?

big,  chain,  georgia,  nonsense,  supermarket.

Author: Nateive Son
Date: 16/02/2020

№ 1120483

Georgia strait

Aimless in wander brain chases feet
A path this never was before
Break all the borders slave of the street
Tonight you sail the boat ashore

Fortune is written ye who believe
May find it in a light dessert
Bakers of cookies aim to deceive
Tonight you stick your head in dirt

Vulgar in practice gutteral mind
To take the queen of clubs to bed
Or else just wander what can you find
In the recesses of road head

Cruise ship grounded the ticket lied
Never got to Georgia strait
In missed encounters potential trips
Some company with to vacate

Break all the borders slave of the street
Or sit alone and count the days
Aimless in wander brain chases feet
Silence kills in many ways

georgia,  strait.

Author: Tanner Angelo
Date: 16/01/2020

№ 1106760

The Georgia Lowland ...

In dark and dreary Georgia swampland, in the midnight hour with the light of the Moon as your only friend... Yellow and red eyes glow in the shadows, cottonmouths and gators slowly cross the waters...
Bullfrogs sing in the Cattails, Horned Owls screech across the timberlands... Bobcats scream, sound just like a woman late at night,
They'll catch you off guard every time, make your beard turn white from fright... Mosquitos are relentless, the humidity hell, blood sucking leeches, brown bats and rabid foxes... Wild hogs work the bogs left and right, don't ever get caught by a razorback without a good plan or corner a 'Coon' by accident, kick a Snapper thinking it's just a rock, or pick up a Rattlesnake looking for a walkin' stick... Rumors of black panthers and 'shine wild men ', Confederate soldier ghost and quicksand... Always lay a trail from where you started are you'll spend all night in haunted, Georgia swamp country...


Author: Randolph L Wilson
Date: 04/01/2020

№ 1088460

Georgia Yellow Rain....

Harlequin cover carried on warm zephyrs north
Through febrile piedmont leviathans...
Furious March sediments that choke. Debilitate...
Frustrate and discolor...

georgia,  rain,  yellow.

Author: Randolph L Wilson
Date: 18/12/2019

№ 1085573

June / georgia

If i was tinier, i could float away, heavier, i could stand my ground. but until then, i'll just have to stick with being in a limbo between stuck in a ditch and too far gone.

You. you should be nothing to me but the paint chipping off the wall, the broken blind hanging on just barely, the glow in the dark sticker just peeling off the ceiling. but you're not. you are 'i love you' written in the notebook of mine that i keep on the shelf. you're gone too soon in the trail of my mind, you're i love you, i miss you, and 'what the heck is wrong with me? ' what's wrong with me?

I grew up in the peach state
Back in a small town
Where nobody knew your name
Unless you were someone
And i wasn't anyone
Not anyone important anyway

Ooh, take me back to the summer babe
Ooh, 'cause everybody knew my name
When i was with you.
Take me back, take me back to june

I grew up in a small house,
Back in a small town,
Where georgia was on your mind
Unless you wanted to leave
Half of us wanted to leave
Leave old georgia behind

Ooh, take me back to the summer babe
Ooh, 'cause everybody knew my name
When i was with you.
Take me back, take me back to june

The floor has started to puddle with my teenage angst that's dripping down the wall and it sticks to my con-clad feet and later to my fingers, and i think this mess is what i got myself into, but i can always get myself out.

georgia,  june.

Author: blue mercury
Date: 16/12/2019