Poems about Germany


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A Jewish Cemetery In Germany

On a little hill amid fertile fields lies a small cemetery,
A Jewish cemetery behind a rusty gate, hidden by shrubs,
Abandoned and forgotten. Neither the sound of prayer
Nor the voice of lamentation is heard there
For the dead praise not the Lord.
Only the voices of our children ring out, seeking graves
And cheering
Each time they find one--like mushrooms in the forest, like
Wild strawberries.
Here's another grave! There's the name of my mother's
Mothers, and a name from the last century. And here's a name,
And there! And as I was about to brush the moss from the name--
Look! an open hand engraved on the tombstone, the grave
Of a kohen,
His fingers splayed in a spasm of holiness and blessing,
And here's a grave concealed by a thicket of berries
That has to be brushed aside like a shock of hair
From the face of a beautiful beloved woman.

cemetery,  germany,  jewish.

Author: Yehuda Amichai
Date: 25/03/2020

№ 1152111

Whatsapp from Germany

So you did remember me.
Having not heard from you in an eternity (10 days),
Wondering if you've forgotten me,
Drawing rather graphic mental images of some girl you're screwing,
It's good to hear from you.
The beer may be small,
But for a second I envied that cold glass of alcohol,
Which looked too comfortable in your tight grip.
Jesus, I'm jealous of a fucking glass of beer.
Come home soon,
Even though neither of us have one.


Author: Harsh
Date: 14/02/2020

№ 1141807

In Germany, the Tough Kids Eat Ice Cream Too

Grandmothers buy flowers while their husbands
Lick a cone
Chocolate-vanilla swirl.
Homeless rockers keep their front
Drinking beers around the statue
When all they really want
Is an ice cold
Strawberry treat.
Replace cafes with parlors
Perfecting soft serve service, pouring
Fountains of custard
To children of all ages and size.

cream,  eat,  germany,  ice,  kids,  tough.

Author: Molly Greenhood
Date: 05/02/2020

№ 1138705

Edda Gimnes Wins Germany's Designer for Tomorrow 2016 Competition

For some designers, fabric is the starting point of their collections. For others, it's their initial sketches. But for Edda Gimnes, it's neither. Or actually both.

The Norwegian born, London College of Fashion graduate begins by creating graphic drawings executed with her left hand though she is right-handed, and which possibly adds to their naГЇve charm. Blown up across canvas or reworked in fur, these drawings, inspired by an eclectic collection of found vintage photographs and objects, animate her living fashion cutouts. While this approach earned her more trouble than praise as a student, it has now paid off, earning her the 2016 Designer for Tomorrow title, sponsored by German specialty store chain Peek & Cloppenburg and its online shop Fashion ID, and this year under the patronship of Alber Elbaz.

Although Elbaz, who is recuperating from pneumonia, was not allowed by his doctors to fly to Berlin for the June 30 DFT show held during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, he was nonetheless most perceptibly present. Jury members all remarked how his hand — and his eye — could be felt in the cull of the first 15 finalists. Filmed the night before the show in Paris, his video welcome to the five finalists and the audience couldn't have been more personal.

Watching the live-stream of the show, and together with the eight member jury board choosing the winner, Elbaz said he saw a lot of potential in Gimnes. “She captured my imagination and I'm keen to find out how her talent will evolve, ” he said. The young creative will soon be meeting Elbaz in person, a trip to Paris to meet the designer the next step in the one-year sponsorship program.

Design competitions, like wine, have their good years and bad years, and this year's DFT crop was especially strong. The other finalists included David Kälble, whose cross-cultural South African-inspired collection mixed fur trims and cable tie fringes; Elisa Kley's ultra linear compositions; Marc Morris Mok's geometry in motion (and Sponge Bob footwear) ideas, and Ancuta Sarca's plasticized fashion wardrobe. Read more at: http: //www. marieaustralia. com/long-formal-dresses | www. marieaustralia. com/red-carpet-celebrity-dresses

competition,  designer,  germany,  tomorrow,  wins.

Author: judy smith
Date: 02/02/2020

№ 1132952

Krefeld Oppum a Scented North-Rhine Westaphalia (Germany)

The gated trains
Arouse panic and danger
Fast lanes, pale faces
Dried palates, high rates

The region is cold
Commuters heckle recklessly
Lost before the start
Shots of missing trains

The heart beats
Another hour wait
Out in the gloomy dark day
Clouds overcome the light

The silenced troops speak
The workmen trod on
St Oppum reveal the nature
Cheer them from the dead

germany,  north,  scented.

Author: SassyJ
Date: 28/01/2020

№ 1091074

Nomad in Germany.

There is no reason why
There is no light at night
And all we wait for is morning
That will come whit out warning
Nothing seams right
Everybody is looking back
The world is calling
Everybody is looking back
As the wind of change
Comes wisperring by
Life's here
Hang on
Don't ever go
I know
No place
In the sun
And all this
Will turn your mind
If your mind
Blows easy
So sunshine help me
Colour pictures
Hang on the wall
Of things that are in your dreams.

germany,  nomad.

Author: Paul Hardwick
Date: 21/12/2019

№ 904028

Hitler is History & Germany has no Nazi Germs

Long gone are the days of Hitler,
No more people say, "Alle Rufen Hitler".

Germany is now aseptic and really safe,
Na'zi germs are no longer there.

amp,  germany,  germs,  history.

Author: Au MEr Atul Kaushal
Date: 04/07/2019

№ 720382


I am sorry for you
Your tragic land it
Saddens me and it
Makes you ill the
Place you thought would
Save your life it's
Draining it I
Miss you so
Little I can
Do from here you
Spin out further
And I only
Nod my head
I am powerless
Don't fade away.


Author: Marley ONeill
Date: 19/01/2019