Poems about Glasgow


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Glasgow Smiles

The town is sleeping,
She seems at peace,
But the truth is
We bought the rest with grief.
Children waste the time away,
Not a fucking frown for miles
You see,
But their parents are wearing
Glasgow smiles.

It seemed to me
We'd fall in style,
But the masks are off
And I'm no child.
It's a simple trial
But beneath I found,
In this ocean of sorrows
We're safe and sound,
What lies beneath is still a dream,
All those faces aren't quite what they seem,
But you won't see
A damned frown for miles
These kids
Are still wearing
Their Glasgow smiles.

glasgow,  smiles.

Author: David W
Date: 01/02/2020

№ 1039224

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ablaze,  cutter,  glasgow,  laser,  motorcycle.

Author: anastasiad
Date: 04/11/2019

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Glasgow Cathedral

On this side of the bridge,
Between time and eternity,
A foothill to the Necropolis,
Rises the cathedral.
The remains of St. Kentigern
Maintain it, the founding Father.
The spire tops the cruciform
Pointing the way to Glorify.
Within, walls are embedded
With plagues, standards and swords,
Praising foreign campaigns
And distant expeditions
Of long lost brave hearts.
Pilgrims stand silently;
Tourists nod quietly,
Pointing at remarkable achievements
Of Empire, and the young,
Beatified on distant lands.
The fading banners protest:
For this I gave my all, my best.
The stones are cold,
The windows stained:
In the crypt, St. Mungo lies,
The foundation of all
That died.

cathedral,  glasgow.

Author: Francie Lynch
Date: 11/09/2019

№ 797328

Night Train From Euston To Glasgow

I caught the sleeper from Euston to Glasgow
Sped north at 12 midnight

A strange looking woman entered my carriage
And demanded I sing one of my love songs

I cannot sing, I said, for my heart was broken
And all my love songs fled

Fall in love with a stranger she smiled
And sat down next to me all the way to Glasgow.

glasgow,  night,  train.

Author: nivek
Date: 29/03/2019

№ 495314

If God Had Been From Glasgow

1: Ah'm the Boss Man. Me.

2: Dinna Fuckin swear.

3: Go tae Church. OR ELSE.

4: Mind yer lip wi the Auld Dear.

5: Nae murder!

6: Keep yer hauns tae yersel.

7: Whit isna yairs, isna yairs. Dinna forget.

8: Dinna fit nae bugger up fir whit they didna dae.

9: Keep yir ehs aff her nixt door...

10: ...an yir ehs aff thir gear, as well.

Mind now!

glasgow,  god.

Author: Mark C
Date: 28/06/2018

№ 428727

Glasgow School of Art

Can't believe what I'm seeing,
All the flames and smoke,
Sparks ignite expanding foam,
Skyline begins to choke,

Smoke is seen from miles around,
Drifts across the M8 motorway,
Drifting down Renfrew Street,
Students stand and pray,

Students were getting ready,
Their talent ready to show
The fire put a stop to that,
Some talent just won't show,

Built by Rennie Mackintosh,
In the Art Nouveau design,
A building of world renown,
Some think of it a shrine,

Building damage wasn't too bad,
Fire and Rescue saved most,
Student's art and Rennie's art,
Didn't end up like burnt toast.

art,  glasgow,  school.

Author: R Dickson
Date: 29/04/2018

№ 412896

The Glasgow Soprano

Nomine Christi Amen
Gushing, came a crescendo;
Tenor, Alto, Baritone and Mezzo,
Along-with an angelic Soprano.

In *Christ's Holy Name
She sang with those of Faith.
While snow-laden trees
Falsely sheltered a human wraith.

Unlike some on the street,
His lips were cold but not complaining.
Two frozen crutches, his legs; yet
Heart warm and with purpose, beating.

A cigarette in his mouth,
Skin like the smoke, deathly white.
Discomfort was an easy price
For watching his lover tonight.

As the final notes passed,
Of the Diminuendo, into the night;
The pews were left in a rush of haste,
By people eager for homely sights.

Slowly the Gabriel Choir also
Departed to its own ways.
The silent Soprano singing to herself
At the right of God, in wait.

Out by the door, he came,
And held her in full sight.
The neon-lit cheap Cross, humming
Songs of static to a drowsy night.

And not unlike the moths,
Fatally attracted to an electric glow,
He trudged along inside, to her;
Ache of cold bones lost in the snow.

Expanded pupils relaxed,
Dilated to a semblance of normalcy.
As his stoic eyes adjusted,
His lover, was all he could see.

A moonlit shaft of dust-motes
Played above her head.
Whilst she watched him approach, with
Neptune eyes of the Ocean-bed.

Fifteen steps of a distance,
And he came to the edge.
Existed nothing beyond this, save
Two entwined breaths.

A soft parting of her lips,
Almost soft as a whisper.
Much like the snow melting
At the passing of an unyielding winter.

Rosemary, Sage and Thyme,
Odor of her skin, him it assaulted.
Aroused his senses, memories
Of a Home long discarded.

You took your time,
Complained the Soprano gently.
Your Daddy's gift ran out of gas,
He rebutted amused, mildly.

They left the Church, as ordinary
As the Sun, to eyes unwary.
But a keen observer would compare this companionship
To His and Magdalene's Mary's.


The Glasgow George Square,
Above two heads, it looms.
Residential Avian families echoed their voices,
With soft caws, chirps and coos.

The Soprano sings a merry hymn,
An invitation to them, a debate.
Gladly did the residents accept, 'tis sufficient
To say the dialogue did not abate.

And whilst she sang her tune,
They replied in equal measure.
He looked into his empty cigarette holder,
Wistfulness is seldom a pleasure.

A kiss on the cheek and a hand,
Tender on her waist he kept;
I'll be sitting over there, Eve,
Come when you are content.

He watched her then; the Soprano,
Joyous yet somber as she sang.
Till the bell from the Church, in finality,
Ten times it rang.

The dialogue it then ended,
With the Avian families eager for more.
For not many deliver them, from
Their monologues in the cold.

She walked to him, steady
A child of gazelles and nimblest of men.
The aura of her pulsating radiance,
Begging to enfulge them.

Outstretched hands, even
On plain Earth devoid of danger,
To those in love may feel like
A lifeline to grasp and reach a place safer.

He took her in, his arms
All the Sanctuary she needed.
A sober expression, not always
Reflects that the soul in fact is elated.

They walked again, two souls in the streets
Of Cochrane, Ingram and Miller.
What trouble is distance to a man's feet,
When another pair walks together?

St. Enoch's came and passed too,
So did Dixon Street and its leaves, strewn.
Till the lovers came to rest, at The Clyde
Reflecting the newborn moon.

Night-time, self-proclaimed
Sailors still pedaled and rowed.
While The Clyde, with its waters black, licked
The bridge across the road.

Care for a swim milady?
He chided with a boyish smile.
Amusing the Soprano now and then,
Was indeed worthwhile.

Eve, he uttered, at a roll
Of her eyes. His muse, her name.
Quick pecks on the lips
Could put woodpeckers to shame.

Its cold she replied, Mona Lisa
Smile hiding amusement unknown.
He led her away away from the breeze,
It was time to go home.


A glorious smell of familiarity,
Came with the inevitability of Dawn.
Arms at ease around her waist,
Her head tucked under his jaw.

Oi, he asked her to wake up, attempts
In futility, not always are of lost cause.
A soft moan and to press closer
Was all he received for a response.

Oblivious, on purpose with
No heed to the workings of the world outside.
In ceaseless comfort of slumber,
Wrapped around each other they did hide.

Warm of skin, warm of heart,
A bed warmed by nightly hours.
The Soprano and he, content
In their lovely little Glasgow bower.

Moons waxed and waned,
Suns rose and fell.
Every breath escaping their lips,
Only promise it would foretell.

For a man needs not much, save
His Love, his God and his Peace.
The Soprano sang each morn, blessed by the Lord
His life, calm as the Clydian breeze.

The Song of Life went on for them,
Each day the same as last.
The Glasgow Soprano sang till his death,
But her Voice he took with him as he passed.

glasgow,  soprano.

Author: Arjun Tyagi
Date: 15/04/2018

№ 242093


The music stopped abruptly dancers left the floor
Became paintings on the wall in the closed down dance-hall
In Glasgow's Sauciehal street the old entertainment centre.
We drank plenty of beer before going there, and we were frisked
To see if we had not brought any alcohol into the premises.
To ask a young woman up to dance was painful
The answer was often no, to be refused hurt one's self- esteem
But luckily there was only one or two who said yes,
The ugly ones were the best to ask they were not so critical.
Later in the evening a few open chip shops and hopefully with
A new girl -friend one then followed to the last bus a kiss and
A cuddle a few promise murmured it was all too boring for word.
Glasgow had many splendid pubs I liked to sit drink and smoke
In one of them, the one nearest the docks. I remember at these
Pubs some elderly women drank gin & lime they were called
Donkey women and I never knew why.
The old dance halls have got a patina of romance where
Friendly ghosts soberly dance to the tune of a bygone time.


Author: jan oskar hansensapopt
Date: 11/11/2017