Poems about Greece



REWRITE A POEM (Isles of Greece).

Let's rewrite a poem for you,
No apologias to Byron 102,
Oh bowls of spew, Oh bowls of spew,
Stale weeties they wouldn't waste on you, '
Where once I cooked bacon and eggs,
For privileges don't even beg,
On your blackmail, I renege,
Oh bowls of spew, oh bowls of spew,
More than your family would waste on you,
No apologias to Byron 102...

greece,  isles,  poem,  rewrite.

Author: Julie Grenness
Date: 05/04/2020



It should have been like coming home
But it was more like running away
Plunging head-first into the ocean
And popping up on a different shore
This is where I come from
But this is really where I'm escaping to
Leaving behind this day-to-day that traps me
And emerging someplace mythical
Becoming something mythical
Shaking the water out of my hair
Only to find a mermaid's tail at the end of my legs
Voiceless as Ariel
But ready to smash unsuspecting ships against the rocks
Anything is possible if you say the wrong thing
But the right words will save you
So I'll be straining my ears to hear them
Because I still haven't quite given up hoping
Though we no longer speak the same language


Author: Kassiani
Date: 17/12/2019


Ελλάδα και την Ισπανία, περιπλέκονται και πάλι( Greece and spain, entwined again) greek tongue


Animater I'm anhungered
Anigh to thy brunette canvas
Thou art a calliope to mine loin's
A second pulse of mine calotype Atlantis.


In Corinth, wherein mine greecian ancestor's do cometh
A cambric carriage with thy grisette dress
Me to be the poetic gringo
Thou to be mine Spaniard address.


We'll gad like frat-house student's
Learning lessons, not by ruling stick's
Footing the hills, of forane real
We both shalt be an epilogue, romanticism's epilogist's.

Brandon nagley
Lonesome poet's poetry
Elsa-angelica dedication

entwined,  greece,  greek,  spain,  tongue.

Author: brandon nagley
Date: 15/11/2019


Greece In Trouble

How is the Greek government going to pay its bills without any money?

How are the insolvent Greek banks going to operate without any money?

How is the Greek economy going to function without any money?

greece,  trouble.

Author: Matt
Date: 06/10/2019


Greece and Rome

Sitting there-
Across the way-
I spy thee, a beast of care
Shining with the Light of day.

Your eyes-a beauty fair-
Enough to make me sway!
Your lips, watched with despair,
Urge my Heartache to fly away.

And here-where I stare-
On a beach I lay,
The ocean my nose does snare.
A longing; I wish to stay.

Standing, you give me a scare,
And walk forward to my dismay.
Anxious to become a pair,
I turn my face towards the cay.

You reach across with hand bare
To place a finger so I cannot say
How I miss your bronze arm's dare,
An obscured passion of the May.

The Sun begins to set-no light to spare-
As you lean in with amorous display
For this Summer affair.
A longing; I wish to stay.

greece,  rome.

Author: Cory Morrell
Date: 29/08/2019


One Sunday Afternoon in Greece

Plato: "Hi Soc! Thought I'd find you here. "
Socrates: "Hi, Plat. Nice day for a visit to the zoo. "
Plato: "What's new, anything? "
Socrates: "I do not think about what I do not know. "
Plato: "Whatever. "

afternoon,  greece,  sunday.

Author: Richard Riddle
Date: 11/08/2019


A Little Visit to Greece


Over the restless stones of the Parthenon
The hurrying footsteps of Athena
Pursued by Poseidon down
The narrow dirty streets
Past our still-arguing parents
Past our still harrowing childhoods
We remember going away from here
Quickly carried on the salt breeze
The swelling falling away of seasons
Wanting what was never enough
Forgetting what was never enough
Green we said just give us that
And maybe the blue would be enough
But when they took our mother away
We cowered and when our father
Was drowned we stood silent
The green watched and what we
Thought was the blue became
A whole millenium a conflagration
Finally the boat turned into the harbor
And we went up among the dark trees
We have come back to listen
To what the stones are listening to
We are listening to that

2. Sounion

So we sailed past Sounion
Our sails holding and letting go
Of the little gusts of light fading
And washing over us
We could feel our weary thoughts
Slipping from us now our hearts
Holding the darkness close like a mirror
An emptiness we wanted to love
And then Mycenae's hill's scant shade of
One tree the hot breath of Perseus
The stillness of shining stones
From wherever the enemy comes
He must scale this height
Taste the blood of Agamemnon
On the thyme-rinsed breeze
To what god do we sing now if not
The hidden one known to these hills
In these bodies how many
Broken columns will have to be
Raised again and in that place
Where only thresholds remain
Dividing the green grass inside
From the green grass outside
How much labor to become no one
To step right past ourselves and speak
At last out of the merciful
Into the pure silence

3. Patmos

The petals of the flowers on her dress
As she stands in the bow of the ferry
Rounding the last trace of Samos
Make me remember Pythagoras
Said music heals their turning
And rippling in the wind now
More intense then quieting
And I can either watch those
Petals or these waves and feel
What the night has made of me
A mood like that one house there
On the hillside of the far shore
Only an eternity of lapis between us
Or I can hold the mountains up ahead
The boat's slippery progress toward them
The sea sloshing as we cut through it
Feel how these islands were formed
From all these pictures all these sounds
So it hardly matters right now
If we ever get to Patmos
If we ever climb the steep hill to the cave
Where the terrible words were spoken
Or see the view John saw or dream
Of spending a winter in that
Abandoned windmill there
Because right here and now
Watching the petals on her dress
It hardly matters much at all

greece,  visit.

Author: Peter Rennick
Date: 15/07/2019



A honored knight
Reporting for duty
But caught in the
Nets of insecurity
For I am a wordless wreak
As my eyes varnish
Already polished floors
And I walk with
An imaginary limp
As I nervously wait

All turned out swell
In the ritz glitz
Disco drive
One way ticket to freedom
And check out the
Check out lady
She is pretty hot
And what a beautiful spot
That check out lady
She is red hot
Must catch her smile
Collect and file

Spirits gliding
ON smiles colliding
Gifted and gifted
High sea's are so enticing
So inviting
Water starts knocking
And knocking
Leave your chores
Come out doors

Who are the biters
Those little blitters
Guess I am lunch
Or even brunch
Minds start dropping
Hearts rising
With spirits kissing
So many friends
As no one pretends
Milky ice cream
Topped with full moon
Gentle whispering waves
Wishful for our future
So altogether delightful
The time I spent in Greece


Author: Adam Childs
Date: 27/11/2018