Poems about Haiti


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Haiti Haiku

Stressed to breaking point
Mother Earth strains and crumbles
Swallowing her own

© Marcus Lane 2010

haiku,  haiti.

Author: Marcus Lane
Date: 05/09/2019

№ 923784


In a foreign country
Where people learn
To make homes out of shacks
As i think to myself
*at least they know enough
Not to make homes
Out of human beings


Author: frosted
Date: 22/07/2019

№ 883487

137: Shed A Tear For Haiti

It was the day the Earth shook
And opened up like a hungry beast
Swallowing those who became victims
And buried them with a fury

They lost those they treasured
A father, a mother, a brother, a sister
A daughter, a son, gone forever
Wondering why this happens now

The dead now litter the streets
So many souls are there in torment
And the living are waiting for help
Needing their fellow man at this time

Still more bodies are found in the rubble
Shed a tear for Haiti, the very young and the old
Criminals died with the police that watched them
Thank God that in Heaven they will find peace

Copyright Chris Smith 2010

haiti,  tear.

Author: Chris Smith Dark Poet Soul
Date: 15/06/2019

№ 805800


There are no words
Only tears
Cry my beloved country
Though you are not mine

You clutch my heart
The same way your children
Cling to my hands
As if I were a last hope

God do not let me be a last hope
But the first in a line of hopes
That carry them as gently
As their mothers
Would have.


Author: Elaenor Aisling
Date: 06/04/2019

№ 735926

Letter from little Haiti

Sound the horn of the Maroon,
My people have lost their voices,
Bring Jesus back to walk on water,
The bricks crushed my people's legs.

Get a cup of water from River Babylon,
The dirt is biting my people's faces,
Let Mohammed ascend to Heaven once more,
It's dark, my people need His blessings.

Tell Ceres to come plant a seed,
My people are starving, no food to eat,
Tell *Tlaloc to please shake the skies,
Rain drops, my people are thirsty.
Go tell this to the world, send them our cries-
The Earth has turned on their sister, little Haiti.

Ceres-goddess of agriculture
*Tlaloc- Aztec rain god

haiti,  letter.

Author: Ugo
Date: 02/02/2019

№ 554285

Haiti Question

What is the point
In settling down in Haiti,
When hurricanes
Year in year out,
Make life in there so shitey?

haiti,  question.

Author: Peter Balkus
Date: 21/08/2018

№ 166579


Disasters enfold, plates shift,
Our mother has waken,
Maybe a sign of the times,
Or maybe I'm mistaken?
A 7. 0 scale mark,
Can somebody call a medic?
Violence descends from 200 years,
And I can't find a doorway in hear
She stays breathing,
Moving, hungry,
We all live on top of her gears
If we grind them hard enough
She'll represent our ducts real tears


Author: mEb
Date: 03/09/2017

№ 143274

Haiti Pain

You are such a beautiful country,
Tears, fears and a future for Haiti,
They try to destroy us by our country struggle, we're not able to fight because the violence and the hungry,
We stand alone weeping for help,
Every time we try to build they knock us down, what more can we do,
I fear that tomorrow Haiti will be gone and, many worse days to come thousands are dying and millions don't have a home, but we are still salvation!
Try to hold on what can I say Haiti is a bless country, you only live for today,
My beautiful country is in pain we can't cover the tear anymore, we won the independence from France, but we lost the poverty and other serious problems.
Haiti, politics, education, security, justice, elections, agriculture, reconstruction, culture, social, economy and tourism how can we leave this country stand alone, my heart is bursting and devastation but were thankful and bless, were not never given up, We have a chance to win the struggles and survived the pain.
We suffer enough now it's time for a change!

haiti,  pain.

Author: Denise
Date: 13/08/2017