Poems about Henry


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I'm Henry the eighth I am I am

I'm fifty feet old
Two tons tall
Fit as a cranberry
Ripe as a waterfall
Size July cheeks
Marbles for feet
Gallons of tulips
Dance when I eat
Candlelight tart
And promises art
Crush the whispering hesitant part
Of a borrowed porcelein heart
And yes it was something you said
So out of my bed
Mind your head

eighth,  henry.

Author: martin
Date: 09/03/2020

№ 1166100

Miller, Henry to Lawrence, D.H, to Bruce, Lenny

(Adult Content )

"There was a smell of cunt in the air "
So said Henry Miller.

Women in Love
In the old wood shed
He loved her cunt
So he said.
Lawrence lingered in rooms
With old echoes.

Eroticism (hormones)
Takes the body
Myth takes
The mind.

Porno brain
Where everything is
Sexual parts
T & A
Tits and Ass
Sell that soap
Cars love Shell Gasoline
Lenny Bruce
Went down for that.

People have life force
Some call it souls
Lives on their way
Better get an AI robot
Have it your way.


What is this
Sexual stuff

Get close
Because I love you?

Cocaine dreams
All night long?

Male or female
Doesn't matter
Either can be
Either one.

The bed has been made
Looks like someone
Must have had a

Take the body
Myth takes the mind
When you come (cum)
You're done.

Wait a half hour
Start all over again
You know
When you're young.

bruce,  henry,  lawrence,  miller.

Author: Sjr1000
Date: 27/02/2020

№ 1163527

My name is Henry

The place I used to visit,
On bad days,
With yoghurt and spoon,
Is vacant.

The leaves are raked,
Into a neat pile,
By the bench,

And except for the newspaper,
Blowing about in the wind,
There is no-one here.

The river beyond,
Is a murky brown,
Same as it's always been,


Over the concrete wall,
On the sandy bank,
Is a briefcase.

Is it yours?

My name is Henry,
And I've been disappearing for years.

I can't seem to find my way home.


Author: ipoet
Date: 24/02/2020

№ 1150299

Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII

How fair and lovely
This woman must be
Adorned in the sea
Of an ivory truth.
She lends her hand
To the most powerful man
She will ever know.

She denies him, however,
With attention at her feet,
His eyes are set
Regardless of where
Hers linger.
He longs to know,
What is encased inside such a
Fair, young and beautiful mind.
So, he stares
He stares,
In search of affirmation of her
In need of the possibility
Of her potential
To be everything he has
Such a promising, vibrant,
Youthful maiden
Aware of her power,
Aware of her persuasion,
Aware of his weakness,
Looks away.
Aware of her plans and her
She looks away.
Yet his eyes stay upon her,
Set like the fires of hell that
Await her.
A man so noble
With a kingdom so mighty
Lives with the unknowing
Frightening possibility of
He is the poorest man
In the world.

anne,  henry,  viii.

Author: Hillary Magee
Date: 12/02/2020

№ 1145358

Black Henry

Light the blues shine though
On the withered voice of you
While walking so elegantly into
The dingy reeking bar where two
Guys, and one gal speak the truth.

black,  henry.

Author: Justin Wampler
Date: 08/02/2020

№ 1136893

Katharine of Aragon to her husband, King Henry VIII

My most dear lord, king and husband,
The hour of my death now drawing on, the tender love I owe you forceth me, my case being such, to commend myself to you, and to put you in remembrance with a few words of the health and safeguard of your soul which you ought to prefer before all worldly matters, and before the care and pampering of your body, for the which you have cast me into many calamities and yourself into many troubles. For my part, I pardon you everything, and I wish to devoutly pray God that He will pardon you also. For the rest, I commend unto you our daughter Mary, beseeching you to be a good father unto her, as I have heretofore desired. I entreat you also, on behalf of my maids, to give them marriage portions, which is not much, they being but three. For all my other servants I solicit the wages due them, and a year more, lest they be unprovided for. Lastly, I make this vow, that mine eyes desire you above all things.
Katharine the Quene.
7 January 1536

henry,  husband,  king,  viii.

Author: Polar
Date: 31/01/2020

№ 1092057

Henry VIII

Sex within marriage is pleasurable,
Even, if he had six wives,
So why was Henry VIII displeased?


It's the little things we pondered the most
When hitting the ceiling
But we tried it in silence
Allowing the good times to simmer

henry,  viii.

Author: Dark n Beautiful
Date: 22/12/2019

№ 1091670

To A Scientist Dying Young - an ode to Henry Moseley

August 10th, you seemed so distant
Not quite as distant as the barrel of one gun
The gun that fired the shot that would stun
The scientific world, from Rutherford to Niels Bohr
To find out esteemed fellow scientist Moseley was no more

But before that, in 1913
X-ray spectra was naught more than a dream
Before diffraction through crystals became the truth
The wavelengths needed a meaning, and there was proof
You developed a mathematical system without flaw
One so great, it was named "Moseley's law"

Mendeleev had the right idea, but not a plan
Could not arrange the elements the way that you now can
Without you, my sir, we would not have had this premium
To enjoy the elements technetium, hafnium, promethium, and rhenium
These gaps that like stars littered the periodic table
Were filled with ease, and the cosmos became stable

You had set the foundation for crystallography of x-rays
A method of determining arrangement that is still used in modern days
The first machines in use were those for which you had the design
But their widespread use you could not see as there simply was no time
For during a battle, as you made the phone set run
A bullet took your grace away, a scientist dying young

dying,  henry,  ode,  scientist,  young.

Author: Zack Murray
Date: 21/12/2019