Poems about libra


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And if I wasn't so tolerant
And blinded by what I thought was love,
Then maybe We would've been able to last
But I'm not one to be tied down with lies.


Author: L
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1190225

Mars in libra

Too much of anything can disturb your inner balance,
Acidifying your stomach lining and destroying you from the inside out-
Control what you put in your mind and contain it
So that your heart will not have an overload or an overflow-
Every single cause of death is the end of homeostasis.

libra,  mars.

Author: M
Date: 20/03/2020

№ 1176331

Channeling Libra

I am captivated by the pattern of a tiled staircase where fountain pens scribe forbidden texts upon spiral bannisters which lead to debased psychological states.
Do we have permission on this stage of trajectory, to fire statements into unfathomable corridors, which surpass today into the realms of tomorrow?
Dark figures writhe in the thick fog of eclectic soances.
I have engaged in nightly astral flights down the streets of blatant innocence.
Are you standing on the inside?
Bring me back from what is deemed to be modernity and bypass my voltage where uncertain predictability is a predictable uncertainty.

channeling,  libra.

Author: David Barr
Date: 07/03/2020

№ 1124800

The Libra and The Leo

Destined to dominate,
Taming a fierce lion.
Velvet whip at the ready,
The cracks make her purr.

She is so used to being in control,
My time to take the reigns.
Give her pain and suffering,
To make the scale equal again.

She might want to win,
But she loves when I bring her to her knees.
Manipulating the monster,
That I thought controlled me.

Your sentence is simple,
Eye for an eye.
You killed me inside out,
Now it's your time to die.

Glad you did your research,
Now it's time for the test.
Will you fight me off,
Or can you truly not resist?

I have the power in this cage,
Lock me in,
So I can't engage.

leo,  libra.

Author: Wuji
Date: 20/01/2020

№ 1006819


Aesthetically tuned with the goddess
My curtains blow beauty in the small corners
The vines climb the tallest towers and I swing on chandeliers dancing, swishing, jumping high!
I reach and touch the lantern sky!

But underneath the glove lies an iron fist
With this my glittering charms turn to dusk
The attentive mind ruptures with jewels of intellect,
Standing in the light holding the glass container of justice!

My eyes come alive - I will stand against the balcony lifting the scales
The flower field of lavender petals stand next to my thoughts
The horse in the wind I seem to some, but until the end I will never stop to stand up
Watch my kingdom come


Author: Leila Valencia
Date: 05/10/2019

№ 981376

Libra scales

Maybe we were never meant to be.

Maybe you did once love me.

It's that 50% chance

Of uncertainity

That fail my relationships


libra,  scales.

Author: ZinaLisha
Date: 12/09/2019

№ 958688

Libra moon

I spend more nights
Dreaming of us being
Joined together in
Holy matrimony more
Than i spend sleeping
In white noise

libra,  moon.

Author: b
Date: 23/08/2019

№ 940662


As is time
A waste of those embibed
Hear of me a different cord
A melody contrived

Where are they
Those pure of ilk
Those purulent, repent.

Dully dammed


Author: Leay
Date: 06/08/2019