Poems about victoria


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I know you didn't want to be here...
But leaving me was a* **mistake.


Author: Leo Cunio
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1207957


I could play it over a thousand times
And still, nothing would become of it
Because you are you
And I am me
Nothing more than late night flirting to tie us.

So why, when I think of the sweet words
And the promises of the time we'll spend
Arms and legs tangled
My head resting on your shoulder
Do I become faint-hearted?

A message that was not meant for me
Had been delivered anyway
And now I hear nothing but guilty silence
Coming from where I once heard
Booming cries of "I want you. "


Author: Emma Azura
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1200648

Victoria Park, LEI // 23.6.15

It wasn't your fault
How could you have predicted that things would end up this way?
It was your fault
You knew it would end this way
You were the person I respected, I could
Count on and rely on but the
Memories are all that's left now you're gone

I didn't know your pain

I only knew the pain you caused her and
I only knew the rain that hit the
Windows like the crack of your hand
And the spitting of the flames as you
Burnt up every picture of your past life
It's a shame you can't burn memories
As there's so many I'd erase

It makes me wonder how you forgot the
Very day I broke down at the dinner table and
Ran away and confessed it all
That the devil wasn't locked deep
Down in hell but instead was right here
With us
And we fed it
And I fed it
And it fed on me
And it left me no remains of the
Innocence and joy I used to encumber
It makes me wonder how you can trust
Yourself to rebuild these walls in a
Semblance of your past life and
Did I really matter at all in the end
Did I really live this life
Or is this just pretend

lei,  park,  victoria.

Author: marie-laure
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1187198


The two cops
Corner you
To a park bench
Where you sit
Puffed out
After the run
(as much as you
Could run
In that heavy skirt).

One cop
Takes your wrist
As if you'd resist
After all that.

The other cop
Looks at you

Big beefy men
Whom once
Would not
Have looked
At you twice
What with your
Dark straight hair
Oval face
Pale and thin.

One holding
Your wrist
Says something
About arrest
The other takes out
His handcuffs
And puts them
On your narrow wrists
And heaves you up
On your feet.

Others gather
Women mostly
Calling names
Offering support.

You walk
As dignified
As you can
Walking past
The crowd gathered
Men jeering
Women cheering.

Not to forget
(a voice calls)
You're a suffragette.

victoria,  victory.

Author: Terry Collett
Date: 17/03/2020

№ 1179135

I'm sorry Victoria Rose

I broke your heart
And I am sorry.
I hope this apology
Doesn't fall short.

I know some days
Are extremely hard
Our hug fell apart
Before it even formed.

I am sorry, its my fault
You've given my days magic
And I returned in tragic,
And I can't fix things.

When you sing, your voice-
Is soul moving and beautiful,
Completely acoustical,
And I miss hearing it.

Don't blame yourself,
You are still beautiful
And that is indisputable
So please stop blaming yourself.

rose,  victoria.

Author: Star Gazer
Date: 10/03/2020

№ 1172745

Victoria Street

Progress is wasted here
The high street draped in uniform glass fronts
Why shouldn't we play our bugle
To rebuke this shard?
Yet in a corner there's still a market street
Refusing the final nail,
There's a shoe, bakery, cycle and jewellery shop,
In our hearts we will
Wear pride to headline the clarion call
And shed anger at being accused of,
Carrying congress with the past
At our coffee stall.

street,  victoria.

Author: antony glaser
Date: 04/03/2020

№ 1165507


I though I'd miss
The recollection of memory—
But now I find
That it slips through my fingers
Like sand sitting under the
Setting sun.
For years, you will stay
Buried under these grains.


Author: September
Date: 26/02/2020

№ 1163775

To victoria rose

To you, who have made me the better man I am today
To you, the girl who made my heart move and sway
To you, the rose with petals of pure beauty and sweetness
To you, The angel that has met my heart with kindness
To you who truly cares about me
I am grateful I had the chance to get to know you
To allow you to be a huge part of my life
To the point that you are now pivotal.
I have not gone a day without thinking of what I would do
Without you by my side.

I love you sweety

rose,  victoria.

Author: Star Gazer
Date: 25/02/2020