Poems about addicted


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Maybe we're addicted to the madness

I don't know if you understand
I'm constantly turning it over in my hands
It's less jagged now
It's a comfortable pain to hold
Smooth in my hands
Smooth from all of the
I am
Looking for something
The reason
You haven't forgotten me
And why
I can't let you

addicted,  madness.

Author: blue
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208286


I wish someone had
Told me to stay away
From poetry
I wish I had
Known it's an addiction
That won't let me rest
I wish someone had
Showed me another way
To get burdens off my chest
Besides dumping the shards
Sealed in bags of vocabulary,
I wish I hadn't fallen
Too deep in love
To find solace in words
For this sums up how much
My addiction rewards


Author: Ignatius Hosiana
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1205758


I am here alive flustering
In the aroma of abusive fathers
Abused mothers
Of one night stands with someone's name
You can't recall
With a cigarette between my teeth
I remind myself
Its to kick a bad habit
You are a bad habit
I've felt my skin cells relapse
Underneath your touch
I've felt them sob in sobriety
Often found with a glass in
My grasp i continue to
Drink my liver
Lucid of any transparency
Because there are no
Stutters in your stride
And no stammers in your sentences
For christs sake
I hear your laughter echoing in the hallways
My ears are bleeding
And my cup has gone dry darling
I can't seem to stand
Because your goodbye knocked out my knee caps
And this sobriety will kill me if I come back.


Author: Torak
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1203358

Addicted to you

Baby I'm telling you
It's an addiction
I just can't stop
Your lips are like sugar
And your heart is like rain
And somehow I manage
To fight through the pain
Your words hold a secret
The key to my heart
But all you want to do
Is get lost in your art
I'm going through withdrawal
My heart is staring to stall
I'm slowing down to a crawl
And darling,
You're the only one with the strength to start me up again


Author: Megan May
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1201931

Addicted to 2 am and your spit

We wished that 2 am
Could last forever.
Where we can walk
Barefoot to get coffee,
And you spoke to me
In the only language
You thought I understood.

Your words spilled
Out of your mouth
In the form of
Metaphors saying
That you could be my

We were lost in a different
Universe where I didn't know
Where I was
But I knew where your
Lips were.
But then again we were also
High on acid, and
Various other
Illegal substances.

But the substance hidden
In your saliva got me
Higher than any strain
Of marijuana could.

When he tells me that
You lie about everything
And live to get fucked
Up, I tell him I know.
You live to fuck with my
Head and you whisper lies
As many times as you whisper
You want me.

He asks why I enjoy
Your company.
I can't let him know
That it's because some
Part of my brain
Thinks that the dimension
Of us happening ever again
Will slip back open
And we can slide back into
Each other.

You are a lie more intricate
Than the northern lights.
But there are flaws and
Ridges so deep
In you, I could
Call you the
Grand canyon.
Because you told me once
That you had lung
I said that the
Tumors had
Expanded and popped.
And it explains
Why they suddenly
And a new disorder
In your spine.
You blew out smoke
Much longer than
You blew intoxicating
Promises into my ear.
Said you had MPD
And I was the opposite
Of your medicine.
Said every word you
Spoke took
A pebble out of
Of the hole inside you.

I told you that I lived
In fantasies in my head
And you said I dropped
An atomic bomb inside you.
That I was the bane of your
Existence and when you got hung
Up on what addictions do to you,
I whispered that they destroy everything.
You stopped in the street and
Stared at me.

Then it was the kind
Of coffee I got.
I got vanilla cupcake
And you teased me on how
I want what's normal.
How I am liquid and I
Fit to whatever container
I am put in.
But baby you see, when you
Asked for an explanation
You didn't want the one I had.
I went to tell you that
My mind isn't stable
And I'm never in one place,
So when I kiss you,
It's hidden in a garden
In my mind and I'm not sure
It really happened.

Yesterday you apologized.
Said I don't really love
Him and you don't love your
I kissed you with my thumb
In the way,
And I swore if I could
Of just moved it
The world would shift upside
Down and I would
Be tripping with you
At 2 am again.

When we sat on my porch,
As the sun came up,
You said you wish it could of
Lasted forever.
But the thing with forever
Is I can't do commitment.

Maybe it's best that 2 am
Is just another dimension
Where people walk around bare
Blowing clouds of lust
Into each others mouths
Poetry falling off my fingers
Like a hang nail,
Hurts just a bit
To get that deep in my words
That they don't even flow right.

Maybe it's best that we only
Exist where we float in our
Personality disorders.
We are more than one person,
Souls caught in our head
Fighting to take control,
Seeing a weakness and lunging,
And you are my weakness.
Explains why when I'm with
You I forget that he exists,
While when I'm in my head
He is my everything.
You said I've never been addicted
To you, and if I gave you the
Chance my life would change.
But darling I had one
Taste and I'm hooked.

From the first night that
We got so high
Hair was pulled and mouths
Were stuffed
I was... I was stuck.
And I have been stuck on you
Ever since.
We exist in a universe
That only the dark allows.
No eyes to pry.

2 am is where
We aren't in a relationship.
2 am is where I
Can kiss you
And you pull me away
Saying that won't
Stop your question of
Why I do it?
What do I feel?

What I feel is 2 am
Tugging at my knees
Pulling me down,
Begging it not to become 6 am.
Because I'm addicted to you.
I am addicted to the night
Where the streets are empty
And we can lay on gravel
And stare at the lights.
I told you before.

Addictions destroy you.

addicted,  spit.

Author: Astrid Ember
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1195227


All my life,
I have been good.
Ive always stayed out of trouble,
Always done my homework,
Never cheated,
Never lied,
And always stayed away from drugs.

But what if you are the drug that I cannot resist?
What if I crave you too much
And I just can't stop?
What if its too late now
And theres no turning back?

I know its too late.
You're in my bloodstream.
You have those eyes--
Those eyes that make the wisest souls foolish
And the strongest ones weak.

I'm addicted now
I cannot quit you.
I am utterly addicted to your soul
And there is no rehab for that.


Author: Kelli
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1189569

I am addicted

I am addicted,
I am uneven, more than changed,
In my thoughts-
The mirror terrorizes me
With eyes wide
I am petrified, burned while in a frozen stance, as was the bridge, out of this skeleton, am anatomical prison -
Our bond - immortalized.
I am pottery to the flames within each glance,
Eyes petrified the petrified eyes, your eyes body
In the mirror.
I am ceramic,
In the flames - drying, I am dying to live life and finally see the light,
I am a stone rolled in
A colander, An oven...
A poor excuse, for cold-medicine,
That my mother had the brains to use.

~A grave, A womb,
A coffin, A placenta,
From a small prison to make my own tomb.
Disaggregated and covered in magenta-
The lasting effects
Of an unseen bruise.
Pressured the pedal, looking into the rear view, and fell into the roar of the accelerator.

~I looked into the eyes of a stranger,
To see that the eyes were my own.

By: Ashton C. Amstutz


Author: Ashton Conor Amstutz
Date: 19/03/2020

№ 1184585


I can't eat, I can't sleep and I for sure cannot leave
You stole my heart like a miserable thief
It's like my life and my fate is predicted
You and your dark hair got me addicted


Author: Julie Smith
Date: 14/03/2020