Poems about ago



I swear, it was sunny a moment ago

Thunder rolls in, booming out of nowhere
Disturbing the otherwise clear blue July sky
Just as suddenly as those clouds rolled in
Overhead the heavens broke
Sending rain plummeting to Earth with fruition
An aero plane flies overhead, loud engine roar trying to compete with the ominous thunder clashes
Wind dancing with the trees
Nothing pauses for the rain
The city doesn't come to a halt
Only me, sitting alone on my front stoop
Inhaling the scent of nature
Feeling the cold against my skin, ruffling up my hair
I was born for days like this
I live to become part of the storm

ago,  moment,  sunny,  swear.

Author: Ameliorate
Date: 31/03/2020


A Year Ago

A Year Ago - I swore I wouldn't love you.
A Year Ago - I swore I wouldn't fall for you.

Today's tuesday; a year ago t'was monday morning
You swaggered through wearing ice, ice blue
What is life without desire?
What is life if I couldn't be with you?

Today's sunday; a year ago t'was saturday night
You kissed me like it was Valentines, instead of Halloween
What is life without desire?
What is life if I couldn't be your dream?

A Year Ago - I was in a red and black dress
A Year Ago - I was in a chaotic mess

Caught between two lovers
Enjoyed the roller-coaster ride nevertheless
But pride always comes before a fall
The two had then torn my heart to pieces of flesh

I thought I'd never get out of this intricate maze
Kept getting lost in paths of maddening insanity
But like a tenderhearted prince a new boy came
And swept me to the clouds of serenity

What is life without desire?
What is life if I cannot dream of you?
What is life without love?
What is life without the love we truly deserve?

ago,  year.

Author: Sacred Secret
Date: 27/03/2020


It Was A Long Time Ago

It was a long time ago when ‘Daddy' became ‘Dad';
Because in moments of fear,
Its not ‘don't worry' that I hear,
But the faded echo of a voice saying ‘It's not that I don't love you'.

We built ourselves on the idea that we were better than what we seem;
But in a world where life doesn't have the mean anything,
I longed to be someone else.

I was only seven when I decided that there was no such place called heaven;
Because if god was such a big guy he'd show his face instead of hide;
He'd build mountains and rise tides;

But like everyone else he lied to me;
Because sitting in a class room doesn't apply to me,
And no one ever needed to rely on me;
Because I was nothing.

In one tiny moment,
Everything can change;
But when you're shot in firing range,
You start to re-think everything you'd thought.

It wasn't your heart that I bought,
But your heart that I rented;
Because in moments of lust I really thought we meant it.

When you long to be loved,
Your heart can be torn;
Because the pure silence between us had started a war.
We fought with our touch,
With hands against skin;
But I knew from the start,
That I'd never win.

I would bend,
And I would break,
Just to let me be the hand that you take;
Because when years turn to days,
And if I had my way,
I would write you a poem,
With the one simple word:


ago,  long,  time.

Author: Meg Goodfellow
Date: 27/03/2020


A Year Ago Today;

A year ago today,
We were laughing when we kissed.
Now it's like we're strangers,
& I don't exsist.

I see you in everything.
You're everywhere I go.
Reminding me that some things,
Are better if you just don't know.

And now I'm scared.
Because I wish it was a year ago...
You just turned the other cheek,
When Cupid shot his bow.

(c. r. )

ago,  today,  year.

Author: Carlie Richardson
Date: 27/03/2020


Once ago a time perfect...

Once ago a time perfect and not only mine but
Ours! A love designing sublime rebellion shined!
Days when our kisses held the potential for
Avalanches do you recall a faint trembling sign?

ago,  perfect,  time.

Author: Matthew Goff
Date: 24/03/2020


A Little over 6 months ago:

Sitting in the dark, chewing on my cheeks. My ankle bracelets don't come off and they're still wet from the tub
She used to braid my curls before bed

Driving on the interstate with my back windows rolled down. The front ones wont budge
She would hold my phone with the maps up, “get off on the next exit”

Id come home to fiery curls every night; i still do. Except they're mine and they smell like pot instead of coconut shampoo

ago,  months.

Author: liza
Date: 24/03/2020


Something you uncovered days ago

Youll see me half dead lying in a ditch by your mothers house. shes smiling, but your tears, quarters, dimes are worthless here. egypt. land of your gods' daydreams; twelfth sister of the night. shimmered and weeped. under your eyes are millions of disguises you have yet to unveil. we wore seashells and flowers. decorated ourselves in jewels. nightclad. venus slept under the afternoon. black and siamese twins have yet to uncover a sizeable difference between me and you. took scissors to carve a name into yourself. "JESUS" and "KING. " got drunk before i rolled my eyes back into my head. forever uncovering diamonds in your snow. foggy and blue. giggled and worshipped pictures of ourselves. we are the sky's undead children

ago,  days,  uncovered.

Author: chess mess
Date: 22/03/2020


Almost a score of years ago

Almost a score of years ago
Two matches struck
Lighting one candle.
Here the flame grows
In color and height
Swaying with the wind.

In the spring of yesteryear
This flame stood tall,
And danced majestically.
Eleven moons later,
It exists within an inch
Of its life, with much wax
To remain.

ago,  score,  years.

Author: Gary W Weasel Jr
Date: 19/03/2020