Poems about ahead



Go ahead!

~Go ahead and scream, babe!
Silence is indicative of death.

(C) 6/6/2017


Author: SøułSurvivør
Date: 04/04/2020


Probably Ahead of Himself

He lives poet lonely,
Her eyes are the guidance.
He's bothered familiar, as
She's making the tide dance.

He's glad for the distance,
For her lines, he does lean.
Though introverse common,
Many states lie between.

He found her by chance;
By a binding in art.
Of converses deeply,
He hopes this is the start.


Author: Keith Ren
Date: 02/04/2020


Look Back In Shame; Look Ahead In Fear

In 1967
I watched Detroit
Burn on TV
And saw my own
Country invaded
By its own tanks.

Even at sixteen
I knew I was
Watching the
Of the end
Of something
That had been
Magical and rotten
For too many years.

Sometimes even
Young kids
Can see
The future.

And now it is here.

The fire next time
Is come upon us.

And we burn before
We will change.


ahead,  fear,  shame.

Author: Mike Essig
Date: 31/03/2020


Ahead Of The Rest

The man who scored a hat-trick
Is having a baby. OK, he's not,
His girlfriend is. A baby.
They're all having babies.
A twenty inch squirm
Swaddled by a blanket,
Eyes like marbles. All having them.
It seems so. Either that
Or they're getting married.
The biggest day of big days, apparently.
Soon there will be invites. Maybe.
Showing off the calligraphy.
I can picture it,
A suit creased once, a glass of fizz
As a stranger takes photos
To be tucked inside albums
I'll never take a look at.
Those I've known know others now.
They are settling into a life
That writes itself, like a book
Never moved from its place
On the shelf. There will be
A triangle of kids kissing
Before you ever did,
Hands fumbling as if the other person
Is a button, noses bumping.
There will be a house
With a dishwasher and pictures
On the walls from the honeymoon
In Greece you didn't know about
- perhaps don't care.
Soon you and they will be thirty
And forty and fifty
And their squirm will grow
Before you've even blinked
Or had time to toast the bread.
Some already have.
The hat-trick man is smiling.
I should proffer congratulations,
Type out ‘bundle of joy'
At the pencil-esque ultrasound,
The shapes that will become human.
We're the same age, miles apart.
They're all at it, it seems.
The girlfriends that is. Having babies.

ahead,  rest.

Author: Reece AJ Chambers
Date: 29/03/2020


It Is Time To Forge Ahead

It is time to forge ahead
Be the person who strives
Never settle for second best
Always be willing to thrive
Situations will come about
But you have to be smart
Always be aware
Right from the very start

ahead,  forge,  time.

Author: Ronell Warren Alman
Date: 22/03/2020


So you think you can just go ahead and read this do you?

Well go on then
The ink
The light
It shulsates
Into you

Shimmering shwaggeringly shatters your inner shimmer
As I swerve shilently to shimmeringly shofticle

Mystical marvels and cocker spaniel marbles
Hard wooded flooring and chained dreams adjourning

ahead,  read.

Author: Conner Dixon
Date: 21/03/2020


To a Female I'm Fond of Knock Me Out, Go Ahead

Your lithe figure,
Nice and boney,
Makes you bad to the bone.
You have those high legs that stride,
Not pigeon-toed,
Not that that makes that much difference,
You're so tastefully dressed,
And you have one of the most beautiful faces
I've ever seen.
Hell yes, I'd like to do the town with you,
Have you make me fudge
And popcorn
Every other night for a while,
And have us check out
This new and improved TV,
(that is, except for the same old
Boring sitcoms,
Except for Big Bang Theory, a little bit)

ahead,  female,  fond,  knock.

Author: Charles Sturies
Date: 12/03/2020


Road Ahead.

It's a hard road,
There's rocks and pebbles,
Sometimes we'll get our knees scratch,
Or even worse;
Sometimes we'll fall flat on our faces,
There's hills,
They feel like mountains,
There's rain,
There's storms,
But I love you more,
And I know our worth,
It's not easy,
But you're worth it.

ahead,  road.

Author: R A Sanders
Date: 11/03/2020