Poems about alcohol


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Alcohol that time
In Lourdes, sneaking
Into a bar, while
Others walked around
Chanting their Aves.

Sitting with a beer
Listening to the locals
Chat in French. Nurses
From the local nursing
Homes, laughing. Es-tu
Seul Monsieur? One said.

I made gestures with open
Hands, as if to say I don't
Know what you are saying.

She smiled, and a Frenchman
Near by said Es-tu Anglais?

Yes I am I'm with the Lourdes
Group I said. Ah these women,
He said, they are thinking
You are one of their escapees.

I smiled. He laughed gently.
The women looked and laughed.

I supped my beer, looking
Over as members of my group
Went by. Another beer would
Be nice, a glass of scotch, then
Back to the coach, back to the
Hostel. But time was running
Out for alcohol. So I finished
My beer said goodbye to those
Nurses and the old guy who spoke.

The nurses smiled. I think they
Had a small titter at a lewd joke.


Author: Terry Collett
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1206639


This anguish is so unreal. I forgot it was there.
I never needed anything as badly as I need to stop this.
I'm so scared of myself now.
I need to relax but my thoughts keep reeling back
To the end of the night.
Screaming at you? I wasn't even angry.

I'm sorry I scared you, too.


Author: Ryan Bowdish
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1204867


I am good at two things
Setting your mind on fire
Until your thighs covet a warrior


Author: Lehel Lorant Kiss
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1191219

Alcohol and emotions (right now im sorry)

Going out is always so fun
Especially with friends
Close friends or strangers
Good vibes and good drinks

We'll get drunk
Get drunk and watch the stars
And we'll lie in the middle of the
Street as you think
The person you're with is your
Best friend for the moment
And life is good
Life is good for the moment

Until take 1... 2... 3 more shots
And you swear you are fine
Because you're still laughing and
Nothing seems to be getting in
The way
Except you take the 4 shot and
You see him...
The one that got away
The ex- lover that is happy
With someone else
And you start to feel empty
And your smile turns a bit
Crooked and your face is emotionless
And your surroundings turn into
Oceans of tears
You're not quite sure why
You are crying it why
You even feel this

You just know he doesn't love
You and you are not his
And he isn't drowning in
Tears for you
He's fine, he's happy
Perfectly okay

Without you.

alcohol,  emotions.

Author: Brittney Anne
Date: 20/03/2020

№ 1190163

Summer of Alcohol

He said that he doesn't like the way she is,
That she needs to relax a little bit.
"How do you do that? "
She asked.
"One drink at a time, "
He answered.

And as the alcohol coursed through her veins,
She began to fall in love with the sound of his name.
And in the heat of the hot summer nights,
They were always together,
It just felt right.
But soon summer was over,
The fun was all done.
Before she knew it,
He was gone.

She waited and waited,
For some sort of sign,
That it wasn't over,
But it was the end.
The summer love had died.

People told her to forget him,
That he wasn't coming back.
He was nothing but trouble,
She didn't need that.
"How? "
She asked.
And they replied with "One drink at a time. "

And as the alcohol she sipped burned her throat,
She slowly began to learn how to let go.
You don't get over someone by crying tears,
You get over them by downing shots and sipping beers.

alcohol,  summer.

Author: SweetChaos
Date: 20/03/2020

№ 1187832

"More Alcohol," Mommy Crooned

He crouched in the corner,
Huddling up against his brother;
Who made him feel safe
From his mother.

Glass shattered, and the boy ran out,
To the other room where
His mother was found.

The blood and glass shards
Were everywhere;
He reached for a towel
To bear.

His hands clutched it against
Mommy's wound;
"More alcohol, "
Mommy crooned.

He relented finally,
Giving her the bottle;
By ruby blood,
The floor tiles were mottled.

Lights flashed outside the cabin,
As the ambulance arrived;
The little boy would never
Forget that night.

alcohol,  crooned,  mommy.

Author: Cody Henatt
Date: 17/03/2020

№ 1186141

Angel of alcohol

A work of art

The way you float behind
The counter
And you ask me
If I'm "okay"


But if I were to answer

Far from it

I am sickened by
Your beauty


Out of reach

How you talk to
Everyone else
Out of profession
Out of priority

But it's okay

I have little money
That I'm usually smart with

But I will

If it keeps you coming back

Every cent
Everything I own

For you
To make me


alcohol,  angel.

Author: EJ Aghassi
Date: 16/03/2020

№ 1177701

Drowning in alcohol

Her smile is fucking beautiful.
I don't even know what to do with it.
I'm sure you don't either,
You are probably looking at her like she is the
Best thing that has ever happened to you,
In a way that you have NEVER looked at me.
She probably is, the best thing.
At this moment in time, I can't be happy for that.
I have so many emotions, sitting at the bottom of an empty bottle,
And her fucking smile is all that I can seem to see.
Not even you,
Not even any ounce of you,
Just her.
And I'm sure your life with her will be beautiful,
I'm sure of it.

alcohol,  drowning.

Author: Kelly Landis
Date: 08/03/2020