Poems about algebra


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Algebra Homework

Resistance of the wind gives
Rise to sentience inside,
Realization that self is on the
Fence of rejection and love.
Feel the hurt eyes looking out to the world,
Always with love
And always behind bars.
Relive the old age that
You will experience near the end;
There is nothing to fear,
But fear is real.

algebra,  homework.

Author: Sean Fitzpatrick
Date: 17/03/2020

№ 1118792


Oh my it is great...
To have this headache...
After trying
To understand
What numbers are real and fake

I don't see
How this will help me
Through my course of
Will I ever be
Trying to see
What the angle of a chair is again?
Or will I ever need to use
How to find a hypotenuse?

I've thought and thought
For a very long time
And came up with a list
Of jobs that would ever
Need algebra

Math teacher
Crazy Math obsessor
Scientist (on occasion)
Someone who builds triangles
Kite maker
Someone who makes graphs

Too bad that isn't any of the jobs I ever want...

Oh how my head burns
And I'm sorry if you like it
I don't mean to offend
But Algebra just aint my jam
I'd rather be painting
Or writing
Or singing
I'd rather be strumming(my guitar)
Be sleeping
Or eating
I'd rather
Go play soccer
Or basketball
Or ski
Really I'd just rather be free
Free of the confusion
I feel after class
Of the helplessness
That I have
Towards math

Oh how am I going to survive???

PS. I still have to live through geometry (I suck at shapes)
Pre calculous (I don't even know what that is) and calculous (Ugh wtf? )

I hope you enjoyed my "radical" poem!


Author: Alexa Sz
Date: 15/01/2020

№ 1034967

Failing algebra... again

Wanna twist and shout
Fist and clout
The silent wrestle
A lapse of consciousness
Bereft of science
And hard as metal

Black and blue
Dirty girl, dirty pronoun game
Strewing the fate in a storm
Of words strung like wire

What do you want?
Don't call me like a woman
And don't call me one either
You don't got any other way
To communicate

It's blame it on anything you don't got
Close the chapter and the verse
With a love curse
An empty ball and chain
Because it's all you and no me

algebra,  failing.

Author: laura
Date: 31/10/2019

№ 1019544

Altogether algebra

It could be or not what you don't want you got and what you need is the need to get more, but the shop shuts at noon which is far, far too soon so you make do and mend, I'm not defending the right for the greed though I might if the money was tight and I needed the rent and that's the bent thinking which sets me off drinking, work at four, drink some more, a cycle I try hard to break, but the wheels keep on going as I keep on throwing the beer down the back of my throat.

Shall I get my coat?
Shall I?
Or wait because my mouth's dry, do I do it or not, is it want what I got and do I need another monkey to feed?

algebra,  altogether.

Author: John Edward Smallshaw
Date: 17/10/2019

№ 998778

I Need To Be Doing Algebra, But You Keep Hovering

It's been a month since your fragile voice made contact with my alert ears and it almost burns as I admit I miss the way you spoke.
I could never meet your eyes-do I even remember the color of them?
And every glance at you feels like you're drawing blood from my veins when you're not even making contact with me.
Change, change, CHANGE.
It all seems so relevant, or maybe irrelevant and I just want you to be happy but not hearing your voice talking to me feels like a million needle points and I shouldn't let you get to me.
It's been a month.
Have you fucked around more after me before the word "change" hit your tongue?
Or was I just another nothing of a female body to fuel your addiction that actually made you realize that change is all you got?
Seventeen years doesn't get you far, now does it.
But karma, that's going to get you.
You're nothing, 'cause you told us we were something (what a lie! ) and it's going to loop back around.
But I miss your fragile voice making contact with my alert ears.

algebra,  hovering,  keep.

Author: AJ
Date: 28/09/2019

№ 972634

[ The Homeland Of Your Algebra ]

In your vision you are the only thing with bloodshot eyes.
You always wear a robe
That speaks seven languages... and a bank of fog is at your feet
Nipping at your naked heel.
In your vision you remember how your arms feel in sunshine.
It is intense.

Your can-opener is hissing an etude
That alludes to wise men...
Who bathe in miracles
And roam the world,
Untarnished in Poverty.
Your can-opener whispers in hush tones
About barbarians at the gate. And they say
' they've come for the Linen! '

You are not deceived.

In your vision you are the only thing that can backward engineer
A Universe.

On your way back to the homeland of your algebra
You hesitate. “ you may have left your keys in your Other Robe... ”
The Robe that hallucinates constantly~ Carrying on about
' The dire consequences of leaving terrycloth alone with the keys '
And, afflicted with Prophesy Tourettes
The piteous tide of doom ' sayeth the robe '
You must suffer.

In your vision, you are the only one
Looking for the keys.

algebra,  homeland.

Author: Third Eye Candy
Date: 04/09/2019

№ 966513

Algebra Class

I'm supposed to be working
In Algebra class
Not writing poetry
Sitting on my "butt"

Why should I care
My grades are all A's
I will not care
If they stay that way

Escaping reality
I'm creating these poems
For no "rhyme" or reason
But too pass the time...

algebra,  class.

Author: Renee Danes
Date: 30/08/2019

№ 899824

Algebra 2

The aftermath of poorly applied algebra is a scramble of numbers, letters, lonely coefficients, and an unemployed ninjas. These characters are much like those of a barbershop quartet, where members can either harmonize or simply fall flat. All of this depends on the song they sing and the order it is sung; algebra sings a song of SVSCOS (Same Variables Same Coefficients Opposite Sides) What else can come of bad math? Nothing less than a burning hatred for radicals, imaginary numbers, the saying 'PEMDAS', or maybe the fact that if you're 21 you must stay out the bars. This being said, Algebra 2 is very much like a dream; once you wake up, most of it is forgotten, but also in that it can be strived toward and reached.


Author: Unity Drain
Date: 30/06/2019