Poems about aluminum


№ 1177157

Cement and Aluminum

The softest parts of you
Bend in the air
Of eyes and feather like bones
The closed (open) mouth syndrome
That penetrates the disconnected sounds of worlds
Thrown at each other in the dark
A kind hew of melancholy that surrounds you
As I am numb everywhere
That you have touched and the long withering hand
That reaches out to me no longer shows the details of
Lost nights that glistened against your face
And your twisted alphabet is now left
To burn on the embers of faded ghost memories

aluminum,  cement.

Author: Moe
Date: 08/03/2020

№ 1169094

Brash aluminum, and peppermint

Peppermint creme-filled fingers
Dabble nothing;
Sleep through alarms and dislocated anger sockets
Every morning.
And there are flyers littering my floor
Speaking truths I never wanted
And never knew
Through band names shock factoring
Their ardent prisons.
Attention is a world currency,
Just like sex,
Just like symmetry,
And the plates shift
While my plates sit
In the aluminum sink
In my kitchen.

aluminum,  brash,  peppermint.

Author: Nemo
Date: 29/02/2020

№ 973058

"Hurt Everything With Aluminum Bats."

Did the effort ever hurt you?
Your fight for me;
It's like a second winter.
You only kill me with soft things.
You only kill me when you laugh and smile.
I hope all the flowers
That find your hands
May die. I hope to be
Where the angels are.
God is dead,
And take me with you.
Like second winter.
Like being dead already.
Like the beginning of the end.
You only kill me
With soft things.

aluminum,  bats,  hurt.

Author: Austin Heath
Date: 05/09/2019

№ 918261

Aluminum Resistance

Never put a wanderer by a window

Wilting at the winds that push

Against windows and she dies to be among the buildings

Sky beyond buildings beyond clouds beyond this window

Beyond where she is

ВЂњPlease let me leave! ” she says, “these windows wear on my self! ”

On she cries for metal built squared see-through barriers to be

Broken, open, tilted open.

Open up, air inside

Suffocated being.

On the other side

Of the blue, white, skies, beyond

Pure Air

Beyond complacent seated struggle to learn another lesson

Beyond reflections of natural light which crawl into her lap and

Warm her thighs, she thinks, closer to the window and she'll rest her eyes

To draw her windows to the aluminum resistance

And she shutters to imagine breathing on the other side

aluminum,  resistance.

Author: Kris Hernandez
Date: 17/07/2019

№ 881934


Cold cylinder cradled back and forth,
Bubbles occasionally rise for release.
Sipping silently questioning my feet
And how they feel on hard concrete.
What I found was what I thought
I knew... I knew nothing of the sort.
Then and now I'd move my mouth;
Motions all at once violent and hollow.


Author: Allan E Bartlett
Date: 14/06/2019

№ 749112

Burning aluminum pillows

I swallowed the
Bathroom mirror whole
Threw an entire bag
Of lemon drops
Into the highway and
Danced on someone else's grave
In a failed attempt at

It's hard
To shatter the
Saccharine sweet
Taste of personal hate
Sticking to my hands
Like half melted wax.

I've almost
Given myself permission
To fail
But not yet.

Hasn't it been
Stovetop memories
A couple haircuts
And one hell of a year?

Scratch the back of my
In a halfhearted attempt
To forget
And i'll take up burning
Aluminum pillows
Like i took up
Loving myself.

aluminum,  burning,  pillows.

Author: b e mccomb
Date: 14/02/2019

№ 452439

My Aluminum Can Friend

If you'd care to help
I'm saving up cans
With the brilliant idea
To build an aluminum can friend

One that shines bright
That never will rust
In whom I share secrets
One I can trust

He'll have Coca-Cola arms
And Dr. Pepper legs
Non-caffine Sprite
I'll use for his head

Don't want my aluminum can friend
To have jitters all day
Restless at night
Staying up late

I'll give him Pepsi hands
That are willing to please
So when I do chores
He can help me

For my friend on the go
I'll give Mountain Dew feet
A couple Red Bull
If I decide to do wings

And an idea that is good
Would be a Fanta heart
For a colorful beat
With all the flavors there are

So if you'd like to help
I'm saving up cans
With the brilliant idea
To build an aluminum can friend

aluminum,  friend.

Author: Mike Hauser
Date: 20/05/2018

№ 299622

Aluminum Foil

You wander helplessly from afar,
Tragically beautiful
In mystery
As you walk blindly searching--

I'm fascinated--
Your intimate brown eyes
Search everywhere,
And I wonder if I should
Break the mysticism
And approach you--

"do you have aluminum foil? " you blurt out,
Having given up your great venture
And I realize that it was intrigue alone
That drew me to you--

aluminum,  foil.

Author: neko-nae
Date: 02/01/2018