Poems about apologies


№ 1204132


You say you're sorry
Sorry for taking advantage of my kindness once again.
Sorry for ruining our chances at being close like we were.
Sorry for pushing us farther and farther apart.
When will you realize sorry doesn't heal everything.
It's not the tape you easily put on a rip in a paper,
Its not the needle and thread you used to patch up your torn shirt,
Its not the band aid you put on your open wound.
Because soon enough,
The tape dries
The thread loosens
And the band aid falls off
But don't worry, you can always say sorry.
By now sorry has probably set up a tent on your tongue, it seems to be the only thing coming out of your mouth.
When will you realize sorry doesn't heal everything.
It isn't supposed to last a couple of weeks.
The more you say it, the less meaning it has.
I wont be around to wait for you to figure any of this out.


Author: Natalie
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1203588

Wildflower apologies

You planted me a garden of wildflowers,
All my favorites and
Every kind i didn't even know i loved.
You picked every flower for me,
Handed them over in a bouquet tied with red ribbon,
Your love coloring each petal.
Your smile was so wide, hope
So big
And i lit the bouquet on fire.
I watched as your face changed, as
The negativity took over and your words tinged blue.
I probably cried a lot less than you,
I still cared. that was six months ago and
Now you've saved up enough to
Plant me a new garden, with some old favorites but
New ones as well. and you thought,
You really thought that
When you gave me that red ribbon bouquet i would take it. you thought i would maybe stop hurting you.
At some points, to be honest,
So did i.
Save your garden for someone more deserving,
Someone better than the mess i am.
I'm sorry i couldn't accept your flowers.

apologies,  wildflower.

Author: alexa
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1201853

I send my apologies

I send my apologies,
I feel so damn terrible
I haven't replied;
I can't find your memo -
My desk is all “higglety-piggeldy”
(in jumbled confusion)
And this note is all lies.

apologies,  send.

Author: Norman dePlume
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1200428


My repeated words
And i am sorrys
May bother you

But know that
Every apology
Comes with a
Silent i love you

So i am
Sorry for
The demons
I hid

I am sorry
For the
I let rot

I am sorry
For not telling
You i love you
When you needed it

And I am sorry
For not holding
Your hand
When you were
In the dark

I am sorry
For watching
The stars glow
Instead of
Watching you
Dim your lights

But mostly,
I am sorry
For making
You believe
That my
Love had
It's dues


Author: vail joven
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1198798


I'm sorry my temper flared,
Behind my eyes.
You weren't meant to know.

You are not the cause, my lady.
However, your actions speak louder
Than I could ever hope to express.
They are saying most inflammatory things.

Yes, anger may have me for now.
But soon it will leave
And you were never supposed to know.


Author: Christine
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1198046

Please accept my apologies

I'm sorry i forgot to not trust you
It's my fault

accept,  apologies.

Author: Pea
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1194399

Broken Apologies

There is no need to be sorry anymore
No need to make me laugh
You were never there for me when I needed you but yet I have to take all the blame
When really I've done more for you there you can ever comprehend
And no matter how much I hate you, I'll still love you to the end
I can't stifle this any longer
And I need you to understand
That not every direction in life you will get a helping hand
You gotta use your little hands to rebuild what you have broken
And maybe then the dormant love you have for me can finally be awoken
See your broken "Apologies"
Mean nothing
And it shouldn't matter anymore
When you tell me to hold you up
But won't let me threw your door
Honestly could I not try to give you anymore?
You say that I'm too vauge
That I could never understand
But honestly I'm way too outmanned
Not like It's anything that you can withstand
Your confusing and your lost
You were never there for me
And all the fake smiles, and times I suck it up is all you'll ever see.

apologies,  broken.

Author: Broken puzzle pieces
Date: 23/03/2020

№ 1192404


I never used to dream
When sleeping next to you
But the gasp escaping my lips
And your hand on my arm
Shakes me out of a fantasy
Where we are perfectly aligned

The sweat on my chest
Becomes evident
As rhythmic sounds echo from your tongue
That I cannot understand
Until they rattle behind my teeth
Making a sleepy song of desire

We could not have been closer
Unless we molded together
Into a mess of aggressively ignored love
And animalistic monotony
That I'll ice with fear,
Aftertaste like regret


Author: elizabeth
Date: 22/03/2020