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Knight in Shining Armor

A mournful air beyond the fog,
Death can meet among the poisonous rubes,
Beyond the trees and past the deformed log.

The Knight in Shining Armor comes to save the day.
Bearing healing potions from afar in pewter tubes,
But he is much too late; the Fool has already faded away.

His tears are many, for the loss of a brother,
They are heavy and murky against the dreamscape.
Now for his revenge, he seeks a strange other.

On his new, and strangely enlightened quest,
He feels transparent ghouls kissing his nape
Little does he know it is the sign of a Witches test.

Maneuvering among the empty placed grave,
He keeps his hopes on a looming tower.
He approaches his becoming of an honest knave.

He must be quick and tighten his saddle,
Because a pursuing evil is a deadly power,
And this Knight in Armor must be ready for battle.

The danger of our Knight is not known to man.
To survive, the he must unlearn his past.
This evil he faces is formulating a plan.

The towers close in as he passes their gates.
A spicy chill, creeps up the Knights spine,
And he finally grasps the terror of what awaits.

Inside his mind, he questions going back.
But dismisses the though as a man on wine.
He secretly knows this creature is on his track.

As he pushes himself onward,
He reminisces on his brother, and his life.
The only defining thought for him is froward.

He takes his final turn around the final corridor,
Quick on his feet and ready with his knife.
At first sight, he though his vision must have been poor.

A woman whose beauty surpassed any he had ever seen,
Stood with her naked eyes set firmly on him.
This was the witch who had killed all he had been.

Unable to take the life of any woman,
The soldier took a last and final look
And plunged the knife into his abdomen.

The beautiful witch had won yet another soul,
She knew why it was his life she took.
Never mind the Fool, the Knight had been her goal.

armor,  knight,  shining.

Author: Morrigan LaFaye King
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1196857

Enemy/knight in shining armor

Broken was how you met me
And broken is how you left me
When you should of mended me
You could of been my knight in shining armor
Instead you turned into my enemy trying to kill me

armor,  enemy,  knight,  shining.

Author: Brittany nicole Smith
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1191325

Abandon the armor

It's life
Not warfare
We live, we love
And we learn
Strategy isn't always effective
Tragedy strikes when it strikes
Even harder when your guard is down
But sometimes you have to abandon your armor In order to fully live, to feel human emotions at their deepest and truest form
And strive to stand strong through all of life's storms

Sometimes you have to abandon the armor and trust people enough to let them in;
Cause not everyone that crosses your path is there destroy your castle,
Some come only to cast some light into it
Some come to admire it,
Some are explorers, in search for their own truth
Whatever the case, just care to make a mental note, that one day you might have to stand those dark and quiet halls of your empty castle with no one by your side, when all your guests feel that it's time to leave

Feel your pain, let it sting like it's suppose to
For not all pain is meant to cripple you, not all pain needs to be numbed
Laugh hysterically and make friends in strange cities
Collect moments, not things
Take long road trips to nowhere
Give and accept love
Connect with the universe
And watch how easily mystery unfolds when you finally realise that we're nothing more than scattered fragments of the same whole

The morning sunshine doesn't pierce through your window as it does mine
So it's okay to be different and branch out from the norm, without passing judgment
The universe doesn't owe any of us anything
You must claw your way up
And write your own destiny
And always remember that nothing is better or worse than anything
The universe is a big xerox machine that prints out multiple copies of your life story directly from the energy you give out, sending eternal vibrations into infinity and beyond

abandon,  armor.

Author: the other Umi
Date: 21/03/2020

№ 1187290

Hand on my Armor, Hand on my Chest

Hand on my armor, Hand on my chest
Asking me “Where you going? ”
I got to get off this planet before I fall intoxicated by your lips
This armor's not enough to protect me from your...
Hand on my armor, Hand on my chest
Asking me “What's your name”
Take a seat, enjoy the show
But I know this armor's not enough to protect me from
Falling into your vortex

I know I shouldn't take a chance, sneak a peek at you
From my side of the couch
But I find myself wanting all your attention
Guess I'm just selfish, jealous
This must be how it feels to be in love
Think I like that I won your favor by just being myself
Tear off my armor, Unlock my chest?

armor,  chest,  hand.

Author: Mrs Robota
Date: 17/03/2020

№ 1179645

Knight in the shining, shimmering armor

What is that I see?
Something from afar
I went out to reach it
My savior, at last you've come!

A gentle touch on the arm,
All the memories came before me.
Eternal peace I sought
I found when you came along.

armor,  knight,  shimmering,  shining.

Author: Cyrille Octaviano
Date: 10/03/2020

№ 1176022

Love makes him strip off his armor

Armed to the teeth, he was every bit a soldier, fighting fit,
Had even an excessive zeal, for conquest bordering to
Obsessive compulsive neurosis. he never could relax.
But the moment she was sighted, as an apparition, in his radar,
It was a near a melt down; how quickly did he transform!
"Yes" his command center, flashed a message, "See the target"
This was a surprise! contrary to what he thought his nature was
He stands now stripped naked to the core, ready in true love mode

armor,  love,  strip.

Author: K Balachandran
Date: 07/03/2020

№ 1171913

Poem: Armor of God

Clothe yourself in the full armor of God
And be able to withstand the Devil's schemes;
Know that he's only the father of lies,
Looking to destroy your earthly dreams.

Cover yourself with Christ's Breastplate
Of Righteousness and protect your torn heart;
Your essence has been purchased for His Kingdom,
Meaning that you're meant... to be set apart.

Gird your waist with the Belt of Truth
And stand firm with integrity and honesty;
Don't allow your flesh's nature to interfere
With conditions that you need observe and see.

Shod your feet with the Gospel's peace;
Keep from searching for earthly trouble;
Instead congregate with the Body of Christ
And focus on your faith becoming redoubled.

The ongoing battle is not with flesh and blood;
Wield Faith's Shield to quench life's fiery darts.
Remember that the wiles of Satan are limited!
So outmaneuver him with your spiritual smarts.

Put on your Helmet of Salvation,
For the battles are within one's mind.
Allow the Divine knowledge of The Word
To resonate with your spirit and find...

Yourself continually praying in the spirit
And with understanding on all occasions.
Be alert to His transformational messages,
For upholding Godly principles and persuasions.

Resist the Devil now and he will flee;
Endeavor to thwart the enemy's attack;
Be strong in the Lord with power of His might;
Promises of victory have been already stacked.

For we don't wage war with human methods and plans.
We use mighty weapons to knock down evil strongholds
And breakdown every proud argument that keeps people
From knowing God... as His Kingdom, continues to unfold.
Author Notes:

Loosely based on:
Eph 2: 2, 6: 10-20; 1 Thes 5: 5-8; Joel 2: 12-13; Rom 4: 5;
Jam 4: 7; 2 Cor 10: 3-5

Learn more about me and my poetry at:
Http: //www. amazon. com/Reaching-Towards-His-Unbounded-Glory/dp/1419650513/ref=sr11? s=books& ie; =UTF8& qid; =1388058560& sr; =1-1& keywords; =reaching+towards+his+unbounded+glory

By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2013, All rights reserved.

armor,  god,  poem.

Author: Joseph J Breunig 3rd
Date: 03/03/2020

№ 1160903

Knight in shining armor.

There shall come a time,
Where she no longer has to fight alone,
Where she does not even have to fight.
For he would be there with her,
For her.


armor,  knight,  shining.

Author: Yusof Asnan
Date: 22/02/2020