Poems about artillery

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Caught in the middle, push -pull-
Ugh! it's all the same.
I saw you grow into who you are.
Enraged as I am, I cannot begin to comprehend
I called you Friend.
And yet You stand before me, careless.
Oh how the mighty have fallen,
How the noble have swindled.
It's a Shame really.
Betrayal is not a fit word to suit your heinous acts.
I trusted you- to think i even dared to.
The frustration, the rage; it boils so ravenously.
Going down with your ship once again,
To carry Your Fault.
A comfy front row seat on the S. S. Pessimism.
Bring out the Artillery, this means war.

To stand up and see eye to eye with you,
Or to take another blow, and swallow my hurt pride?
Hurling at an insane speed flies your words against my now other wise
Infuriated Spirt,
To dance with a tampered soul is unwise, my friend.
You looked at innocence, and treated it like a joke.
You go stain your hands with filth from god knows where
And then return arms wide open, " I have done no wrong, " you say.
Guns At the ready and eyes Locked on you,
But now...
What to trust; to expect from you is just another step closer to
Your lies.
So desperately do i want to help you.
I do. but i no longer can look at you the
Same way.
Grenades in hand.

If you could be cold and heartless, then this should
Be no problem for you sweetness.
Come dance with the same bullets you fired at me.
Steady, Aim, Fire.

Dragging me down- i don't think so.
Not this time.
The Abyss can expect other visitors.
Bring out the Artillery.
All because of You...
... Boom.


Author: Carmen Mendez
Date: 08/11/2018

№ 489994

Artillery Fire (Shell Shocked)

The violet sky was burning
An aura of deadly white
Myriad of colours churning
Among the silent lights

The sky awash with violence
The sounds of shattered steel
The terror of eternal silence
Was burned into my ears

The sound of grinding iron
The whistling of fallen shells
The blare of air-raid sirens
The cacophony suddenly fell

The death of sound was violent
It's melody so suddenly hushed
The music of war was silenced
Though its tempo remained untouched

artillery,  fire,  shocked.

Author: Drake Brayer
Date: 24/06/2018

№ 401810

The Artillery Remains Open

White man got degrees
White man studies rap albums on weekends
White man still dreams on the hardwood
White man Steph Curry and Larry Bird in his head
White man be both- no problem
White man been hurt before
White man wears braces on both ankles
White man pick a new pair up whenever
White man down each aisle twice
White man throws the receipts away every time

White man been abroad this one time
White man always trying to help
White man night off whenever he wants
White man swears and means it
White man perpetual grin
White man still here
White man gets louder and swears no one hears him
White man silence still got a few words in it
White man says sorry sometimes, but
White man forgives himself always

White man ten ten year plans
White man why not more?
White man white lies
White man be a boy when he wants
White man lies face down when he chooses
White man love guns need none though
He brings bigger weapons every time he leaves the house

artillery,  open,  remains.

Author: Ian Cairns
Date: 05/04/2018

№ 337446

Heavy Artillery

Surrender this dusty heart of mine
I have chased the height of my beliefs
As my lips have been colored purple
I exposed my sharp scars
Capturing spirits in my pockets
Years of a souless sound
Battles against a noose
My mind has begun to decease
Bottles pose as my friends
The artillery of this difficult fight
As I sleep on the currents of frozen ground
Perching on the plank
Crimson blood in the air
The ocean of brick bones that fade
Fighting this war in vain

artillery,  heavy.

Author: Flawless Contradictions
Date: 05/02/2018