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I never asked for it!!

I never asked for it
The touch,
The comment,
The harassment.

I never desired for it
The pester,
The stare,
The molest.

I never wished for it,
The assault,
The blood,
The death.


Author: Madhu Jakkula
Date: 07/04/2020

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I Asked If He Was Having Fun

He said, "Eh, I'm sort of just here, wandering. "

I laughed to myself and replied.
"That's how I feel about life. "

asked,  fun.

Author: Samantha Dietz
Date: 06/04/2020

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When she asked if I thought I would find the one

She asked me, "Do you think you will ever meet 'the one'? "

I smiled because I see this as a trick question

"Well, no... " I replied...

She looked shocked

I continued... "Because we all are the one"

You see I sincerely believe that love is a state of being

It is not as if you need some magical key that is only in the hands of one to unlock your heart

As long as the spark of love is in you and you can see that spark reflecting back to you in the eyes of your beloved you have found the "one"

But don't stress yourself with searching far and wide

Because you can arrive at this state of oneness with oh so many beautiful souls

asked,  find,  thought.

Author: Coleseph Nelzsun
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207724

Someone once asked me .....

Someone once asked me, what ink do you write these words with?
I said, "This ink of mine is of a special kind. "
"I make it myself, it is purely divine. "
Tell me the ingredients I would like to know?
No problem my dear friend, just take a note.

Two drops of water from any mountain in Kashmir,
Five teardrops from any true lover in the world my dear.

Pluck an innocent flower from its roots,
Pray to God for forgiveness as you do.

Take some wine and mix it all in together,
Wait for the Saqi to come and measure.

For if only all your measurements are precisely right,
He will then look deep into your eyes that night.

If not then repeat the process a hundred times,
If so, take the ink and write down your first lines.

My friend this is just the ink I just like to use,
To go to my Saqi it is the perfect excuse,
But the truth is that,
The words that I write are whispered to me not produced.


Author: Hamad
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1188952

I Asked

Resting my head
On my hand that rested
On my elbow
I was
Facing her


I asked the sun
To stay asleep
For an hour longer
The other night

I asked it to keep the stars
Awake for one more hour
Being selfish, I wanted to devour
Every bit of darkness
Left before, she awake

I asked the moon to glow
On her face, to show me every wrinkle
To show me freckles
To show me scars
In the most magical of ways

I asked the stars to leave
Some shine in her hair
Because the night needs more stars
And she' should be
The brightest of them all

I asked the night sky
To fall on her skin
Silhouetting that beautiful
Valley between her chest and waist
I asked the sky to
Calm all sense of anxiety
Warming it with its silence
For when she rests
I rest too

I asked the wind
To caress her being
As she lay there, next to me
Serene, breathing
Shunning away all the nightmares
That haunt her, behind closed eyes

I spoke to her dreams
I asked them to introduce me to her
Once again
I asked them to tell her
To show her, that it's me
Write a memory of me
That she'll remember in the morning
That she'll wake up smiling to
I asked her dreams nicely
To put me in her mind

I asked the mystery of the night
To give me the courage
To tell her what goes on
In my mind
With her

I ran my fingers slightly
Removing those curls that hide her face
Only to see her
In her


Author: Maria Etre
Date: 18/03/2020

№ 1185649

I Asked How She Was Taking the Invite to Her Ex's Wedding

As thick
As peanut butter. "

asked,  invite,  wedding.

Author: William Keckler
Date: 15/03/2020

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Six things no one's ever asked about me

Candles smell best when the day is nearing its end and you feel the weariness in your bones. Favourites flicker like moods and the way the fire dances upon the wick; fresh scents mostly. Zingy citrus and sweet melon and cucumber, and sometimes sweet spice and serenity which smells like old memories.

2. As a sister, I do no know what kind of attributes I wish for a sister. Even though I adore and get annoyed in equal parts by the girl who calls me big sissie, I could not name what it is that I exactly would want. Perhaps, I would enjoy some one such as Nana Visitor as my sister, although one wonders if having actors for a family member is the best.

Kelly Rowland comes to mind, and perhaps I would adore her as a sister the most.

3. I have longed for a brother for a long time, wished I had one just to experience it, mostly. I'd want someone fierce, but someone understanding too. Someone who would not treat me like I could look after myself, and under much consideration, I do not believe there is someone I'd truly want as a celebrity as my brother. Perhaps Olly Murs, if I had to really answer this.

4. Marriage is not something I would wear well, I do not think. It's not a comfy pair of sweats or a too big sweater. It's a very pretty dress, or a dapper suit and it doesn't fit like colourful beanies or a rather fluffy scarf.

5. Books lay in piles about the space entitled my room, old bottles from years before I was born live in their own special cupboards. Piles of intricately made teaspoons and bone-handled knives tuck into boxes upon boxes upon boxes. Old text books barely squeeze into my shelves. I hoard like I breathe.

6. When young and flexible I managed to tie myself in knots; I'd fit in spaces I only dream about now and stretch like I was reaching for the light. Doing such things like the splits doesn't occur to me anymore, I've got a book to read, an emotion to write and a song to hum under my breath.

asked,  things.

Author: bekha l kershaw
Date: 13/03/2020

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I asked her....

I asked her to give me a kiss...
She wrote down a poem...
I asked her to go for a movie
She invited her friends along...
I asked her to marry me...
She broke into tears...
I asked her to cook for me
She made a whole buffet by herself for me...
I asked her to sing a song for me...
She made me hear first cries of my baby...
One of the best music that i have heard...
I asked her to dance for me...
This request of mine i think was weird...
Because it was me who dances to her tunes...
I am happy and contented to be like this...
And blessed to have her...
She is one of a kind...
When I demand just a glass...
She bring me rivers...


Author: Pages
Date: 13/03/2020