Poems about astrology


№ 1205199


We're both the same element
But she's wildfire
And I'm a weapons maker
The tempered blacksmith
Too distant in his own work
Over planning a "good use"
For all my passions

I presumed to craft a spear
150, 000 ft at least
I'll prod and prod away in silence
Sipping coffee in my low hearth haven
In hopes you wonder how I really feel
And perhaps spill fire willy-nilly
Embers annoying friends and family
Catch the drapes inadvertently

Will this distance vow we agreed upon without metaphor
Be mended through silent adhering
Or is the Lady of the Ram waiting
For a golden armor gesture
Where I appear unannounced
And we'll turn your wild fire into iron flowers

For now, I stare at my forge
Going blind.


Author: Kagey Sage
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1171558


They said we can't be together
Because our stars don't align
They said our temperaments simply
Can't be put together
They said you're a constellation and
I am nothing but a comet passing

You said we'd show them that our
Stars do align
You said we'd show them that we
Can manage
You said we'd show them that I am
Not a comet but a meteor shower

But you lied

And that's when I realized

I was indeed your meteor shower
Keeping you happy for a while
But you left when you were no
Longer mesmerized
You left when your eyes fell on the
Northern Lights

You love with your eyes
And I die a little every day knowing
That you never loved me with
Your heart


Author: Poti Mercado
Date: 03/03/2020

№ 1131505


My mind turns
In perfect rounds

Of thoughts that
Revolve you

Like ugly

Planet Earth
Follows one

Golden sun


Author: Molly Pendleton
Date: 26/01/2020

№ 1066106

Prompted astrology

Shouldn't talk about it,
But a thousand times,
A thousand singing stars from now,
You'll hear the flip
Of my cards hit the table.

The kingfisher left the crown,
And a lantern in the storm
Scattered arrow shadows,
Pointing violent paths through
The blinding white.

We hope for the shining respect
Of yellow prints in the darkness.
Sharp stars between jungle leaves,
And the whisper of cosmic shifting.

Like the gods rolling over in their galactic sheets,
Sending waves of glittered gasses
And planetary matter,

astrology,  prompted.

Author: Lucky Queue
Date: 28/11/2019

№ 1063397


. I see constellations вњ§
Вњ§ ­ In your eyes гЂ‚
Г‚њ That ignite solar flares
ГЂ‚ On my skin вњ·

* г‚њ


Author: Ashley Nicole
Date: 26/11/2019

№ 956866


I always saw a fascination in the stars, the far away galaxies
Your eyes, the creases in your hands
The way these all formed together in a constellation
Exploding with stellar being
Everything about you was celestial.

Hours studying Zodiac signs left me empty
I needed to find myself in your solar system
Forcing life onto other planets
Deserted meteors I saw in your mind
I wanted to restore you.

As I looked to you I felt ablation
My mind melting away the ideas of horoscopes
Making room for you and your astro being
Never once wanting any sort of apastron
I awaited the chaos.

You are an evolved star
Burning out slowly, ever so
Sinking to be extragalactic
A place I never imagined
I was far from extraterrestrial.

But orbiting around you I felt the brightness of our galactic halo
Pushing deeper to reach your nucleus, I became your gravity
As one, our luminosity pressed tightly on all sides
Forcing darkness to disband, a large nova exploding from us
And now we are an elliptical galaxy.


Author: samantha neal
Date: 21/08/2019

№ 933804


Mercury is in retrograde.

My poetry may be hard to rade

But at least I know I understade

What it's actually trying to say.


Author: Elizabeth Kelly
Date: 31/07/2019

№ 795620


We were born under the same
Burning moon,
But she is the beautiful maniac,
And I am nothing but
A gentle capricorn.


Author: Steven Muir
Date: 28/03/2019