Poems about astronomy



31. Astronomy 9/30/2010

A stroke of luck
Abyss of dust, a discus then discussed by us
Rock that formed and gas that swarmed
Trapped in circles as it warmed
Distance and diameter right
Tilt and water blessed with life
Capable of catering to creatures with its features
Atmosphere and seasons here
Travelling friend who pulls at times
Mother holds us, Mother shines
Beyond us where the giants lie
Far away and in the sky
Flaming stars shine from afar
Make us wonder what we are
Bits of sand in a desert vast
Inventing terms like future and past
Life rose gradually from the ground
From the water's depths, then all around
A barren wasteland of desolation
Turned lush and green with vegetation
Diverse and wonderful beasts evolved
And the primitive biped kings came with them
Hunting some still hunted by others
Endless war in a circular system
But with our ambition, the way of life was broken
The divine plan and superiority of man was spoken
Passed down, retold, until everyone agreed
Taking not appreciating, progress for greed
Divisions and factions formed, civilization
Kings building nations, many generations
Men and women born in chains, into war they came to be
Universe to Earth and Adam to Me


Author: ERR
Date: 20/03/2020


In An Astronomy Classroom

There is no mark

As is; I am

Warming, rising, an oven

Water and blood

Eyes blankly looking

Forward, seldom quickly

But in fervor

A fever, controlling

My actions are my own

A joke, misheard

I am missing

What was or never was

Mind makes a mess of things

Swaying, wind

Never sleep

astronomy,  classroom.

Author: Irina Ever-Wailing
Date: 07/02/2020


Astronomy of Remorse

Why did I do that?

Ego. Lust. Mystery. Opportunity.
The lure of something new and untapped;
A scent unregistered, voice un-memorized;
Inside jokes yet to be born.

Such a heady dervish dancing,
Spinning, surrounding all that tiny life
I perceived as quite the opposite;
Set in motion not so much by

The haunted eyes of the widow lady—
Weaving once again well-worn epics
Of her-story for an adoring audience,
Luridly exploiting tragedy
For various personal gains—

But maybe by the way she stroked
That beer bottle while she spoke?

Without doubt, there were
Other factors, but you were
Never one of them.

I plead stupid.
­ Unforgiveable.

For many years
I claimed, “If I make my mistakes
Big enough I just might learn something”.

When I learned
There are no mistakes, recognized
My arrogance, gave up
To the universe, threw up
My hands and succumbed to the ride,
Embracing my own sky...
All those times I'd thought of you
Turned into stars raining
Like tears of brilliant joy onto a black canvas,
Formed overlapping constellations, and shone
Like a motherfucker.

Stars to wish on, stars
To navigate by, stars
To name on a starry night,
Stars to twist into animal shapes
Like a clown with long balloons—
And all those stars,
And there are more
Than I can count—
Settled forever in my heart
And cannot be dislodged.

Here I Iay on my virtual back,
Atop my personal Alaska
Dream mountain, on a summer
Night deep as sin;
Imagining you
Laying beside me,
Pointing out the brightest ones,
Recounting the stories I've forgotten;
All those connections to you
Twinkling overhead—
And I savor the
Blessing of your
Big bang smile

astronomy,  remorse.

Author: Auntie Hosebag
Date: 03/01/2020



Thinking about how easy it is to forgive you
But to hard to forget you
Forgetting all the memories
Forget all the feelings of knowing I had something
Something special with someone
Who made me feel like I owned the world
Someone who made comets burst when he touched my skin
Who drew the galaxies across my body
And made star clusters fall from my lips
Someone who looked at me like I was the universe
Because he was an astronomer
There is now a black hole forming around my heart
Because since I've let him go
I've been mistaking stars for crater rocks


Author: Marlena Elizabeth
Date: 31/12/2019


Astronomy and love [20w]

I thought we were written in the stars
When in reality,
We were just scrawled messily in a bathroom stall

astronomy,  love.

Author: the boy that cried over you
Date: 11/12/2019


Life's Astronomy

There will be moments as dark as the night sky
Only to show you're a bright star,
When you rise above it all like the morning sun.

astronomy,  life.

Author: KB47
Date: 11/11/2019


Astronomy unexplained

When does the sky become us?
At what moment is the soul raised to the sky?
Death, say some
And some ask why.
The stars are dead
And because we watch them miles and miles
From where they rest,
We are yet fascinated by
These flames that hang in shapes and forms
That make up our night sky

But what if our night sky is
In fact not made up of souls?
If astronomy did not, shall not,
Will not display our human bones,
I would, in fact, believe that
The sky does make up your soul.

I do believe your heart's the moon
And constellations map out your veins
So when they ask if our souls look down from above,
I'll say i'll ask when i see you again.

astronomy,  unexplained.

Author: gabriela
Date: 24/10/2019


Wishing I'd got a PhD in Astronomy

My coat is black
Like the nights
I have long forgotten.

I left heaven
For the taverns.

I did my readings before daybreak
When the moon was far aloft,
But the nights got longer.

I kept putting things off
Hoping I would discover a star
I knew was there.

Now I saw logs
And leave the leaves
Where they fall.

astronomy,  phd,  wishing.

Author: r
Date: 13/10/2019