Poems about atoms


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Atoms once enmeshed,
The essence of void
It lingers on
Adoration of these
Sublime bones you possess
With which I built a cathedral
Whichever soil
Those steady feet may tread now
My blood recognises you still


Author: The Noose
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1178950

While Atoms Fiddle

While atoms fiddle in tiny worlds
On man-stained lands of mighty Earth
I wade through life worn thin by thick
Thick holes of moments unhealed and sick

What once I was and what I was once
Seem gone like bullets from speeding guns
Vague understanding; firm expectations
Pronounce all births of incriminations

"You've failed, you're trash, your life's a junk! "
Ignorant indictments where dreams have sunk
No comfort I stare, those majestic stars
Contain my soul in empty jars

Not knowing to turn both left or right
Not sure if I want to keep up this fight,
"Look up, " they nudge with voice of men
Like heavenly angels I know as friends

"Redemption, Salvation and Hope and Love,
Are Pure and Glorious from Springs above. "

To fall and vanish like dust at sea
The past, the doubts, the fears in me
I'll honour the Mighty who made all Man
My strength is His Eternal Plan.

atoms,  fiddle.

Author: John Velasco
Date: 09/03/2020

№ 1174946

A Perfect Arrangement of Atoms

For a creation was devised of the purest and simplest elements in life
When the calming and smooth sensation of water caressed your bones, it carved canals of strength along the way
Your skin crawled and crept past your defined chin to bind with its lover
And when the tendon reached the muscle, it fused in an unbreakable relationship
Baby, the sight of your eyes shatters the crystallization of the finest glass
And your voice pierces the night fog leaving a path for only you
The kindness of your heart poured into the rivers to feed oxygen to all of those who depended on it
Your body contains the same carbon that creates sparkling diamonds
The majority of the oxygen is the same element creating tornadoes, or when fused to hydrogen to make a hurricane
Do you see how powerful you are made?
Your soft lips are the same lips that can produce sound in an empty canyon
Your bones are the base of your embrace when you sweep me off my feet
That mind is the exact replica that discovered how to survive the times that were a bigger struggle than planned
Despite all of these acts, how simple or extravagant
You are the perfect arrangement of atoms that hold my hand when I am scared to carry on alone
And the same arrangement of atoms that pull me close and kiss my lips
One might say these actions, however small, have a stronger effect than any hurricane, or tornado, or diamond
For you are a creation devised of the purest and simplest elements in life
And you are completely mine

arrangement,  atoms,  perfect.

Author: Miah Nielsen
Date: 06/03/2020

№ 1156063

Are atoms unique? are humans...

Through history are we distinguishable
What is the principle difference
Do we need a reference?
Human beings two legs
Wait what about paraplegics
Two eyes
What if they don't work?
You tell me to stop being a jerk!
What about arms and hands
Don't monkeys have them too
What is human about you?
A humans conscious thoughts legendary
But what is scary is that we form packs
Smoke crack
Get high
And die
Follow our leaders like sheep
Morality isn't that deep
The Majorities rules ok
They say that atoms are interchangeable
But are they unique
Is there are creaking reality
Under the microscope
As we toke on our spliffs
And forget we ever thought of this
Try to forget as we spin out
On an ever changing axis
Like the earth we live on
Like the merry go round
I want to get off
My heart is beating uncontrollably
I try not to cough
For fear of being sick
Atoms between me and you
And I don't want to be a dick
I change the tv channel
On to something less learned
As my mind fashions more questions
To things I know more about
Or do I?

atoms,  humans,  unique.

Author: Alienpoet
Date: 18/02/2020

№ 1136673


As I sit here in Chemistry
Tapping away on my laptop keys
I stare at Mr. Eizenga's waxy head
And cant help wishing that I were dead


Author: Jordan J
Date: 31/01/2020

№ 1117747

Splitting Atoms

What I could start with my words would shake the nest of every bird in the world

atoms,  splitting.

Author: AK93
Date: 14/01/2020

№ 1084115

Atoms' Eve

Scintillating atoms, a world all a glow
Energy in motion as it bustles too and fro.

A drum and beat all it's own, every living being just marching in perfect tone.

Electrical impulses and frequencies high and low.

A ferver of vibrations this earth that we know,

Time progresses onward, life ebbs and flows.

Energy neither created nor destroyed, only changing form.

Maybe life is more a circular pattern than a linear path of time

atoms,  eve.

Author: Lunatide
Date: 15/12/2019

№ 1003265

Cracking atoms

Creeping over the skyline
Sneaking up before
The sun

Come shine
On me.

Morning broke the night in two
And spoke its words so
Sweet with dew
To you

Come shine on me

You woke to birdsong
Longed to be
A sparrow warbling in
The tree

Come shine on me.

Noon arrives and splits the day
Morning feels like yesterday
The afternoon hastens
To fasten the ties

I watch the night undress the sky
Pay the piper to
Play the tune

A moon dances in the heavens.

This fragility
Humble enough to outlast eternity
Fascinates and frightens me

Who am I to be awed this way?

A robin with cherry red cheeks seeks a mate
Realises it's no good to
And flies away

A wondrous day and a part to play
In the makings of the universe.

What more could any
Man wish for.

atoms,  cracking.

Author: John Edward Smallshaw
Date: 02/10/2019