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August 29th // 9:43am

Lower me down
Like ice breaking off a cliff
In the frozen sea
And see it crack
Just like me

Let me down
Like a piano tied with wire and string
So tightly
Sliding right through
Busted seams
Just like me

Lay me to rest
Weep like you're forgiven
Let me rot in the summer air
Let dirt dance on my tongue
And my eyes fill heavily

And forget the bad dreams
And better yet,


Author: isabella
Date: 05/04/2020

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August 18th

18 | 31 Poems for August

When you listen to my poetry, my heartbeat should be playing in the background.
A poem buried in the pages of a book that lays on the shelves of the library found in my heart awaits to be recited again.
Forgive me for all the shades of poetry I cannot be.
Euclidean geometry cannot fathom the lines in my book of rhymes.
I'll be your faith just so you can move mountains.
I'll be your river just so you can walk on water.
I've been craving for more intellectual conversations ever since I met you.
I discovered the beauty of the world because of you.
I find liberty in the presence of you.
I find liberty in all the simple things that you do.
I feel the warmth of your presence in all the broken parts of me I thought no longer existed.
Your beauty is saturated with a language that I wish to learn.
You fill my empty pages with your words.
Words that will create an anthology that we will write together.
I find liberty in the beauty that is you.
I find liberty in all the simple things that you do.
I want to be the unforgettable poem written on the pages of your soul.
I want to be the unforgettable poem that will always make your heart warm and whole.
The world will read the pages of my soul, but my poetry will always belong to you.
My poetry will always belong to you, only you.


Author: Kaleidoscope Prhyme
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1204169

I-40, August 30th

High on the I-40
Been up since six no sex and

Stoned in trucker motels, facing west.
Cabbies lit, white plate gifts
For the barefoot women
The wet haired

Siamese, their black soles
From room to room

I could be a deity
I could be a ghost
And stay

To watch the sky
To relish the exit music
I wouldn't be jealous

I am the traveling type –
An ambassador, a fog

The ledge of an open mouth, snug
Fingers under doors

There is one for whom I was made

And another by name by
Line by go on, goodnight

I could take all the showers
And still be alright -

I would take all of them, and still be alright.


Author: christine
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1201268

August Horoscopes

Leo: Remember everyone is fighting. Be patient, forgive, but never allow yourself to be a doormat to those who care less about you than you do them. Forget the wrath. Find the joy in the power it brings you.

Virgo: Do not stunt your growth trying to entertain the opinions of other people. You know in the end, you have to be the most important person in your life. Grow.

Libra: Quit running. You will never find yourself in other people, so stop trying. Desperation does not look good around your neck. Hold your chin high and look inside yourself for what you need.

Scorpio: Go. Stop leaving claw marks in your wake. Know that what you think you need is not always so. You are worth more than what you have been selling yourself for. Pride is important to you, but it is still okay to cry if you need to. Say goodbye to what is less than you.

Sagittarius: It is okay to say no. Don't apologize anymore for having an opinion. Speak your mind, let yourself be heard. Do not quiet your desires for someone else's.

Capricorn: The past doesn't matter anymore. Close the book, shut the door. Stop searching for answers and know that it all happened for a reason. It will make sense soon if you let it.

Aquarius: Do not make friends with your demons. Clean the skeletons from your closet. Take a long walk tonight and allow yourself to feel the weight of sadness like a moth eaten sweater. Fold it up in the morning and put it in a box. Throw it away.

Pisces: Stop being selfish and cruel. Put the bourbon away, put your phone away for the night. Sleep by yourself and see what you dream of. People are not trying to ruin you like you are them. Forget revenge.

Aries: Let go. Do not cling to what you think is saving you. Do not drink tonight, do not tell them you love them again if you do not mean it. Be careful to not push away the people who truly care for the one who doesn't.

Taurus: It is time to stop caving in on yourself. Reach out to someone, stop to smell the flowers. Find beauty in this world again.

Gemini: You're almost done hurting. I know your mother told you the storm never lasts forever and you doubted her. Let the rain leave you now. It is okay to not define yourself by your sadness.

Cancer: Let the things and people you are bitter about leave you. Do not let memories haunt you any longer. Wash them off in the river while it's still warm. Baptize yourself.


Author: Wednesday
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1198000

August 1, 1997

A child was born on this day
Under the roof of the St. Cloud Hospital
Great things would happen to this child
Unrealistic ideas would flow through her mind
Surprising events would happen to her in her life
This day would be thought to her as the day of the Peridot
1 love will die
1 day will be secretly feared
9 watches will start a fetish
9 candles will always be lit in her heart
7 will be her magical number


Author: Lisa Ann Rakow
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1197537

Sunday august 10th 11:57 p.m.

I have a secret that no one knows. It kills me everyday. When I read what you say, I wish my secret wasn't true. But it is so, what am I going to do? When I read what you want, I cry a little every day. My secret is mine to bear, no letter the heart break and the pain I go through, I cannot tell you. If I did, I don't know what I'd say.

august,  sunday.

Author: Al
Date: 26/03/2020

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The Ascension of Mary: 15 August 2006

And pew by pew, they shuffle up
In stoic homage, cane in hand
Or awkward reverence, drudging forth
I dare not rise to join the train
Of human need, of appetites
That crave the air, that lust the sun
That knock on wood to trap a nymph
That find a god within a waif.

And others, likewise, stay as well
A few old-maids who cannot walk
Yet others more than capable
I think, “Maybe the night before...
They fucked their sister's married friend
Perhaps they stole their neighbor's TIMES
Or sabotaged their best-friend's plan
Got drunk and cursed and fought their dad
Or maybe even killed a man...”

And yet they're sober enough now
Beneath the stained-glassed reddened light
That slants before the multitudes
Sober enough to fear what's done
To touch, to taste, the burning bread
With sweaty palms, or slobbering tongues

And all at once a feeling swells
A kinship for those left behind
Who gaze upon these rising rows
Yet still remain for all to see
Just how deprived they truly are
Now those who've fed and drunk return
Crossing themselves, they kneel to pray

The holy hymnal spreads its wings.

ascension,  august,  mary.

Author: Alessander
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1194418

August 10th // 11:30pm

I wore your coat
Out in the summer sun
And I ran until the sweat begun
To drip
Drip down my waist
And to my toes
Seeping into parts of me
That're starting to get old
Look at you
So young and full of life
Like moonbeams dancing
In the dead of night
Look at me
So bitter and so tasteless
In spite of
All the flowers
I thought I would grow
Time's running out
And dinner's getting cold


Author: isabella
Date: 23/03/2020