Poems about awake


№ 1209326

"I Lie Awake Contemplating"

I lie awake contemplating,
An insomniac stricken with
The explorer's mind
That wanders in search for exciting possibility;
The revolutionary heart
That fights for an unknown positive change;
An ignorant soul
That believes that all is possible;
And a weak man's body
That takes the punishment.
The power is out,
The heating is turned off
As a dimming flashlight flickers
Like the light of a flame,
But such shimmers onto
White, blank walls
Provide the backdrop
Of cerebral cinemas
Playing blurry features
Of painful pasts
Where lessons are learned;
Of the struggling present
Where limits are tested...
I lie awake, contemplating,
A stomach empty, rumbling
Because of forced financial responsibility,
A body aching from mandatory life labor,
Silence from those I seek
For help, for comfort, for a voice
To aid these ears that
No longer can simply hear silence
But instead the loud shouts
Of a conscious trying to persuade
A feeble mind into conformity
Using what the eyes see,
What patterns the memory recognizes
As refutable evidence.
Would it not be so easy
To live the life of a normal man
Or live the life of a normal woman,
Carefree, to enjoy the youth
In ecstasy, without care
Of the future?
Would it not be easy
To instead spread out
Each M&M; to small hands
Around and instead
Empty each piece into my mouth?
And if I were to see a woman
Crying on the bench,
Would I choose to sit and sew
The torn fragilities of human vulnerability
To risk punctuality...
Would it not be easy?
To live life to oneself
To one's own need
To one's own desires
Without care of the future...
But during these cinemas
On my dark bedroom wall,
I see poverty within the past,
I see pain through the present,
And because of that I fear the future
That maybe the precious time
Spent on these late night contemplations
Will amount to nothing,
That in time the mind withers
And ultimately dies
Blank as it began.

Yet I wonder, to act on impulse
Leads many to mimic
Society that surrounds
The observant eye
Who has a mind, but is afraid...
Am I a man who is different?
Or am I a man who is the same?
Or is it that in this finite spectrum
Of infinite possibility of these
Two questions: I stand in the center
Unable to place a point
And remain stationary?

I lie awake contemplating
Of personal practicality
That if these thoughts will impact
Any eyes, ears, or minds
As separate as they can be.
I hope that in time,
These thoughts will be refined
After being confined
And eventually redefined.
Maybe then these poems will make sense,
Or that any of these arrangements
Of words taken straight from thought
Will translate to normal English
For it is not the curve of a "y"
That should matter in the marking
Of a name, but instead the name itself.

As the films end
In memories' credits
Where people are listed anonymously,
The flashlight flickers,
The stomach growls,
The body weary,
And the mind drifting
But the eyes wide open;
With few thoughts
Left in the darkness,
A paintbrush childishly
Draws an insomniac
Who contemplates his past,
Who recognizes his present,
And who is afraid of his future
But faces it even as
The flashlight dies.

awake,  contemplating,  lie.

Author: Hao Nguyen
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1207002

Eyes are open, wide awake!

I can see more clearly often in the blackest of nights. The hush of nightfall has a silence that speaks to me and shows me sights that others may only believe to exist in dreams or haunted nightmares.

awake,  eyes,  open,  wide.

Author: Kate Rebecca Hopwood
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1203657

For all those awake at 8am

Your tiny desk with subtle words
Engraved into the stone
Wishing on an invitation
To a death row


Author: Kriti Gupta
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1203310


A wakeful can rolls over the gutter, 'tis caught up the waking wind.
Outside the Asda, the not so superstore, where the doors are closed and the world is the same.
A painful world, standing out in the rain.
It's a world where men in orange jumpsuits sit, they're waiting for rain.
Or pain, an escape almost knowing that freedom awaits at the makeshift pearly gates.
Drove past the docks with structures lit up, perceived as giant horses as if of troy, really huge cranes, but nothing like birds.
All desperate to see what's going on in the world as a matter of some kind of crazy urgency.
(C) Livvi


Author: Olivia Kent
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1202789

I am Jack, awake at night.

I am Jack, awake at night.
Staring at the ceiling, eyes peeled open,
Tired and without energy, but his mind insists
That he stay wake.

I am Jack, dreaming, asleep.
Falling, flying, fighting.
I toss and turn on my coffin-bed,
I am restless, tired in dreams.

I am Jack, awoken and slow.
I struggle to wake and stumble to go.
Staring at the ceiling, still half-dreaming,
I start my engine, and get up to prepare.
The day ahead will be tiresome,
But the night-time's always there.

awake,  jack,  night.

Author: Matthew Albert Perry
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1202584

Awake with a start

Pain junkie hooked on a different variety of smack
Cutting to both see and feel the red
Lost in the night sky
Pale skin conceals the glowing rage
Burning and itching just under the surface
Desperate to escape the confinement of life
Too emo for society, not sullen enough for Hot Topic
Isolation creeps in like the drunk uncle at 3 a. m.
Fiddling with turmoil as if it were pretty pink panties
It is in this hate filled space that his face takes shape
Bloated and sweating
The inconsistencies of this monster forcing Sunday church
Has become the reason for the late night ritual
Silently pulling the large knife from the wooden holder
Stealthily sliding into the room
Transfixed by the slow rise and fall of a sleeping chest
Would this be the night the plunge was taken
Cold sweat and goose bumps greet her
The empty apartment looks sinister in the early dawn haze
Shaking her head both to clear cobwebs
And to reaffirm to herself
He died long ago
On that cold grey night in November

awake,  start.

Author: Sam Temple
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1197468

Awake Or Sleeping

Clouds gather
Merging in size.
To the simple human,
Sleeping in the 3D realm
Its the sky doing its natural thing.

To the awakened one
It's cloud cover for
The grand ship of loving aliens
Here to observe
And aid as needed.

Everyone lives their path
To awaken or sleep
If the soul chooses

But... there will be a time
Where the majority awaken
And we take our place
With our galactic neighbors.

awake,  sleeping.

Author: Star BG
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1194889

I'd rather be drunk than awake.

I nurse my insomnia
Like an alcoholic recently off probation
Nurses his drink
Savouring every drop of liquor
Rolling it under his tongue
Slowly dying all the while
Of insanity
Rather than addiction.

awake,  drunk.

Author: Azalea Banks
Date: 24/03/2020